Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's been a week since I last blogged. And, 3 days left to 2013!!
So, without wasting any time, Eunice and I went to Singapore today!
Yiiipee! I'm Malaysian and yes, I don't have any passport cover. I can't find a High School Musical one or Glee one on market! lol Just joking! I used to have a hello kitty cover when I was small. But I thought that's too childish so I abandoned it.

This is our first time going Singapore not by car. I used to go Singapore with my family so I go with my mum driving usually. Eunice don't visit Singapore as usual as me. But at least she did go to SG by bus before, which I died to do so but my mum didn't allow before.
But this time, she allowed! (in fact is because she hates jam so don't want send us lah)

Eunice's mum send us to the custom there in the morning. Then we went alone. We were so nervous lol. After taking bus, we arrived at the SG custom. In fact, we didn't know should we go down or not but everyone was going down. Then we asked an auntie who looked very nice. She was kind enough to take us along and explained and chatted with us.

Once we passed the custom, we went to Bugis street! OMG I finally found this street! lol
I even bought 2 blouse there. omg.
 The blouse's colour blended nicely with the door lol.

Yup, I didn't wear shorts. Yup, my thighs are rubbing each other. Yup, elephant legs. Yup, 2-skin-tone leg. Yup, I'm brave enough to put on these 2 photos lol.

After that, we went to Bugis+. Had our lunch at the Mos burger. I had Ebi rice burger, it was special because instead of bread, it was rice. But it should be more crispy and still can be improved. lol
The clam chowder soup was not impressed as well.

After lunch, went to Sephora!!
I bought a body scrub from Soap&Glory.

Oat and sugar can scrub your skin gently and remove your dead skin, while shea butter provides moisturizing use. It's with maple fragrance, so it smells extremely nice and sweet! Don't know what it maple? The syrup that you get with your McDonald's hot cake. Yup, that's maple syrup. Imagine that smell when you're showering!

Ermmm...I didn't realize it until I took photos with my phone. Yeap, it kinda like poo.  lol  Sweet smelling poo!

The bottom sticker of it is so funny. This is NOT A FOOD.
But it really smell nicely enough that make me want to eat that!

After a few rub on my hand. This scrub is kinda rough but still bearable on the skin. DON'T use this on your face, you'll ruin your face.

We walked Sephora for a while, tested perfume, tested cosmetics, brushes and skincare products. lol
Explained and recommended a lot of products to Eunice lol,

After buying things, it's almost 5. Went back and slept on the bus lol.

I'm actually hungry now at the time of 12:28am. I need to fix myself some food.
Installed The Sims 3 Seasons, have to play it through night lol. Seasons people! Rain, storm, snow appears in the sims! How awesome is that?!

Subscribed to Modbox today. Always wanted the little black bag or myglam bag. Then realized Malaysia also have some company provides these service. So I chose the cheapest lol.
I subscribed the January edition, will do a review post when I receive it!

No makeup photos today, I was in rush to go out so I don't have time to do so. When I got home, my makeup had already smudged like panda, so no photos too lol.

Bah-bye everyone!!

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  1. wah! u r staying in Johor? so nice, u can go to Singapore anytime you want to.
    Btw, Sephora in KL much cheaper than Singapore for your info. So next time, whn ever u go to KL, remember to pay a visit sephora :) even soap and glory body shower only at rm 29 (sephora Sg $17)