Saturday, March 9, 2013


OMG Now literally 11 days to the SPM results day. Say WHAT!?!!!
Nervous? Kinda. What if I can't get A for English? What if I can't get C for mathematics? What if I can't get at least C for Chinese? What if I don't pass Economics and Perdagangan? WHAT IF I DON'T PASS BM?!?!

Facebook-messaged a college. Nice college, nice staff, nice reply. Reply me within a day, yet very detailed. After understanding everything and get application form, one thing struck me.
I wanted to apply for graphic design, and I thought no arts needed. But in application form, if you didn't take arts in SPM, you'll have to submit 3 fortfolios,
Portfolio guideline:
1 piece of A4 size portrait drawing in pencil/charcoal;
1 piece of A4 size landscape or still life drawing in watercolor;
1 piece of A4 size design artwork in any topic and medium.

Just in case you don't know, I FAILED MY ARTS ONE. FMLLL.
I can't draw, really. I got C for arts SINCE I was in primary school.

Now, this totally ruined my plan. I can't apply this anymore *sobsssssss sobbbsssssss*

I think I have to stick with IT again?  *face palm*

I need to attend college in April, HAVE TO.
Because I want to skip PLKN  ><
This is serious, I don't really want to spend and waste 3 months in PLKN. I'll prefer to school even though I don't like study ><

Now, I have to find other schools wtf.  I've been doing research already, finally decide to change from IT to graphic design, but the drawing rule, I'm sorry that I can't do that.  *sighh*

But all my friends seems like want to attend school later, like in June..
If I attend next month, I'll be alone, and I have to find accommodation. If we're all together, we may rent a house together..

But if I go with friends, means I have to go PLKN ?!?!?!
Perhaps the most struggling decision ever in my life!!!!!!!!
I have to think this seriously..

Oh and by the way, why PLKN don't reply emails one?!!!!!!!!
I've already emailed them to know how to postpone it, but no reply wtfff

OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, last post gained 10+ views, should I be happy? lol

I.....don't know what to do now!!! OTTOKE?!!

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  1. Hahah. Love to read your post. cute and funny. Anyway, good luck for your upcoming SPM result. Hope everything goes well. :)
    p/s: I hate PLKN too.