Monday, January 28, 2013


It's been a whileeee again! Again, no school life, nothing special in life, so no post! lol
But since January is going to end in 3 days, gonna boost the January blog achieve! lol *again*

But let's talk about these 2 weeks! I did squeeze something out to write lol!

On 19th, my mum, bro and I went back to kampung, negeri sembilan for spring cleaning! This is our first time going back to do the work. We arrived there like 1pm, then started to work immediately. Stopped for a break at 3pm, continue at around 4pm. Work ended at 6-ish.
Holy crap, I just can't believe how much clothes and things to throw. We totally forgot an extra-important thing, mask!!! There were a LOT of dust, which managed to make my bro's nose stuffed! lol He can't barely breath during night. Then he was totally okay once we got back in Johor.  /.\
Look after first day's job. TIRINGGGGGG.

Nails after 3 hours of cleaning.
I just painted my nails the day before. I didn't apply the top coat though, so this result is totally expected. Look how the polish chipped on the index finger. ><

My mum said forgot to take photos of the house so can do a comparison! lol
The house was not cleaned for like, 2 years perhaps. Everyone are busy with working, no one want to come back to do the job. FYI, my mum has 8 siblings. /.\
It was very tiring, we can't even finish the job in 1 day. We have to continue the job the next day, from morning to afternoon.

But I did find something interesting! The most interesting part of spring cleaning, is you'll find the old photos that no one ever noticed!

Cute little me and cousin at the back. I was 1 or 2 at that moment. Cousin was 3 or 4. -.-
 This was taken in Genting Highlands. I've been visiting Genting Highlands since I was smalllll. But I don't go there often now. We used to go there at least 2 times a year. /.\
I was less than 1.
Yeah, I was told that I was like less than 1 or just 1 year old. This was taken in Hong Kong. My grandparents, my aunt, mum, aunt. Me and cousin again lol.
Yeah, my mum and aunt are twins! Well, I thought the one who hold me was mum, but nope, it was aunt lol.
My cousin and I are 2 years apart, and we basically live together throughout our life. Our parents rented rooms in a house back then, then we live beside each other since 10 years ago. We're neighbours for 10 years! lol   So we're just like siblings.

I ordered iphone5 cases and some crystals to DIY my case! I really find that red cover disturbing while taking photos because I can't flip the cover back, it'll block the camera, I can't close it either because I have to look at the screen wtf. /.\
When I decided to DIY, the first idea came out was gradient colour. Most safe yet simple design. But I was greedy, I wanted something more, so I decided to add "Stay Strong" on it.
I printed the words, tried to put the crystals as the font, but I failed. Epic failed. So just my freestyle font!
With purple, light red, baby pink and clear colour. I know I did a terrible job. I failed my arts one!
I didn't do on the side because this case is so tightly attached to my phone once I put the case on. I was horrified when I put the case on and couldn't take it off for 10 minutes and chipping my nail polish.
So I decided to leave side area blank so I can take it off easily without afraid to getting the crystals off.

Finally I can take photos without worrying the case! Ignore my nails, would you?  lol

On 24th, I decided to put makeup onnn! I tried a new way to apply foundation as my skin is extremely dry, especially on cheek area, the skin is flaking wtf. I blame to little sleeping time. I watched shows online until 4am. /.\
I used wet sponges, with Maybelline bb stick, quite nice!
Then I decided to do whole makeup hahaha.
Near look at the eye makeup. But I believe you can't see anything wtf.
Bad lighting. My room has really bad lighting, moreover at night. ><
I had eyeshadow, eyeliner, falsies, blush, lip balm on. Of course also the circle lens.

After selfcas, which took 10 minutes, 10-plus photos appeared, I remove my makeup. I know I'm like wasting products. ><

Half of the makeup is removed. You can see my face is red. My skin is very thin, a little rubbing and massaging turns out like this.

Makeup removed. Lens removed. Totally bare face.

I still have to work on my face. OMG bad skin. ><

Finally today, I did spring cleaning in my room!!
I threw away a lot of magazines and books.
Letters from pen pal when I was still in primary school. Kept it for years, but decided to throw them away. =(   Bye bye letters. I don't know when I will see letters in future...
I kept the greeting and birthday cards though.

