Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last post.

Of 2013. It's slightly half an hour to 2014.
And I just back from Starbucks, went with cousins hahaha. We just sat there and chat a lot about the school. From not much people, till packed. Omg so many people start coming after 10:30. Perhaps they want to countdown there!!

So happy today, for no reason, again, lol. Today's study skill exam is super funny, require drawing, and in case you don't know, my drawing is damn ugly. So I drew some match person, if that's the word. Hahaha. You know that, human formed from one circle and 5 lines!
Drew penguins too, when I was drawing that, I was laughing tooooo. Super duper funny!! I just can't bear, and burst out laughter a little. I bet the lecturer will laugh till die when she see that. 

Burst out singing Baby today at home. Then sang few songs happily!
Watched SBS Gayo Daejun too, sing together happily~~~
Super love Eunji from Apink! Hahaha.  
And the The Heirs!! Omg I thought Na En will be En Sang since Tae Min is Kim Tan, but not. :((
I only watched the first part, can't wait to watch the second part because 우리 2NE1 is there!! I watched the performance on YouTube already though hahahaha. 

It's been a year. I don't think I did my resolution though, -.-

Watching the wanted on Singapore TV. I'm really curious how they get The Wanted here, like they are so famous, and bring them from England to Singapore. Say what?

Not sure how tomorrow will become but pretty sure it'll be nice day! Since it's a brand new year!!

Going to be 19 next year. Ahhhh super fast. Getting old so fast. :( 

Exactly 1 month to Chinese New Year!!! Looking forward to it!!! 

I'm going to be a happy person in 2014. I hope. Hahaha!

Anyways, happy new year anyone! 2013 was a nice year! But live 2014 a better year!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I SHOULD BE STUDYING. I really should. And I am, or I was. lol
Sat for economic exam today, unexpectedly easy.
Like seriously, I'm nervous. I didn't feel nervous the last night, until this morning. But as I drove near to school, I became super nervous.
I suddenly felt my heart bumping, then I realized that I'm nervous about the exam. lol

I told myself, hey you're from EA1, why are you afraid of economic?!
But then the other part of me saying, BECAUSE you WERE EA1 student, so you can't disgrace the name of EA1.

Hahaha, 2 parts of me were struggling whether to nervous or not.
I think nervous is a good sign, because I did prepared, so I'll hope for good payback.
But another part of me think I'm prepared, there's nothing to be nervous about.
This is me. lol Like 2 people are playing tug of war in my body. Trying to set me at one side.
I shouted a lot in car hahaha. Tried to calm myself down a little.

I used almost exactly 1 hour to finish it. No much thing for me to think.
Kept thinking back my answers, and calculate my marks hahaha.
Freaking worry about economic.

On my way back home, I drove like 60kmh-80kmh. Which is slower compared to my usual 90-100kmh. lol
I kinda like driving slowly, so I have time to think. Or just keep calculating the marks. hahaha!

I think I can at least get a B+. Hopefully an A of course. *finger crossed*

I'm stuck at pengajian malaysia's chapter 4. I don't know how to start it. And it's 10:21pm now, andddd the exam is 8:30am tomorrow. I don't know can I finish study everything or not.
I'm wishing for something above passing. =)
Since I know I'll failed my accounting for sure.

No matter what, I'm not taking accounting next semester. NO MORE ACCOUNT PLEASE.

I can't graduate on time I think. The disadvantage of foundation, 3 sems, 6 subjects per sem, if you pass all, it's just nicely get the full credit marks. If you failed 1 subject, you may retake it next sem but you could end up having 7 subjects in a semester.
If you failed 2 subjects in a semester, congratulations, you have to be in foundation for another semester. Prepared yourself for another semester. =)
I am preparing hahaha.

I just can't say I'm stressed by accounting and mathematics. *sigh*


Oh and, merry chrismas! I didn't celebrate it, or I did, by listening to Glee Christmas album while studying economics hahaha.

Stay strong Selina, stay strong.

Monday, December 23, 2013


YEAHH! Taobao reached today. A huge box hahaha.
Bought 2 curling irons, one of it is like 2in1 one, it can curl and straighten. I still need time to learn how to use it. I'm super duper clumsy and stupid at doing hair. I have to moisture my hair first. That's the very first thing I realized when I tried the curling iron. I need heat protector too. That's important.

Bought a candle too.
Vanilla ice cream flavour, Ikea's. I'm surprised this is the exact one I found in Ikea Singapore. I wanted the tea candle because it was on sales. Hahaha, it was like the whole pack for couple dollars. But my mum insisted that I will burn the whole house down. So, I bought it on Taobao!
Not sure if it is the real Ikea candle, but it tastes smells like it. I like it a lot!

