Saturday, December 8, 2012


Alright, 2 days to KL trip.

But I found out I did something wrong again. Crap, why can't I just get everything right?
Why do I always ruin everything?
Haven't figure out how to speak it out.

It's not just because of the money, but also trust.
I'm a liar.

Feeling very bad now.
Crap, crap, crap.

Anyways, 2 days to go, or one day?
Leaving on Monday.
I haven't pack, will do it so tomorrow.

Hahaha, the text isn't something you guys imagined. It's not.
It's what I thought, if you still remember what I said in car -.-

Went to Sweet Hut yesterday! I and bro were having dinner in Agus, we wanted to have Blackball as dessert, but it was packed because of buy one free one.
So, I said let's go U-dessert! Once we got there, we strolled around, and decided to go Sweet Hut instead.
I had some coconut milk+mango thing. It was okay.
Perhaps it was nice, but we were too full, we both didn't finish half of our dessert.
This is my first time driving to Sutera!!!
I was so afraid of parking at first, thanks God I managed to park smoothly. Perhaps a few reverse lah haha.
I tried my best to park  XDD

Please don't get my hopes up,
no, no. Baby tell me how could you be so cruel
---Fix a heart by Demi Lovato---

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