Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last day before SPM result day.

Alright, tomorrow is the SPM result day, and Eunice and I still peaceful enough to go out today! lol

Prepared for about 1 hour, most time doing eye makeup!!! I don't know why but I just can't do things right today!

 This is my first try. After done right eyeliner, I think it's too much so I remove eye makeup thoroughly omg.

After few tries, finally set to this.
No eyeshadow, just eyeliner and mascara. Look how horrifying my mascara is lol.
Then just some vain selfca.
 Tried wink. Seriously, I'm not that cute kind girl who can do winks perfectly. But I like this. This is pretty nice out of the winks I've tried lol. But I think I shouldn't try winks anymore. =(

Tried some weird looks too...  First time wearing black contact lens, looks very very very scary at night when I'm looking at mirror. Really, I'm even scared.
I used my new try and favourite bb cream at the moment, air bb cream from Hada Labo. Doesn't dry out my skin, and looks natural. Good baby.

We went to Sutera mall, Eunice was the one who asked me out, yet she didn't know what to look and where to go omg. Ends up her motive was only to buy makeup remover hahaha.

After walking around, I bought earrings for bro as his birthday present! lol. He's 16 now. Please, please, please, stop telling me those funny yet ridiculous things, I don't know why I always believe what he says, even lies omg.

Then we had lunch at El Migos! Eunice always thinks a lot when it comes to eat, first is seating, she likes to choose seat instead of the brought by the waiters. Then menu, she have to decide which to eat, there's too much for her to choose. Finally, even drinks hahaha.
I'm easy, seafood bake. Seafood is always my first choice. I read the menu thoroughly, but still back to my favourite, seafood! Prawns and squids are always my favourite seafood, fish too haha.

We sat there for almost 2-3 hours. We chatted a lot, from her PLKN, to secondary school life, to future. Future, is always a blur scene to me. I can't see it clearly, I can't even see it.

So, when it comes to girls, selfca is definitely.

This is funny. She came beside me, holding my phone, but her fingers aren't long enough to reach the button. I have to hit the button hahaha.

Other than these 2, else are just her selfca!!! Hahaha, I don't think I should put it up, or she may be angry... hahahaha!!

After chatting for 1-2 hours, I ordered a lava chocolate cake. Just feeling to have desserts!
 This is after few mouthful eating hahaha. Didn't patient enough to take photo. This is heavenly delicious, I like this. Everything with chocolate is just heaven!

 I was eating but she said she wanted to take picture. I don't know why but I burst up laughing after that, then keep eating the cake.
This is her going-to-eat pose!!! hahaha!

It's 21st March, 2013. 12:09am. SPM RESULT DAY. I'm going to sleep soon, if I can. Even though nervous, but still have to accept the truth right?

Everyone who are going to take SPM result today, fighting!!

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