Thursday, January 17, 2013

Modbox Review

It's review timeee!
Yeah I didn't get paid to do this review, because I'm not famous lol.
But I like to do this kind of things, plus this is something really worth to share with.

Still remember I mentioned the Modbox in previous post? It arrived today! Like 2 hours before haha! Can't wait to do a review!

Firstly, I know Modbox through a blogger, Jessica Chaw. She did a review last month.
Subscription beauty box service is very very popular in other countries, like USA, UK, Australia etc etc. For example, Glam bag by Ipsy company, owned by Michelle Phan; The little black bag, Birchbox, Glossybox. There are a lot of company out there too.
In Malaysia, there are some companies too, like the Wonder box, MIVVA beauty box, Cosmo Box and of course the highlights of this post, Modbox.

You pay for an amount, then every month you'll get 5 deluxe samples and perhaps 1 or 2 full size products.
This is my first time subscribe to a beauty box. I know there are some companies out there too, but I didn't move because of the price. I'm still a student, I can't afford RM100 for a beauty box, just to try out.
But Modbox is only RM19/month, if you subscribe to a longer period, you'll get it at RM16.5/month!
The postage fee for West M'sia is RM9, and RM11 for East M'sia.

Let's look at the January Modbox!
It was wrapped with bubble wraps. A plain purple box, you can keep it for storage use. Nice, huh.

Wrapped with yellow ribbon!

After unwrap the ribbon, you'll see a card which tells you what's included in the box.

The back of card is written with the products and prices. As you can see, there are 2 full size products!

Behind the card, is the full box of beauty products!

It seems like they included a voucher in every box. The December box included a voucher too!
It's a RM20 Cellnique discount voucher.

The first product, the Claire handmade organic soap. This is suitable for face and body.
According to the card, there are 11 types, while I got this lemongrass soap.
It smells very nice, very lemongrass-ly.

The second product is the first full size product, SANTE Naturkosmetik body lotion.
There are 4 types too, I got this acai energy one.
I don't know what acai berry is, even though I googled it hahaha.
But it smells like a kind of butter, but definitely not the edible butter!

Alright, to be honest, this is the thing when I saw it, I was like, "WOW! OMGG! They actually included this?!?"
This is the third product, Kiss MeHeroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner.
This is also the eyeliner which is very popular in Japan, I wanted to try this before but then I found the K-palette, so I gave up this. This is the full size product, costs RM49.9
This is in dark. I can't read Japanese but from the photo, obviously it shows that you can draw very thin line but also thick line to define your eyes! It's long-lasting, resistant to water, sweat, sebum, tears and rubbing.

The forth product, the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.
This product is interesting. I Googled it, I read a couple of reviews. I thought this is a sebum gel that will reduce blackheads, but apparently no.
This will soften your blackheads so you can squeeze them easily without getting too hurt.
Everyone with blackheads problem will know that feeling when you squeeze the blackheads but it just don't comes out.

The last but not least, the Bulgarian White rose mask from My Beauty Diary.
It's been half a month since I last use a sheet mask, I'm going to use this baby tonight!

So, that's all!
Remember the blank space on the card? I filled it!
Yeah! I should've written "be rich" right?! lol
Never mind, since be happy is very important toooo!

For RM28, this box is extremely worth it. I am so surprise and happy that they included the eyeliner! I'm considering to continuing subscribe because I just subscribe 1 month to try out. But this is awesome!!

One more thing to mention, their staff are very friendly!
At first, I met some payment problem and I messaged them on Facebook right away.
They solved my problem in a couple of hours, despite that it was 10pm already!
I like this point, friendly and very helpful staff!  =D

You should subscribe to this if you're a person who love getting surprise every month like I do! You'll never know what's in the monthly box until it arrived at your doorstep!
Check out their website: Modbox  Also their Facebook page: Modbox Facebook Page


  1. Dear Selina,
    I'm honoured to be able to provide one of the beauty goodies in the box :)
    Hope you'll find our handmade soap enjoyable as much as we do!

    Claire | Handmade With Love

  2. I love your review <3 keep it up! write more and I'm your new follower <3