Tuesday, January 1, 2013



This is like my opening for every new month or new year lol.
I know this line through High School Musical 2.
It was summer break, while Sharpay and Ryan are driving, their radio plays "SAY HELLLOOOOOO TO SUMMER!"
This line is like engraved in my mind already.

So, today is a whole new year.
I spent my time on watching TV shows last night. I didn't go out as my bro did lol.
I painted my nails, glitters again. But new year is all about glitters and shimmering isn't?!
At least that's what I see on YouTube makeup tutorials.

--Base coat
--One coat of white nail polish
--2 coats of silver glitter nail polish
--Top coat
↑Taken without flash.

↑Taken with flash.

Both of them are taken with my new phone.
Yuppy, I finally get to change my phone.
I've been using Sony Erricson for years, different phones but same brand.
And I never use a smart phone before. My mum is using iPhone 3gs since 2008. My bro was using a smartphone from Sony Erricson for 2 years. My dad is using Samsung Galaxy W this year.
Kinda funny 'cause everyone is using different brands. But obviously, I'm the only one who was still using a "stupid phone".
But today, everything changes.

I have my very first smartphone, and my dream phone.
Yippee, iPhone 5.  Picked up a genuine leather red cover as well.
My parents spoilt both of us. They get us new phone. My bro picked Samsung Galaxy SIII.
For me, I insisted iPhone5.
Why I like iPhone? Not because of the popularity of the brand.
But the spirit of the brand.
Apple always keep everything simple and chic.
They are very simple, yet very useful and easy to pick up with.

I always dreamed of getting an iPhone. Thanks to my parents, my wish is granted.

The very first picture taken with my new phone:

↑Machi and I.

Why Machi? Because she works at the Digi store. She served us for 2 days already lol.
I wish you can lay your hands on it asap! It's indeed a nice phone! ;)

After charged for it and download heaps of apps, it's time to take photos!

All taken with the front camera. I think they look kinda nice. Quite nice.
The rear camera, aka the back camera, aka the main camera lol, it is 8MP. The box of the phone and my nails' pictures are taken with the rear camera.

Overall, I love this phone so much. Moreover, the Siri had improved and it knows more languages now, Hokkien and Cantonese is fun to play with. I tried Korean too, I tried few words but I knew she couldn't understand because she said something like searching with internet. Why did I know that? Because she said "internet" with korean accent lol.
But I also tried few words and I assumed she understood. Because her reply didn't included "internet". lol

My dad threatened me to use this phone for at least 3 years, or else I'll doomed.
Lol, I think I'll use this more than 3 years.
I signed 2 years contract. I have to use at least 2 years. And this phone is not cheap and I love it so much, so I'll treat it like my baby lol.

It's 16GB. I hope it will enough for me. lol. Left 10GB now. Put songs in it. Downloaded apps.
But when I got it, it left like 13GB only because of the compulsory apps.

It's a hard time to create contacts again. I have to copy from my old phone. Typed names, and numbers. Nano sim card is incredibly small. The earpods look weird but awesome at the same time. Haven't try that yet.

Gotta buy a portable charger as well. As everyone know, as it is common sense, iPhone's battery dies fast. So, a portable charger is a must.
Saw a very cute Hello Kitty charger, but it's pricey. =(
Still consider on it.

I think that's all for today. My bro got SIII on 31/12/2012. I got iPhone 5 on 1/1/2013.
Very easy to memorise the date we got our phone.


Happy new year!

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