Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy New Year!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I know it's kinda late for this post, since today is considered the 3rd day of new year already. But my birthday was on Friday, then I went back to hometown with family on Saturday morning, finally back today.
So, birthday post and new year post will be combined this year! I don't know why last year's birthday post gained that much views, since there's really nothing special.  -.-

First thing first, birthday! The first one who wished me was an email from a forum lol. I got 4 wishing emails from 4 different forum. And for sure they are all the same since they are generated automatically.
But in fact Esther should be the first right?! lol
Esther came to my house early in the morning, to give me the present. To my surprise, she used her first salary to buy this for me. OMGGGG
 Perfume, facial wash and shower gel.

I felt so touching when I read that she used her first salary to buy this!! OMGG

Then Eunice was finally back from PLKN. We went for karaoke session. Sorry that I found out that.
You know, I'm actually kinda sensitive. My sixth sense kinda working sometimes. I tried to hide the truth that I already know but lol, I spitted it out  -.-

After karaoke, I went home for dinner with family. I thought we were going to a restaurant in Pelangi, at the end just went to a restaurant in Taman U. Kinda disappointed. I really hate when someone can't fulfill their promises. 

After dinner, go to Sutera again with Eunice for dessert. She the crazy girl tried to surprise me with a cake when I went over her house. But her surprise failed, epic failed. We went to an alley and celebrate in the car lol!
 She said she used her first angpau to buy this. OMG DAFUQ IS EVERYBODY BEING SO NICE TO ME THIS YEAR?! I felt so paiseh since she get her angpau from her dad advanced.
Yupppp, I looked like a pregnant woman. HUGE TUMMY THEREEEEEE.

After the mini yet funny celebration, we finally went to Sweet Hut. We stayed until 12-ish. We didn't realize our phones were ringing, our parents called us so many times hahaha. 

The next day, pre chinese new year day. After showering and everything, we set off at 9am. After 3-4 hours, we were back in Negeri Sembilan!! I like to be in kampung because everyone are so nice and we meet only once a year.
I prefer mum's side's cousins because our age is more alike, so we have the same topic, and even though we only meet once a year, still we won't feel awkward or speechless when we meet!

My little cousin, the youngest among us, the 23rd among us, she likes to play with my hair!

I just came out from shower then she was combing my hair.
Later she asked, "Jiejie, do you want to dye your hair?" lololol
I said yes, then she asked what colour somemore. I said blue, she said ugly.
"Red!"  "NO!! Red is okay but not nice enough."lololol  She just wanted to make me say pink.
According to her, she was blending colour for me hahaha.
The combs was everywhere after that. -.-  We have to find for combs><

She was taking my phone and playing with camera.

 Cousin, she is 24 this year. Yet very skinny and short, she doesn't act like a sister at all, likes to act cute somemore lol.

 She is 20 this year. Our famous blur queen! She dropped her phone into the toilet bowl few months ago lololol.

So we had our very simple reunion dinner. Not something sumptuous but yummy! There were so many people in the dining room@@ Didn't take photo because I was shy  /.\

The next day, first day of new year!!! Starting to get angpaus that day. Then at night, we had a annually buffet at a uncle's house. This is like a tradition, where all my mum's relatives will gather around. But this year wasn't that much people as always. Only 20++ people.
After buffet, the adults are discussing a red wine which cost SGD600 from an uncle, and the one my mum bought which cost RM39 lol.

My mum took my phone to take these photos lol. They are all my uncles aunties.

The 2nd day, we went to Melaka to visit another auntie before we went back home.

This is my new year nails this year lol. Just base coat, then 2 layers of UNT glitter nail polish on the tip, then top coat.
Someone said is this gel nails? lol. No, they are just normal nail polish.

In the past, the adults will ask how is your study, when are you going to graduate, what is your future plan blah blah blah.
But this year, the adults said, "Eh! I saw your facebook....."
Your photos, your status will be discussed.
At the first day, an auntie said, "Your nails is gold glitter right?" I was like wtf you haven't seen my nails how you know.
Then she said she saw on facebook.  -.-

It's 4:42am, I just jailbroken my phone. I have to figure out the functions. 

So, toodles!!

Happy New Year!!

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