Thursday, February 21, 2013

Genting trip.

Heyyy! My family and I went to Genting Highland last week, because my bro said there will be fireworks show!

Bought the top from internet. Yeah, it's amazing that I can actually buy clothes online right?! It's actually a dress wtf. But it's kinda short for me so I wore legging under it. I wore another jacket on top 'cause it was so cold in Genting. But my bro keep saying I'm wearing 2 jackets. ==
When we're still at home, he asked why I wear jacket already? wtf This is dress!

We took bus, this is my second time taking bus to Genting Highland. We used to go there by car. We took the Saturday's 10pm bus, but the bus was late, in expected, 15 minutes. Arrived Genting at 4am. Holy shit, I never been out from hotel room at this time before, it was so chilled><

After leaving our luggage at the counter, my bro and I went to Starbucks. He said he wanted hot chocolate as he don't drink coffee, I bought caramel macchiato for myself. But then he took mine -.-
I think the reason he drank the macchiato is because of the show, "Brown Sugar Macchiato". lol. Otherwise he really don't drink coffee. 
This is seriously the first time a barista can spell my name right. I think it's my pronunciation problem, they always missed 1 or 2 words.
By the way, the hot chocolate is wayyy too sweet!! >.<

We walked around at 7am, nothing to do. Went to first world, and Highland hotel. Wayyy too early.
We end up going  to highland and wait for the arcade games to open. After few games, then we met our parents and had breakfast at McDonald's. 4 people's breakfast costs RM70++ lol.

Then we went to outdoor!

FYI, I'm really a coward person. I'm fear of height. Seriously. So I don't like outdoor theme park because I'm scare of those roller coaster!!! >.<
But my bro insisted. So I had to go for it  *sigh*
It turns out we only went to pirate ship and 1 roller coaster lololololol. The pirate ship was so boring. Because it's still early, not much people there. It was only 1/3 full of it. No one screamed. NO ONE. I was checking my nails and chatting with bro. I only felt a lil dizzy after it. 
For the roller coaster, wtf I was so afraid. While we're queueing for it, there was actually people trapped there, the coaster stopped working. wtf!!!!
But thanks God it worked at our turn. I didn't scream even though I was soooo afraid.
After it, while we're getting out from the coaster, I tripped>.<

Then my bro went for this alone lol.

Can you spot him at the second pic? He's wearing blue trousers and green shoes lol.
I didn't go for this because I don't think my huge ass will fit in this lololol.
Saw people from China though. They were so excited lol.
While my bro was on it, I took a selfca.
WTF the wind. Can you imagine how cold that day is?!
Let me show you!

 Can you tell this is actually the First World hotel? The colorful one?!

After that it was almost time for lion dance performance, we went to the "London Cafe".
2 sandwiches, a milo and a awful cappucino, RM20  >.< RM5 each. wtfffff

Turns out no lion dance, just drums wtf. Waited for almost another hour, still nothing T.T
I almost fell asleep there, so we left.
We went to this!
I seriously think we're too old for this. The cars in front of us are all parents and kids. But we two..

Tried to selfca and realize how pale is my lips. -.-

 Yeah, someone was sitting like a LOUSAI!
Standing like a LOUSAI somemore!!!! lol
He's not posing actually, he was just turning around and I took this.

 He then went for this seriously childish go cart. 10km/h limit and the no surpassing rule. What's the fun?!
But the rules are meant to broke. So he said no one stick to the rule though.

We then went to take awana skyway, went to Chin Swee temple.
 Nothing to watch. We're too late, the temple is closed lol.

Then back to First world again, finally the lion dance!!
Alright, boringggggg.

Then we're back to hotel. Bro fell asleep so I sneak to bathroom for hot bath!!
Put some hotel's shower gel and the white round soap, the water became like this hahaha. Dipping in hot water, coffee beside bathtub, holding phone browsing Weibo lol.

11:45pm, we went to the entrance of First World, for the firework show!
But turns out just the red firecracker, 红炮. wtf I don't know the english name of it. Alright I guess this name is correct because you'll get the right answer when you google it.
 Eight of them.
 The crowd getting nearer and nearer as the time came nearer to 12am.

That's all lol. I thought it will be the fireworks!! You know, the eeeeeeee boom! Then you'll see colour in the sky. 

But at 12:30 am, while we were watching TV in room, we heard the sound. I was so lazy to go out to see it so we miss it -.-

We arrived in Johor on Monday, 5-ish pm!

I don't remember my last visit to be honest. I tried hard but I don't remember. I saw some changes, especially the snow world. We didn't go there this time though.

One of the kind--Akdong Musician

I love this group from K-pop star!! They used to sing their original songs, but they sang this instead in the latest contest. I like the girl's voice! Their harmony is awesome! They are brother-sister, so they have their chemistry between them.
They definitely made this song cuter!  I extremely love how the girl says [oppa, waeguraeyo] and [oppa, what's up]. OMG neomu gwiyeoun!

Sleep time! Good night everyone!  =D

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