Tried to be artsy here lol.

I'm already super excited about my sem break. I want to go KL; H&M and Sephora. Super love H&M hahaha.
I want to go Singapore, I want to go pulau. :(
But my break is in January, we can't go pulau. :(  I really want to go Redang!!! Ugh!! Beaches!!! Sea!!! I miss you T.T

I want to go here and there.
But I'm afraid I'll end up spending 2 weeks looking at my laptop.

Edited photo.
Those apps really works magic.
The lip colour is kinda scary. Bought the fake product, and the colour is totally different from what I expect.

빨간 입술. 윙크 윙크.

너만 보인단 말이야.
널 사랑한단 말이야.

It's Christmas eve tomorrow and yet I have mathematics replacement class. Ughh.

All the students of Foundation in Arts, fighting!!

Monday, December 16, 2013


I should really study for tomorrow's test. But since it's economic, somehow I don't feel nervous. I think I did a great job on test 1, so quite confident hahaha. But actually we still don't know the first test's result!
Having a kinda over confident attitude here! No matter what, I'm still a economic student back in high school. I always have this thinking in my mind. Hahaha!

Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball kept playing in my mind. I know how hilarious and absurd is the music video, but I actually haven't watch it. But I like this song! So as "we can't stop", I don't like the video as it totally ruin her Hannah Montana image, the cute Disney girl image. But I like that song!

It's like all the Disney girls transform to sexy image after they leave Disney. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus. Demi Lovato too, she use drug, she was sick, but now she's back to the positive image. And I extremely love her despite the fact that I used to hate Camp Rock because it kinda threatened High School Musical's place. Hahahaha. She's lovely now.  =D

我只想 對著天空輕輕的呼吸
在混亂中  翻箱倒櫃尋找  記憶

Love this part of lyric.

Ughhhh should've stop everything and start studying. ECONOMIC HERE I COME!!!!


It's like 12:17am now. Just finished my mathematics work. Been working on that since 10:30 hahaha. Finished the exercises and ready to hand them up tomorrow.

Shit, an assignment haven't finish. Ughhhhh.

This will the last week of the semester, after that, we'll get 3 study days, and start our finals.
Damn, everything gone so fast. It's like this semester just started, and I was there helping the catering for the juniors.

Fixing things of phone. The apps thing is really annoying sometime. Maybe I'm spoilt from the jailbroken iOS6, now using the normal iOS7 is really annoying. The apps that I used was free from the cydia market, now everything are priced, and I can only download the lite version ahhhhhh. So sad :(
I miss the diary app, but the lite version only allow me to write 10 entries. Backup-ing the entries I wrote in the past had already reached 10 entries. Which means I can't write new entry anymore but I love that app a lot. >.<

I don't think I'm good at computer. I'm just brave to click on everything hahaha. You'll never know what will happen until you try it!

Friend got a new Macbook air, omg so jealous of her hahaha. We're in mathematics class, the friend beside her saw it and pull it out from her backpack. When I saw it I was freaking 激動. Hahahahaha!
Then I asked about the model, 13inches, 128GB, nice. But 128 may be a little too small. But the bigger one is more expensive right.
I really like that ahhhhh! Can Santa buy me one?

Dear Santa, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. Could you please give me a Macbook air? I'll appreciate that and try my best in finals. I promise.

Hahahaha. Having Macbook and iPhone is my dream, Apple family is completed to me. I'm satisfied with this little family. But for now all I have is the phone. 好羡慕啊啊啊

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Ugh, I have such a weak spot on particular songs now. Watched the "seasons of love" by Glee on YouTube, started crying when the song starts. It's 5 months today.
How are you on heaven, Cory? We Gleeks still missing you.. Please look down at Lea, she's been so strong, but it must be a very hard time for her when she's alone in home..

Finals are just literally around the corner. No study week, all we had are like 3 days of "study days". But then we had class on those days too, omg.
I really really don't like accounting. We got our test result back on Thursday, a friend asked, "Selina, how was your test? Okay?" No, I'm not.
Of course I didn't say that out. All I did was shake my head a lil, and smile a lil.
Teacher ask me how, with this mark I can't pass. Another friend said, accounting is all about practising. Practise makes perfect. Ask around if you don't understand.
I know, but I just don't understand anything about accounting! I don't have much friends in class, or let's say, just 1. But she also don't understand very well too. Who can I ask? If I want to ask, it has to be all the way back to basic. I forgot what I learned in last semester, and those things bring to now.
I'm too embarrassed to ask! I don't know who to ask, I don't know where to start too.
AHHHHHHHHHHH. So freaking hate numbers.

