Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Resolutions!!


I'm stuck on here for half an hour already lol. I don't know what to do. I've already watched every post of 9gag, which none of them manage to make me laugh lol.
Can't log in Weibo. Weird. I can log in on my phone though. Posted some status yesterday night hahaha. Weibo is like the only place where I can tell my secret because no one is playing weibo in my circles.

So, let's cut the crap and get down to the topic today.
Yuppy, resolutions.
I made my first new year resolutions last year, and yeah, I didn't manage to stick on it throughout the year. I followed the list for like few months only hahaha!!!

Holy crap, I'm the kind of person who think getting a nap is definitely wasting time. lol
I don't want to miss anything happening right now, so I would rather to yawn all day, I would not go to have a nap. But it always end up nothing happen and I'm still freaking tired.
When it gets to night, I can always find something to do and keep myself awake.
I just can't get enough sleep. But I know I have to. So, I'll try to get as many nap as I can, as many sleep as I can! Does it make sense?

    2.   EAT LESS

Alright, this is also kinda on my list last year. Being a girl who likes to eat, and cook, omg I'm just keep being a fatty.
I love to cook, I love to learn new recipe and try out new dish.
Sometimes I feel proud because I can cook. But sometimes its annoying because I'll have the urge, or in the mood to cook, then no one eat them, I'll just finish them.  /.\
And when I just feel a little hungry, I'll just go and cook instead of keep hungry.
So, if you are a girl who don't know how to cook, congratulations. I'm jealous of you.

   3.  BE HAPPY

Well, this is freaking important. I need to get the freaking negative thinking outta my head. Be positive, smile!!
Aquarius' smile is most attractive and beautiful among the horoscopes. Proud to be an Aquarius!! =D

Can't think of anything else. ><
I think these 3 points concluded everything! Be happy is the most important thing!
I have to be happy! =D
Thinking of Chinese New Year make me happy. Angpaosssss!

I'm drinking almond powder now. Bought from Jbtalks.
I hope to be fairer. The sunway lagoon trip made me darker 1 skin tone. I have to get back to my normal skin tone, or maybe fairer!
It doesn't smell which is awesome. Paired it with milo is amazing. I like to drink it like that.
It's tasteless so you have to mix it in drinks. Can't mix that with coffee though. =(  I have 1 cup of coffee every morning. So after coffee, I made a cup of honey with almond powder today.

I shall stop rambling isn't. This post is about resolutions only!!

Alright, happy 2013!!!

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