Monday, January 28, 2013


It's been a whileeee again! Again, no school life, nothing special in life, so no post! lol
But since January is going to end in 3 days, gonna boost the January blog achieve! lol *again*

But let's talk about these 2 weeks! I did squeeze something out to write lol!

On 19th, my mum, bro and I went back to kampung, negeri sembilan for spring cleaning! This is our first time going back to do the work. We arrived there like 1pm, then started to work immediately. Stopped for a break at 3pm, continue at around 4pm. Work ended at 6-ish.
Holy crap, I just can't believe how much clothes and things to throw. We totally forgot an extra-important thing, mask!!! There were a LOT of dust, which managed to make my bro's nose stuffed! lol He can't barely breath during night. Then he was totally okay once we got back in Johor.  /.\
Look after first day's job. TIRINGGGGGG.

Nails after 3 hours of cleaning.
I just painted my nails the day before. I didn't apply the top coat though, so this result is totally expected. Look how the polish chipped on the index finger. ><

My mum said forgot to take photos of the house so can do a comparison! lol
The house was not cleaned for like, 2 years perhaps. Everyone are busy with working, no one want to come back to do the job. FYI, my mum has 8 siblings. /.\
It was very tiring, we can't even finish the job in 1 day. We have to continue the job the next day, from morning to afternoon.

But I did find something interesting! The most interesting part of spring cleaning, is you'll find the old photos that no one ever noticed!

Cute little me and cousin at the back. I was 1 or 2 at that moment. Cousin was 3 or 4. -.-
 This was taken in Genting Highlands. I've been visiting Genting Highlands since I was smalllll. But I don't go there often now. We used to go there at least 2 times a year. /.\
I was less than 1.
Yeah, I was told that I was like less than 1 or just 1 year old. This was taken in Hong Kong. My grandparents, my aunt, mum, aunt. Me and cousin again lol.
Yeah, my mum and aunt are twins! Well, I thought the one who hold me was mum, but nope, it was aunt lol.
My cousin and I are 2 years apart, and we basically live together throughout our life. Our parents rented rooms in a house back then, then we live beside each other since 10 years ago. We're neighbours for 10 years! lol   So we're just like siblings.

I ordered iphone5 cases and some crystals to DIY my case! I really find that red cover disturbing while taking photos because I can't flip the cover back, it'll block the camera, I can't close it either because I have to look at the screen wtf. /.\
When I decided to DIY, the first idea came out was gradient colour. Most safe yet simple design. But I was greedy, I wanted something more, so I decided to add "Stay Strong" on it.
I printed the words, tried to put the crystals as the font, but I failed. Epic failed. So just my freestyle font!
With purple, light red, baby pink and clear colour. I know I did a terrible job. I failed my arts one!
I didn't do on the side because this case is so tightly attached to my phone once I put the case on. I was horrified when I put the case on and couldn't take it off for 10 minutes and chipping my nail polish.
So I decided to leave side area blank so I can take it off easily without afraid to getting the crystals off.

Finally I can take photos without worrying the case! Ignore my nails, would you?  lol

On 24th, I decided to put makeup onnn! I tried a new way to apply foundation as my skin is extremely dry, especially on cheek area, the skin is flaking wtf. I blame to little sleeping time. I watched shows online until 4am. /.\
I used wet sponges, with Maybelline bb stick, quite nice!
Then I decided to do whole makeup hahaha.
Near look at the eye makeup. But I believe you can't see anything wtf.
Bad lighting. My room has really bad lighting, moreover at night. ><
I had eyeshadow, eyeliner, falsies, blush, lip balm on. Of course also the circle lens.

After selfcas, which took 10 minutes, 10-plus photos appeared, I remove my makeup. I know I'm like wasting products. ><

Half of the makeup is removed. You can see my face is red. My skin is very thin, a little rubbing and massaging turns out like this.

Makeup removed. Lens removed. Totally bare face.

I still have to work on my face. OMG bad skin. ><

Finally today, I did spring cleaning in my room!!
I threw away a lot of magazines and books.
Letters from pen pal when I was still in primary school. Kept it for years, but decided to throw them away. =(   Bye bye letters. I don't know when I will see letters in future...
I kept the greeting and birthday cards though.

Magazines and books to throw away. The second box is VERY VERY HEAVYY. It's so hard to bring it downstairs. ><
I kept some novels only.
Let me introduce you, my High School Musical drawer!! Yupee, one drawer exclusive for High School Musical. The DVDs, newspaper and some magazine cuts are not here, they are in another drawer along other CDs and books.I decided to keep dolls here because my mum actually asked me to throw them away!!
I mean, seriously? Throw them away? NOOO! If I still put them on the desk, my mum will definitely ask me to throw again so I let them stay in the HSM house!

The spring cleaning took 2-3 hours. I wore mask all way long so I'm protected from dust.
With nashville filter on instagram lol.

The modbox review post gained 200s views! Thank you everyone! I even earn a follower =D
More beauty post future? lol.  I bet none of my friends will read that though. Wait, do I have friends?

Gained more and more interest in learning Korean. Now is "learning" through Korean shows. lol
Full House Take 2 is awesome. So romantic omggggggg.
But now I'm watching KO one Return. I will be reminded of KO 3anguo at some moment.
I have to tell myself, it's King kissing Da Dong on cheek, not Ah Xiang kissing Sun Ce, aka her brother! lol
Can't pull myself out from KO 3anguo sometimes. I miss that show a lot.. I didn't rewatch it. =(
Too much episodes! ><
I didn't even finish rewatching iApartment. -.-

星期五的时候, 心脏又狂跳了 /.\  不确定是不是, 可是心脏吖, 你怎么那么不争气?!

I think that's all for now. Bah bye everyone! Toodles!

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