Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February!

It's 1st February now!! Welcome you, February!!
February always is my favourite month. Maybe because I was born in this month? lol  But the number 2 is my favourite number too! Even though number 2 isn't my lucky number haha!

Well, I've change the design of blog, again! Still pinky though. I like the background picture a lot.

Last night, after watching KO One Returns, I visited the KO 3anguo's forum. I found the novel that I wrote. I didn't finish the novel because I started the novel quite late, during the second season of the show I believe. There were 3 seasons of them.
I have a lot of inspiration at first. I've already wrote 4 chapters before I post it out. Then I post 1 chapter everyday. I was so inspired by the show, I did research on The X-Family too, to get the correct spell of the show hahaha.
But then, I lost my inspiration. I started to can't write anything. I started to squeeze words out, which made the novel boring.  I can't fulfill my promise, that I would post a chapter everyday.
Later, the show finished. That was the time when I wanted to end the story. But I can't even write a proper ending. I ended up having another plot. So I just stopped. I stopped writing. Even though there aren't much chapters, but I've really tried my best, that was kinda my proud moment because I know across the country, there were actually people from Taiwan accepting my writing style, yet liking it and looking forward to my new chapters. Yeah most of the fans of the show were from Taiwan. But during that time, I don't know why I hid the truth that I was working on a novel lol. I was so scared that my friends will find out this fact.
There were a lot of incentive comments, which I appreciated a lot. My novel was one of the hottest novel on the forum too. *blushing*

After recalling those good times, I decided to start another novel!
Based on the characters and stories of KO One Returns, and I'm working on it. I just finished first chapter, very short though. ><
But I'm working it, I wanted it to be a one-chapter story. But then I realized I can't finish story in just 1 chapter, ended up decided to let it be a long story! Let's hope I won't stop writing all of sudden again! lol.

I realized my English is regressing since I'm not attending school anymore. The use of Google translate in this post is more than usual. =(  I have to translate words from Chinese, then Google search the English words again to ensure the meaning of them. Thanks to the people who actually runs dictionary website! Definitely a good help!

Chinese new year is in about 1 week. So as my birthday lol! Not having high hopes on that but Eunice is coming back that day! We plan to go out that night. Then the next day I'll be back to hometown. A place where have no Astro and Channel 8 and Channel U.
OMG Speaking of Channel U, they actually want to cut Running Man off again? I think I need to email them again@@ Hahaha. I'm just like a Singaporean, who likes to complain when they want to cut off my favourite programs. They still don't air 100% Entertainment.  =(
Alright just realized they locked the wall of Facebook, which I can't comment on the wall. Email again? lol.

After February, then it's March. The result of SPM will be announced.  
Time, would you just slow down?

背景音樂是沛慈的一個人想著一個人鋼琴版. 可以的話, 聽完這首歌吧. 這個鋼琴真的彈得很好, 很有感覺.

單戀, 也是一種戀愛. 而我, 沒有打算失戀~
很喜歡裘球. 她真的很棒. 被捅了那麼多刀, 還是可以堅持下去.
很心疼的一個角色  =(    雖然一開始還是覺得她是當年那個 "蛤~~~~~~我聽得見~" 的小聾女!
可是裘球真的很可愛很萌  是排在沛慈下面, 終極一班2最喜歡的角色! 大東第三, 金寶三第四! 金寶三真的太好笑了! 沒有一個人可以跑了終極系列4部, 每一個角色都那麼好笑那麼蠢! "蔣幹! 幹!"

終極一班2越來越有點看不懂了. 有些時候還是會擺脫不了三國的感覺. 耿烈, 竟然說出了 "好說" , 這句周瑜的名句?! 編劇是魔化了吧/.\ 金時空銀時空傻傻分不清楚.

我能不能, 應不應該, 繼續談這場一個人的戀愛?

一二三 回過頭 
原來最好的擁有   是不曾擁有
--數不盡的星空 by Pets 曾沛慈-- 


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