I'm still working on a story based on my life. Wrote few lines when I got my accounting results back, totally had my emotions in it. Hahahaha.

It's around 2. I feel like wanting to do assignment. Hahahahahahahahahaha
It will be an intense 2 weeks. Replacement classes and tests flow around, omggg.
Will try best to score well in economic test. Quite a high hope on that.

Classmate so surprised that I got A+ in SPM English. Haha, didn't expect that?
Yeah, I did that. So what? There's totally no use in here. Like, there's no English subject this semester. Next semester's elective course, if there aren't 10 people choose English, then we'll don't have the academic writing class, again perhaps no English class.
Then I'll lose the chance to score A. Ughhhh
Ms Teo isn't that hard to deal with! Yeah she like to "play" student, as she said that, but she's trying to make us have a more stable English foundation.
Like memorise all those verbs in 3 tenses, they work freaking lot in future.

So sad to listening to the songs from "Quaterback", Glee. All songs that reminds me of Cory. Who the hell made that mashup?! Hahaha........

Sometimes, I just feel like being used.
No one like being used. No one.
I don't like people ordering me too.
We're friends, I do everything voluntarily, not that I have to listen to your order.
I know friends shouldn't be fuss over these things, but as the time goes by, I don't like that feel.

 Had IT presentation on Thursday morning. I totally look like a OL with this attire and holding the laptop while having my bag on shoulder. Lol.

Remember the love. Share love, give love, spread love.
Measure your life in love.
--Seasons of love--

Friday, December 6, 2013

生活太糜爛了  說真的
在學校上課  回家后完全不碰學校東西
電影是狂歡派對  我是面對電腦
哈哈哈  完蛋了我


當初到底爲什麽要聽招生處的話  選了這科?

唉  沒辦法  自己的選擇
只能繼續念  只能儘量加油  除了這樣 沒有辦法了

上面的也是打了一半就停了 然後就這樣住在草稿箱裡面了


Saturday, November 9, 2013



久未打字  部落格可安好?
無意間 把上一篇給删了
人生就是這樣  沒有重來  沒有replay  沒有倒退
做了就是做了  說了就是說了

前2個禮拜  萬聖節  照常在家裡 哈哈哈
眼神有殺嗎哈哈哈哈  還是終於看到我眼睛了-.-
沒有擦粉底或護唇膏就用了眼線  卸的時候痛苦啊
眼線液會卡在唇紋里  偏偏我是用手指按顏色上去的-.-

2/11/2013   某星期六  我們家Eunice生日
我們策劃了所謂驚喜  哈哈哈哈哈  沒被發現其實是上帝保佑  明明很明顯-.-
前一天晚上  1號的時候  唱歌去了~~

  原諒我這麼蠢的表情 -.-  眼線看起來很厚  但其實不然

 這是單眼皮+死鬼厚的眼皮  的悲哀     你只看得到那麼一點點眼線

團體出遊  少不了合照 哈哈哈


 就這樣唱完3個小時  默默地有些破綻出現但竟然沒被發現
明明我被說很明顯了  -.-

5EA1 演唱會結束   緊接著U dessert潤喉
然後呢  蛋糕在此時應該得出現
但我們的招數都被戳穿  沒得出現
歷經了幾次失敗后  蛋糕終於成功現身  賺到了幾滴淚水

看到蛋糕那麼開心  XDD
成功的“驚喜”  感謝壽星的點點遲鈍  沒發現木啊哈哈哈哈
生日快樂!!!!!!!!  ❤

3/11/2013  星期天  往雲頂去了~~~

因為是用分數換的  所以我們住first world的standard room
 我很不會拍全景-.-   沒有錯 就是那麼小吧了/.\

 左邊掛著毛巾的是浴室  裏面就是蓮蓬頭  就這樣!!!
連掛衣服的都沒有  我的天啊  
左邊就是廁所  就只是一個馬桶  哈哈哈哈哈哈
我就是沖好涼后  迅速拿著毛巾衝進干干的廁所穿衣服