Magazines and books to throw away. The second box is VERY VERY HEAVYY. It's so hard to bring it downstairs. ><
I kept some novels only.
Let me introduce you, my High School Musical drawer!! Yupee, one drawer exclusive for High School Musical. The DVDs, newspaper and some magazine cuts are not here, they are in another drawer along other CDs and books.I decided to keep dolls here because my mum actually asked me to throw them away!!
I mean, seriously? Throw them away? NOOO! If I still put them on the desk, my mum will definitely ask me to throw again so I let them stay in the HSM house!

The spring cleaning took 2-3 hours. I wore mask all way long so I'm protected from dust.
With nashville filter on instagram lol.

The modbox review post gained 200s views! Thank you everyone! I even earn a follower =D
More beauty post future? lol.  I bet none of my friends will read that though. Wait, do I have friends?

Gained more and more interest in learning Korean. Now is "learning" through Korean shows. lol
Full House Take 2 is awesome. So romantic omggggggg.
But now I'm watching KO one Return. I will be reminded of KO 3anguo at some moment.
I have to tell myself, it's King kissing Da Dong on cheek, not Ah Xiang kissing Sun Ce, aka her brother! lol
Can't pull myself out from KO 3anguo sometimes. I miss that show a lot.. I didn't rewatch it. =(
Too much episodes! ><
I didn't even finish rewatching iApartment. -.-

星期五的时候, 心脏又狂跳了 /.\  不确定是不是, 可是心脏吖, 你怎么那么不争气?!

I think that's all for now. Bah bye everyone! Toodles!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Modbox Review

It's review timeee!
Yeah I didn't get paid to do this review, because I'm not famous lol.
But I like to do this kind of things, plus this is something really worth to share with.

Still remember I mentioned the Modbox in previous post? It arrived today! Like 2 hours before haha! Can't wait to do a review!

Firstly, I know Modbox through a blogger, Jessica Chaw. She did a review last month.
Subscription beauty box service is very very popular in other countries, like USA, UK, Australia etc etc. For example, Glam bag by Ipsy company, owned by Michelle Phan; The little black bag, Birchbox, Glossybox. There are a lot of company out there too.
In Malaysia, there are some companies too, like the Wonder box, MIVVA beauty box, Cosmo Box and of course the highlights of this post, Modbox.

You pay for an amount, then every month you'll get 5 deluxe samples and perhaps 1 or 2 full size products.
This is my first time subscribe to a beauty box. I know there are some companies out there too, but I didn't move because of the price. I'm still a student, I can't afford RM100 for a beauty box, just to try out.
But Modbox is only RM19/month, if you subscribe to a longer period, you'll get it at RM16.5/month!
The postage fee for West M'sia is RM9, and RM11 for East M'sia.

Let's look at the January Modbox!
It was wrapped with bubble wraps. A plain purple box, you can keep it for storage use. Nice, huh.

Wrapped with yellow ribbon!

After unwrap the ribbon, you'll see a card which tells you what's included in the box.

The back of card is written with the products and prices. As you can see, there are 2 full size products!

Behind the card, is the full box of beauty products!

It seems like they included a voucher in every box. The December box included a voucher too!
It's a RM20 Cellnique discount voucher.

The first product, the Claire handmade organic soap. This is suitable for face and body.
According to the card, there are 11 types, while I got this lemongrass soap.
It smells very nice, very lemongrass-ly.

The second product is the first full size product, SANTE Naturkosmetik body lotion.
There are 4 types too, I got this acai energy one.
I don't know what acai berry is, even though I googled it hahaha.
But it smells like a kind of butter, but definitely not the edible butter!

Alright, to be honest, this is the thing when I saw it, I was like, "WOW! OMGG! They actually included this?!?"
This is the third product, Kiss MeHeroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner.
This is also the eyeliner which is very popular in Japan, I wanted to try this before but then I found the K-palette, so I gave up this. This is the full size product, costs RM49.9
This is in dark. I can't read Japanese but from the photo, obviously it shows that you can draw very thin line but also thick line to define your eyes! It's long-lasting, resistant to water, sweat, sebum, tears and rubbing.

