Monday, March 4, 2013


It's Monday today! Woke up quite early since my bro is skipping school again and my mum was shouting to him, literally woke up from mum's shouting. lol.

Was into gathering with friends few days ago! Esther, Jin Xiang, Khang Zheng and I had met few times again in the last few days lol. I was requested to cook again lol, but was dinner instead of breakfast! Kimchi fried rice  ;)

I'm in PLKN batch 2. wtfffff. Don't know what to do. I have to postpone it in any ways. Study comes first  lol

Had a 3-hours nap today, and surprisingly had a dream hahaha. I don't usually have nap dreams since I don't usually take a nap lol! If it was just a normal dream then I won't mention it. But it's kinda special.
My primary school's friends actually appeared in dream O.O
OMGGG  I saw Shi Ting in my dream. I can't remember everything now, shit I should have note it down. ><
I was in the school, running away for reason, then I saw someone. He was there, then we chatted. Then I saw Shi Ting lol. At the end we had steamboat together!!! What a funny ending!! Seriously, even in dream I'm still thinking about food! lolol.

Well, I had my beauty day today! I spent time exfoliating my face, had mask to treat my skin. I spent 30 minutes in shower, doing hair treatment and scrubbing body. Feels so good with all the good smell. And now I feel clean and fresh, and definitely make me happy!
The best way to beat Monday Blue, doing things that will make you happy. For me, treat my skin nicely will make me happy! Playing Jolin Tsai's CD while showering is a plus! =DD

Air Asia is having promotion again, RM299 to Taiwan, RM369 to Korea. OMG 2 countries I wanted to go most at the moment. Lack of money and time =((

I just finished watching Rooftop Prince. Cried in the last 2 episodes, other than that, didn't shed a tear haha. It's just funny and kinda mystery. I kept thinking who killed Crown Princess in the Joseon era. Turned out Bu Yong was the one who dead. I can't control my tears when I saw that scene, why is she so nice to her sister no matter in Joseon era or 21st century? Park Ha ahhh....

I miss bibimbap.. Few days ago I was alone for dinner, no one in the house. I was craving for it so much, but thinking of I have to drive far to eat this, moreover can't find parking on weekend, I gave out. But I really wanted to eat it.. Anyone wants to go with me?!

Just mentioned him in our conversation yesterday, then today he appeared in my dream? ..

Funny how few lyrics can make me cry easily...

I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me.
Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty.
Don't lie to my face, telling me I'm pretty.

I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me.
Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty.
Don't lie to my face, 'cause I know I'm ugly.
---Ugly by 2NE1---

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