歪掉的全景照哈哈哈  房間外的view
拆掉中的outdoor theme park  但其實不明顯
唯一看的到的是  那個龍的雲霄飛車的軌道拆了

 學我穿格子衣服的傢伙  -.-
這個人一到  就是拍照然後fb -.-  我整個快累死了
 看得出我嚴重缺少睡眠+累死了嗎?  到現在都還沒補回來的睡眠

第一天晚上啊  因為弟弟睡死了  老爸老媽搏殺中  我忍不住餓  自己出去了-.-
 我其實很愛這件H&M外套  只是你袖子可以不要那麼容易就鬆垮垮的嗎-.-

忍不住sasa誘惑  進去逛了一圈
前面三隻指甲油  RM3.9/each   現在offer, RM7.9 for 3

然後就去打包了麥當勞   唉 在雲頂還在吃麥當勞-.-
回來一邊看戲一邊吃 哈哈哈哈哈哈
 很傻的上了雲頂還帶著手提電腦  就這樣窩在房間里看戲  跟在家沒差-.-

晚上11點又陪弟弟去麥當勞 -.-  吃了blueberry mcflurry  超級無敵甜:(
據說那個白癡  晚上1點多  自己跑去starbucks 點了他唯一知道名字的caramel machiato   哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

第二天  早上我們去了highland game場玩
現在真的沒有東西玩了  -.-   全部賽車  一整區都是賽車
我偏偏不大會玩  可是弟弟有被一個小弟弟挑釁XDD
我們2個玩  然後我輸給了他   然後他就繼續玩story mode
有一個小弟弟說他要坐我的位置  就這樣挑戰了我弟
可是那弟弟有卡  有自己的車  最快可以跑300多km/h
我弟沒有帶卡  機原本的車最快只有200多km/h
那個小弟弟還不要跑這樣  大放水   雖然他有幾次耍帥失敗打到free牙XDD
可是我弟就輸了  整個火燒XDDDDD

回hotel前  我受不了famous amos的香味  去買了餅乾
 但我其實早上買了一片餅幹了   真的好好吃!

橫切面多麼的美好 只是焦點似乎在指甲上-.- autofocus的壞處啦

下午洗了澡后  不甘願帶了化妝品沒用到  就化妝了  XDD
厚厚的眼皮把什麽都吃進去了  都看不見了啦  :(

晚餐去吃了first world hotel的international buffet

好吧  一點都不international

有啦  西餐就蘑菇湯  沙拉  fusilli
日本餐 就maki roll   連我也會做的東西
中餐  粥?
然後就這樣了   這就是所謂的international buffet
價錢沒有很貴  RM61nett/adult
但就是不划算  沒有什麽特別的東西

吃完後我就去買了ice americano   其實就是kopi o 冰  哈哈哈哈哈哈

我其實下午已經買了一杯   就邊喝邊看戲
 弟弟忍不住寂寞跑去打電腦了 -.-

還蠻感謝2位barrista都寫對我名字  哈哈哈哈哈

第三天  回家日
一早check out后  就在半山吃了肉骨茶  必吃啊每次去

然後有一個mini cameron highland  -.-

這個小弟弟是賣菇類的老闆兒子  不知道是哪裡人  不是本地人就對了
整個就是很帥很可愛啊他  我媽媽抱他  他都不會怎樣  很樂意給人家抱
我們走的時候 我轉回去跟他揮手說bye bye  omg他整個害羞的笑然後躲進爸爸懷裡
那個畫面  真的很可愛啊!!! 一個小男孩害羞的笑   太太太太可愛了

我們跑去了麻六甲吃satay celup  歷經千辛萬苦才吃到的哈哈哈  
剛好老闆早開門! 不然2點多你是不可能吃到的 -.-

 拍照表情都怪怪的 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈  /.\

發現可疑人物的眼神  哈哈哈  I CAN SEE YOUUUU

今日  8/11/2013
被拖去  看大匯演   家.在南方
然後我下樓吃飯  電話丟樓上  突然有人在門口喊我
我能怎樣?!  趕快洗澡然後就去了  /.\

可是還蠻慶倖有去的   有24節令鼓!!!!
我很愛看24節令鼓的!  可能因為以前我們輔萊沒有  後來一校也沒有
曾經在不懂哪一間學校看過  很帥氣啊那個氣場
我好喜歡  整個表演好震撼  我完全就是目不轉睛的認真看了~~~~!

每次都這樣出門哈哈哈哈哈  對於你們的打情罵俏  我不是看不到的
裝作看沒有罷了 哈哈哈哈 -.-

3nails in 2 weeks. lol  會不會太常換了?!