The forth product, the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.
This product is interesting. I Googled it, I read a couple of reviews. I thought this is a sebum gel that will reduce blackheads, but apparently no.
This will soften your blackheads so you can squeeze them easily without getting too hurt.
Everyone with blackheads problem will know that feeling when you squeeze the blackheads but it just don't comes out.

The last but not least, the Bulgarian White rose mask from My Beauty Diary.
It's been half a month since I last use a sheet mask, I'm going to use this baby tonight!

So, that's all!
Remember the blank space on the card? I filled it!
Yeah! I should've written "be rich" right?! lol
Never mind, since be happy is very important toooo!

For RM28, this box is extremely worth it. I am so surprise and happy that they included the eyeliner! I'm considering to continuing subscribe because I just subscribe 1 month to try out. But this is awesome!!

One more thing to mention, their staff are very friendly!
At first, I met some payment problem and I messaged them on Facebook right away.
They solved my problem in a couple of hours, despite that it was 10pm already!
I like this point, friendly and very helpful staff!  =D

You should subscribe to this if you're a person who love getting surprise every month like I do! You'll never know what's in the monthly box until it arrived at your doorstep!
Check out their website: Modbox  Also their Facebook page: Modbox Facebook Page

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yepppppp, changed the background songs! Now it's all kpop.
Leessang's "you're the answer to a guy like me" [我这家伙的答案是你] and "turn off the TV" [关了电视吧]. Besides, also my favourite female group, 2NE1's "lonely". All of them are the piano instrumental version, as usual.

So, it's 2013 now. Which means I'm 18 NAO too. That day I was shopping with my mum, someone asked me how old am I, I almost said 17 lol. I'm 18 now! I still can't believe how fast the time past, how much I've grown.
Still not officially 18 though. lol.  Wait for my big day! Nothing else will happen except a blog post again lol!!

Somehow, I would really like to pour my heart out, now.

*deep breahhhh*

我觉得我最近发春了哈哈哈. 我也会有这一天.
这2天我在看浪漫满屋2. 我还在看前面前面, 所以还没有什么情侣出现.
可是啊, 当我看到泰益看着睡在露营车外面的满屋的眼神, 好羡慕哈哈哈.

星期一早上, 我还梦见了monday couple.
没有错, 姜gary和宋智孝.
我已经把整个梦境打在电话note里了, 本来想print screen放在instagram, 可是太长一次弄不完.
又懒惰打, 又觉得别人会笑我所以作罢哈哈哈.

自从梦见了monday couple, 心里就不一样了呢.
貌似偶尔, 会惦记一个人..

这样子讲, 好像很恶心吼?

在一间大号服装店买衣服的时候, 很友善的老板娘问我几岁, 我说18, 95年生的.
那个auntie讲 那你属猪哦? 我儿子也是.
我说是啊, 属猪, 长得也很像吖!
那个auntie又说, ehh, 不可以酱紫讲. 不可以酱紫贬低自己. 胖的人也是会有人欣赏的. 胖的人也是可以打扮得美美的. 不是讲属什么就要像什么的, 如果酱讲, 那属牛的人不是更大只?! 妹妹还好你长得高, 你五官也很美.

从小到大, 收到的赞美都是, 妹妹吖, 你长得很高哦~
妹妹啊, 你五官很漂亮~
妹妹吖, 你睫毛很长很翘哦~

我知道, 这些都是称赞, 我是应该虚心接受.
但是转念一想, 是不是因为我真的没有东西可以讲, 才会这样安慰?
眼睛又小, 鼻子又大, 嘴巴也很难看.
唯一可以看的, 竟然是睫毛哈哈哈.





我其实真的很胆小. 以前在泰国旅行的时候, 曾经被朋友作弄过, 我真的怕了.
那时我们女生一间房, 男生在另一间. 全部都是差不多年龄的朋友.
因为晚上了, 又没有大人, 女生当然比较怕. 我又是里头的大姐, 只能一直叫妹妹们不要怕. 但心里怕到要死.
突然房间电话响, 每个都吓到, 有妹妹直接哭了出来.
我是大姐吖, 负责听电话. 结果是男生打来, 发出怪异声音.
我当时真的吓死了, 我从来没有那么害怕过.

