Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modbox March 2013 review.

It's Modbox time again!! This is the March edition of Modbox, I received it last week but didn't have time to take photos, finally done photos taking and products trying today!

I was guessing the colour of ribbon when I got this. Blue? Green? But turns out it is......*drum rolls*

Purple!!!! I didn't think of the colour of Modbox before haha. It makes me more curious on the next month's colour!!

So, this month's theme is back to basics!

So there are 6 products this month, including one full size product!

First product, as well as the only full size product, Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara from Luview!
This mascara is cute because it has a little sealing sticker on it.

The formula is full of fiber, and the wand's shape is better to coat the lashes evenly.
Smudge-proof, waterproof, clump-free and easy to remove without pulling off your lashes. Well, this seems to be a nice mascara!
So, I did try the product.

This is my lashes without mascara and curling. Yes I have long lashes which is my only proud! Haha, credit goes to vaseline!

And this is one side with mascara on. You can see my lashes are thicker, and a little bit longer.

Here I am, makeup-ed, but only one side mascara hahaha.
It's RM42.90/14g

NEXT! Timeless serum and whitening cream from Cosmeteq.

Both of them are sample size, 5g. The timeless serum is a super anti-oxidant that increases your collagen production to renew your skin's firmness and fight photo-aging.
The whitening cream unlike the usual whitening formulations that bleaches your skin, this contains more natural actives that restricts melanin from forming, which is the cause of your tanning skin.

This is the swatches,

 In the box, the catalogue from Cosmeteq came along too.

Timeless is RM46.90/5g, whitening cream is RM19.90/5g.

Next, the removing cleansing gel and perfect glow sunscreen from SF Beauty Skin.

The remover cleansing gel is 10ml, and the sunscreen is 6ml.

The samples are stuck on the pamphlet, the other side of the pamphlet teach you how to use the cleansing gel and the use of sunscreen.

I tried the cleansing gel today, to remove makeup and mascara from Luview.

This is me with full makeup. BB cream, powder, blusher, eyeshadow, lip stain.

To remove eye makeup, soak the cotton pad and place it on eyes for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, remove the cotton pad.
You can see the mascara is removed, but to be honest, it doesn't really does the job very well. Most of the mascara is still on my lashes. And this irritated my eyes, I have to keep washing my eyes with water after removing the cotton pad. I seldom met this problem with my Maybelline eye-lip makeup remover before.

Then pour this on palm, massage on face in circular motion to remove makeup. This is what turns out,
Ewwww, gross right?! Hahaha!  I was so surprised when I saw this. But then I read it again, it is gel, and the products on your face do removed in a clump. This is so funny, like foundation gel.
But I realised with 1 time, it can't remove the makeup thoroughly. Perhaps I was to surprised with the texture and I didn't really massage a lot, but after second time, the makeup are removed.

You can see my bare face. The redness aren't irritation but my skin is sensitive and tends to appear redness when I rub or massage my face.

The remover cleansing gel is RM100/150ml, the sunscreen is RM125/30ml.

The last product is grape multiple moisturising mask from Le Masque Hazelia.

It's RM29.90/1box of 10 pieces.

Oh, and don't forget to mention that, I joined the last month's review program to get mystery gift. And I got it!

It's a hairband that you can wrap it around your hair when you're cleansing your face! Thank you for the gift!

Above are the March Modbox! I put more effort in this post, and tried to take the photos beautifully. But I'm not a photographer lah, haha.

I hope you enjoy my review. =)
Do check out their website: Modbox  Also their Facebook page: Modbox Facebook Page


  1. Nice review on the box, love the product especially the mascara. I would like to try it cause its fibre mascara supposedly it would make lashes look longer and volumized. Interesting items in the box! Love your blog dear <3


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