 這個指甲得到了很多稱讚  包括我那挑剔的老媽  她不管對我什麽指甲都有意見啦-.-
這個大家說很美  但只是base colour, 一層gliiter 擦在半個指甲, 一層比較多glitter的在tip. 就是這樣罷了  非常簡單吧!

 sponged gradient nails. 這次用的是化妝用sponge, 效果沒有那麼喜歡. 上次用普通的sponge我更喜歡. 但是這個藍色組合我真的好喜歡!

現在的指甲  sasa買的紫色  電腦顯色  色差很大!!!!
他是pastel purple, 可是它真的不夠pastel, 不夠糖果
他比較是芋頭口味ice cream的顏色, 我同學也覺得是那個顏色
他還不是我要的perfect pastel purple/violet. 這個還不夠, 但已經很接近了

頭大  臉大  老  真的不適合裝可愛. 在ebay貪便宜買下, 看來從此不會再用了哈哈哈

Bye. xoxo, Selina.
Thanks for reading. Spent lot of time to type this,
hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you.  ❤

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


上個星期三  阿狗生日
作為好姐妹  我們送上了很適合他的禮物
那就是  可愛的染髮劑還有實用的conditioner
他那頭金髮真的忍受不了了 哈哈哈哈哈
可是他在Facebook寫到好像很委屈, 還feel ashamed  -.-d

星期五的時候  大家來我家吃辣年糕XDD
因為買了很久  終於有時間有機會可以煮來吃了
順便去jusco買了2個micrawaved 的pizza
erm, pizza其實餡料很不錯
只是餅皮就不像一般的那樣好吃, 比較硬這樣

主角辣年糕+hotdog   還是應該是主角hotdog+辣年糕?
哈哈哈 整包hotdog丟進去了
煮的不怎麼樣  年糕有些硬有些軟
但是軟的好好吃~  很喜歡吃辣年糕

吃飽後就是染髮時間   都說了我們是好姐妹
 你看看你看看  那個布丁頭  色差太多太難看

等待的當兒  發現還有一般的染髮劑  所以嘉慧幫康鎮染了XDD

因為她沒有染過  所以很緊張 一直不敢染
幾經說服才終於肯染  結果康鎮很淡定的自己先染劉海-.-

爲了防止弄到衣服  康鎮幫阿狗洗頭  好好笑XDD
我跟嘉慧在門口亂拍亂錄  好好笑!!

 雖然顏色出來跟我們想像有出入  沒有那麼巧克力色
但是奇跡般出現青金色!!!!!!  O.O
好像之前我弟去染的顏色  價錢差了1/3  哈哈哈
雖然不是我們要的巧克力色  但是總算整頭是一個顏色了  不是布丁了

 好像來我家必備的是玩指甲油-.-  大家好愛拿來玩
那盒子是鞋盒! 然後用禮物紙包  其實包的有點難看哈哈哈
我又想添指甲油了  真的還沒看到我想要的紫色  =(

這是nail polish book, 也就是指甲油書     哈哈哈哈哈哈
用A4顏色紙包起來  然後裝飾一下就可以了~
小學買的螢光筆到現在都還可以用耶我的天  用了超多年
青色紙很難看  那已經是我畫的最美的, 然後剪下來的了哈哈哈
因為旁邊有鉛筆印, 只好用螢光筆勾邊


其實就是把有的顏色分門別類  可以清楚地看到
這樣就知道自己有什麽顏色了  想要換指甲油的時候可以直接看這本書
很喜歡etude house PK003, 草莓牛奶~ 要完了-.-  要添購了!!

我鼓起很大的勇氣看了  星期五大家回家后  看的
如我所料  第一個perfomance我就哭了
一開始就是junior們唱歌, 還沒有什麽感覺
然後senior們走進來了, 我就哭了
好久沒有見到的Mike, Mercedes, 還有在紐約的Kurt和Santana都回來了

我覺得這樣很好  你能夠說是什麽死因?
直接說他已經去世3個星期了, 大家都還沒有get over it就好.  這樣的交代很好Lea的鏡頭很少, 只有最後短短幾分鐘, 和一首歌
可是就是這短短幾分鐘, 你看到了他的痛苦
一首歌, 才剛剛第一句就流淚了, 他不是Rachel對Finn唱, 是Lea對Cory唱

唉  可是看完有一種舒適感
因為一直沒有跟別人說對他的思念  看了Glee, 把心裡話都說出來了
我還比較看開了  可以說Goodbye了...

前幾天在Yes93.3有聽到, DJ陳寧說了Glee..
應該也是Gleek, 他也說他哭得很慘
最後播了I‘ll Standby You, Mercedes版本