可是毕业旅行时, 我们在玩牌的时候.
我过后玩牌不是一直输一直输. 反应一直很慢很慢. 你们说因为我坐的地方离太远.
但其实是我怕了. 我当时真的又很怕了.
我说出来了, 我也哭了.
男生们过来玩牌后我才恢复状态. 因为我知道大家都在这里了, 我有安全感了.

我其实真的很胆小啦. 可以说是没有胆的一个人.
可是又很爱装勇敢, 俗称装逼. 哈哈哈


眼睛又肿肿了  /.\

我决定先不看浪漫满屋, 我要看running man.
最新一集先不看, 我等高清.
我要看旧的一集, 哈哈出题考大家的!!

最近常在astro刚好看到running man的时段.
我根本不记得几点, 但偶尔转那台的时候就是running man了!
每次看都会很注意很注意monday couple.
gary可不可以不要那么man, 一直很保护智孝?

上一集, 崔智友的, 他们在巴士上讨论男生外貌,
怎么感觉gary很难过?  好像不是很想提这个话题.

对我而言, gary其实很帅.
他的个性我很喜欢.  勇敢于节目上向智孝告白, 也很man的保护智孝.
智孝现在戏份越来越少, 女嘉宾完全抢完镜头.
但是偶尔gary对智孝的小动作播出来, 看了好开心!
完全沉溺于monday couple了我哈哈哈!

好不容易心动了, 却被迫要平静了.
是时候该平静, 根本不该动的.
我不应该想那么多的, 对吧?!



Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Resolutions!!


I'm stuck on here for half an hour already lol. I don't know what to do. I've already watched every post of 9gag, which none of them manage to make me laugh lol.
Can't log in Weibo. Weird. I can log in on my phone though. Posted some status yesterday night hahaha. Weibo is like the only place where I can tell my secret because no one is playing weibo in my circles.

So, let's cut the crap and get down to the topic today.
Yuppy, resolutions.
I made my first new year resolutions last year, and yeah, I didn't manage to stick on it throughout the year. I followed the list for like few months only hahaha!!!

Holy crap, I'm the kind of person who think getting a nap is definitely wasting time. lol
I don't want to miss anything happening right now, so I would rather to yawn all day, I would not go to have a nap. But it always end up nothing happen and I'm still freaking tired.
When it gets to night, I can always find something to do and keep myself awake.
I just can't get enough sleep. But I know I have to. So, I'll try to get as many nap as I can, as many sleep as I can! Does it make sense?

    2.   EAT LESS

Alright, this is also kinda on my list last year. Being a girl who likes to eat, and cook, omg I'm just keep being a fatty.
I love to cook, I love to learn new recipe and try out new dish.
Sometimes I feel proud because I can cook. But sometimes its annoying because I'll have the urge, or in the mood to cook, then no one eat them, I'll just finish them.  /.\
And when I just feel a little hungry, I'll just go and cook instead of keep hungry.
So, if you are a girl who don't know how to cook, congratulations. I'm jealous of you.

   3.  BE HAPPY

Well, this is freaking important. I need to get the freaking negative thinking outta my head. Be positive, smile!!
Aquarius' smile is most attractive and beautiful among the horoscopes. Proud to be an Aquarius!! =D

Can't think of anything else. ><
I think these 3 points concluded everything! Be happy is the most important thing!
I have to be happy! =D
Thinking of Chinese New Year make me happy. Angpaosssss!

I'm drinking almond powder now. Bought from Jbtalks.
I hope to be fairer. The sunway lagoon trip made me darker 1 skin tone. I have to get back to my normal skin tone, or maybe fairer!
It doesn't smell which is awesome. Paired it with milo is amazing. I like to drink it like that.
It's tasteless so you have to mix it in drinks. Can't mix that with coffee though. =(  I have 1 cup of coffee every morning. So after coffee, I made a cup of honey with almond powder today.

I shall stop rambling isn't. This post is about resolutions only!!

Alright, happy 2013!!!


Alright, I know now its 5th already but whatever, just assume today is 4th!!lol

201314 today. Only Chinese can understand the meaning today I guess.
201313 爱你一生一世. Love you forever.
None of my business though. Lol
Doesn't have a person to love.

