Monday, December 10, 2012

YEY for KL trip!!!!


IT'S 12:30AM, 10-12-2012 NAO!!!

I've done preparing everything. Charged mp3, putting new songs to it, packed luggage, makeups, skincare products etc etc.
They are all living in a huge bag now, super heavy /.\
4 days 3 nights people!!!
p/s: I never thought skincare and makeup will be that heavy though. I don't have travel size container to carry them, so I have to bring everything of them in full size. -.-


Everyone have already come back from trip. RC class, SN class. But we, EA class is setting off tomorrow. /.\
But never mind, late than never isn't?!?!

I'm very excited now!!!!!

Yup, I hope that we all can be very co-operate and harmony in the 4 days!
We all, you know, tempered people. At least I am! Haha!
I'll control!!

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to live 4 days without my laptop. Not without internet because our hotel does provide wifi service. So, we are able to log on internet with phone, but mine is a stupid phone /.\
I wanted to bring iPad along, but my bro insists to keep it at home, wtf. =((

Oh and, my last post gained 49 likes! Thank you for reading it and liking it! Thanks for likey! ;D

Sick before trip-----------
Pack for trip--------------√ 
Getting freaking excited---

Alright, evidently everything has prepared! Now I'm in a travel mood!!!!!!

My dream, go on a trip with friends, without adult. If 18 years old Mong not considered an adult lol!

I think I'm going to sleep soon!!
Bah bye everyone!
Bah bye blog!!
See you guys in 4 days!!!

We-we-we so excited  
We so excited  
We gonna have a ball today
---Friday by Rebecca Black---

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