Friday, December 14, 2012

Back from trip..

We're back from trip yesterday!
Spent 4 days in KL, my limbs were extremely sore yesterday once I got home.

First day, arrived in KL.
Took KTM and taxi to get to our hotel.
Spent whole night in room, gossiping and playing cards.
Mong and I did makeup on boys. She did Khang Zheng's and I did Jin Xiang's.
That was my masterpiece! First time doing makeup on guy.

Second day, went to shopping.
Which shopping did we went? I don't know.
We took KTM and monorail to get there.
Sungei Wang and Times Square? I don't know.
I just followed them, walked walked walked.
I was very tired, but suddenly H&M appeared in my sight.
I became freaking excited! OMG I thought we wouldn't go to H&M!
I thought it is in Selangor! lol My geography!
I couldn't close my mouth when I saw it. We spent like 2 hours in it. It's 3-storey, I bought a sweater and 2 tank top. Wanted to buy a shirt for bro but couldn't find one.
Then we went to Petaling Street, bought 2 t-shirts for bro.
One of them is a moustache t-shirt. Esther and Eunice liked it so much! lol

Third day, Sunway Lagoon.
Happened some situation in the morning.
I was kinda angry yet helpless, walked a lot in the freaking sunny days really challenged my temper.
I lost my temper a little bit.
But once we get there, once I got into water, I became very excited!
We didn't play much facilities. What a waste of the tickets, our tickets was auto-upgraded from 3 parks to 5 parks, but we only used 5-6 facilities.
Other than that, we spent our time in the pool.
But I'm happy with that, it's been ages since I last soaked in pool. I felt very great when I saw my fingers were "wrinkled". Because that means I've spent a lot of time in pool!
I really like spending time in water!
Then I realized some of us couldn't float on the water.
Thanks to visiting Pulai Springs' pool every weekend back when I was small, I could float very easily.
Stand, lie back, taa-daa! Floating on the water like corpse lol.

Went to Sunway Pyramid, went to T-bowl for dinner.
That was a cute phenomena. Us, 8 people, split into 4 tables.
Mong and Kai Yun, Eunice and Tang Tang, Esther and I, Khang Zheng and Jin Xiang,
We all sit in same row, only we sit face to face. I was facing Esther.
But, 4 of them were chatting happily, taking photos etc etc. They looked overactive.
We, Esther, Khang Zheng, Jin Xiang and I, we were sitting there like vampire.
We didn't talk much, we didn't smile, we were just sitting there, looking in front with blank.
Then I said, "Are we really a group? We don't look like though." Esther just laughed.

I had tuna and crab meat cheese baked rice.
OMG Awful. It was terrible. I thought the tuna should be slices. You know the kind, fish slices.
But, turned out it was canned tuna.
I took the first bite, then I was wondering why was the sauce so sweet. And I didn't see anything but fried rice and crab meat!
Then I realized, the "sauce" was the tuna! No wonder it was so sweet. It was really disgusting.
That was my first time that I couldn't finish a cheese baked rice despite the truth that I love cheese baked rice so much.

After dinner, Eunice, Esther and I went to J.Co. I wanted to get something light, I had iced coffee.
We sit there and chatted. Then, we went back to hotel and play poker. I won 7 bucks! lol.

Forth day, woke up at  6:21am. Tang Tang's alarm was ringing, rang 3 times but she was still sleeping. -.-
I can't bear it anymore so I woke up and got prepared.
Our bus delayed anyways. From 10:15am, to almost 11am.
Arrived in JB at 2pm.

In conclusion, to be honest, I was not very happy.
I felt bored and tired most of the time.
We didn't plan well.
Someone did ask me, "why are we keep walking? I think we just keep walking and sweating."
That was on third day.
Yes, I know that we didn't plan ANYTHING.

The only thing we all discussed, is to buy hotel tickets and Sunway Lagoon tickets.
That was in September, after booking hotel and buying tickets online, no one ever mentioned this.
Maybe just occasionally mentioned like how excited and what to pack.
Our trip schedule? No. Where to go, how to go, no.
Everything asked me to check online, but hell yeah, my damn memory. I didn't remember to do those.

The trip is totally different with what I thought. It's because of my high hopes? Or because others had so much fun and we don't so I'm disappointed?
I don't know, all I know is we, or should I say, me, didn't plan well.

Sorry to those who felt bored during this trip. I bet the boys felt very bored because we kept shopping lol.

I'm sorry too, because I'm always the one who do the things online, but I didn't check well.

But at least there are moments I felt happy.

Had an amazing girls talk session. lol

Why no photos? Because I didn't take one. My phone had only the Jin Xiang's makeup photo because it was my masterpiece. But don't want to show it on blog, it is too funny!

I slept a lot today, didn't sleep much and sleep well in the past 3 days.

After this trip, when will we meet again? Perhaps no.

I want a short trip, with just few of us please? I want a happy trip. =D
I want to go Penang.. so freaking much.
With just couple of friends, walking around and searching for good food. I bet that will be happier than shopping!
I like shopping too, but I prefer eating! lol

I think that's all. I still felt sleepy...

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