Nothing really to update in fact.
A lot of people went to plkn. Eunice too hahaha. Hope you guys having a nice time there lah. Lots of activities, if you like to do activities outdoor, sure you'll live plkn.

Since I'm not in batch1, I already assume myself won't go to plkn at all. Postpone forever due to studies. That's my only plan lol.

I love my phone so much lol.

Yuppp, I'm still liking him. For those who knows.
But we don't contact at all, lol.
Maybe that's just my wishful thinking.
Get him outta my head please!!!

Going to Mary Kay tomorrow. Last makeup lesson. Looking forward to it because I'll learn colourful eye makeup!!

After graduated from school, I finally realise how few friends I have. I can't even find someone to go out with. Wtf.
My life is just a failure. Or just say that, I, am a failure.

Almost 3 now, have to sleep soon.
Bah bye and goodnight!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



This is like my opening for every new month or new year lol.
I know this line through High School Musical 2.
It was summer break, while Sharpay and Ryan are driving, their radio plays "SAY HELLLOOOOOO TO SUMMER!"
This line is like engraved in my mind already.

So, today is a whole new year.
I spent my time on watching TV shows last night. I didn't go out as my bro did lol.
I painted my nails, glitters again. But new year is all about glitters and shimmering isn't?!
At least that's what I see on YouTube makeup tutorials.

--Base coat
--One coat of white nail polish
--2 coats of silver glitter nail polish
--Top coat
↑Taken without flash.

↑Taken with flash.

Both of them are taken with my new phone.
Yuppy, I finally get to change my phone.
I've been using Sony Erricson for years, different phones but same brand.
And I never use a smart phone before. My mum is using iPhone 3gs since 2008. My bro was using a smartphone from Sony Erricson for 2 years. My dad is using Samsung Galaxy W this year.
Kinda funny 'cause everyone is using different brands. But obviously, I'm the only one who was still using a "stupid phone".
But today, everything changes.

I have my very first smartphone, and my dream phone.
Yippee, iPhone 5.  Picked up a genuine leather red cover as well.
My parents spoilt both of us. They get us new phone. My bro picked Samsung Galaxy SIII.
For me, I insisted iPhone5.
Why I like iPhone? Not because of the popularity of the brand.
But the spirit of the brand.
Apple always keep everything simple and chic.
They are very simple, yet very useful and easy to pick up with.

I always dreamed of getting an iPhone. Thanks to my parents, my wish is granted.

The very first picture taken with my new phone:

↑Machi and I.

Why Machi? Because she works at the Digi store. She served us for 2 days already lol.
I wish you can lay your hands on it asap! It's indeed a nice phone! ;)

After charged for it and download heaps of apps, it's time to take photos!

All taken with the front camera. I think they look kinda nice. Quite nice.
The rear camera, aka the back camera, aka the main camera lol, it is 8MP. The box of the phone and my nails' pictures are taken with the rear camera.

Overall, I love this phone so much. Moreover, the Siri had improved and it knows more languages now, Hokkien and Cantonese is fun to play with. I tried Korean too, I tried few words but I knew she couldn't understand because she said something like searching with internet. Why did I know that? Because she said "internet" with korean accent lol.
But I also tried few words and I assumed she understood. Because her reply didn't included "internet". lol

My dad threatened me to use this phone for at least 3 years, or else I'll doomed.
Lol, I think I'll use this more than 3 years.
I signed 2 years contract. I have to use at least 2 years. And this phone is not cheap and I love it so much, so I'll treat it like my baby lol.

It's 16GB. I hope it will enough for me. lol. Left 10GB now. Put songs in it. Downloaded apps.
But when I got it, it left like 13GB only because of the compulsory apps.

It's a hard time to create contacts again. I have to copy from my old phone. Typed names, and numbers. Nano sim card is incredibly small. The earpods look weird but awesome at the same time. Haven't try that yet.

Gotta buy a portable charger as well. As everyone know, as it is common sense, iPhone's battery dies fast. So, a portable charger is a must.
Saw a very cute Hello Kitty charger, but it's pricey. =(
Still consider on it.

I think that's all for today. My bro got SIII on 31/12/2012. I got iPhone 5 on 1/1/2013.
Very easy to memorise the date we got our phone.


Happy new year!