Saturday, January 5, 2013


Alright, I know now its 5th already but whatever, just assume today is 4th!!lol

201314 today. Only Chinese can understand the meaning today I guess.
201313 爱你一生一世. Love you forever.
None of my business though. Lol
Doesn't have a person to love.

Nothing really to update in fact.
A lot of people went to plkn. Eunice too hahaha. Hope you guys having a nice time there lah. Lots of activities, if you like to do activities outdoor, sure you'll live plkn.

Since I'm not in batch1, I already assume myself won't go to plkn at all. Postpone forever due to studies. That's my only plan lol.

I love my phone so much lol.

Yuppp, I'm still liking him. For those who knows.
But we don't contact at all, lol.
Maybe that's just my wishful thinking.
Get him outta my head please!!!

Going to Mary Kay tomorrow. Last makeup lesson. Looking forward to it because I'll learn colourful eye makeup!!

After graduated from school, I finally realise how few friends I have. I can't even find someone to go out with. Wtf.
My life is just a failure. Or just say that, I, am a failure.

Almost 3 now, have to sleep soon.
Bah bye and goodnight!

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