Friday, March 22, 2013

SPM Result Day.

********For people who are reading right now, which I assume you're going to take your SPM result in couple of weeks or just tomorrow, or you're just out from the exam hall. If you're the latter, gosh you're too nervous. Just enjoy the holiday okay?!?! If you're the former, stop your googling, and sleep earlier and don't drink a lot the night before taking your exam. Because what you'll read later in this post is about a dumb girl who drank gallons of water ended up with super duper puffy face on Dday. You don't want this to happen because you want to take pretty pictures. Keep googling wouldn't help you in any way. Just relax, stay calm, have your breakfast before going to school. Make sure your phone is full of battery so you can take tons of picture. Remember, cherish the friends you're going to see on the result day. They are the people you'll cherish for the rest of your life. The result ain't everything. It's just SPM, it's just a result. You'll see my poooooor result later on, and here I am, surviving well in university. SPM ain't everything remember. Do not get too depressed from it. What's more important is your life right now, and future. Think well about your future, not keep on regret or disappoint on your SPM result. Now, you can move on to read now.********

It's the big day. SPM result day.
After blogging yesterday, I even watched We Got Married. hahaha. Turns out I slept at around 2am. And I drank too much water, I woke up with puffy face!! lol

Eunice, Esther and I had breakfast at K7, then we walked to school. As nearer to school, my hearts pumps faster. So freaking nervous!
We arrived at school at around 10:50am, yet haven't start anything. Sat in canteen, met friends and chatted hahaha. Finally go into hall at 11-ish.

So many subjects' result drop. Almost every subject had dropped. 19 straight As this year, last year was only 5 haha. Good job and congratulations everyone!!!!!

Selfca with Ying Ying in hall.

OMG look at that fucking puffy eyes and face!!!!!

Finally, rush to canteen and find our teacher to get result slip.
OMG You wouldn't know how hot and nervous was I at that time. So freaking, freaking nervous. I saw others' slips, so I know English is the second result, so I just kept eye on second row.
It's nerve wrecking when teacher kept flipping the slips and you saw your name and subjects but not result!!!!

When it's me, A+ for English!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
I didn't expect for this to be honest!!!! I thought B+ or A is my best!!!!!! BUT I GOT THE FUCKING A+!!!!!!

Then I called parents, no one was too nervous nor happy wtf hahaha.
Eunice reminded me that the 1119 result is at the left down side of slip, I read it and realised I got 1A for it too!!!
OMG Who on earth would wish for A+ when she wrote 11 pages for description story, which is just a fucking boring farewell party for teacher!!!!
I always thought I've wrote too much again, I didn't even have time to read and check my grammar and story omg! And I thought I had no climax in the story which made the whole story boring!!
Can I get my paper back so I can read it again? I never hand in an essay that I can't even finish reading before hahaha!

To every English teachers and tuition teachers, I didn't let you guys down! I got A+ for English! Hahahaha!!

So freaking happy!!!

I know this result is very very bad to most of the students, but 1A2B4C1D1G, this result is good to me.
At least I've got improvement. I know how much I work hard, very little, but yet I still see the improvement to the subjects that I've been working on, so I'm okay with it!

We went out to celebrate(??) at sutera!! Our driver today is our dearest Ms Mong, Wen Wen!
Still puffy eyes, wtffff.
Esther is not in the picture because we just arrived her house haha!

We had lunch together, and went to a big size boutique. I even tried on dress omggg.
My last wearing dress was when I was in primary school perhaps, like 8 or 9 when I was attending wedding. Other than that, school uniform dress that is.

At night, went to U dessert with Esther and Jin Xiang. We was going to discuss about school at first, but we just kept eating and gossiping!
Back to Taman U, picked Khang Zheng up and go Agus! Puyuh is really taste just like fried chicken, believe me please. Why no one wants to eat it T.T
Have to finish almost the whole plate, thankfully Khang Zheng ate some haha! I was overfull!

I shouldn't say that right? If I didn't spit it out, then no one would be unhappy...If I just kept it in heart, no one would be angry...
Sorry guys... =(((

Yeah, saw him, and yeah. haha. What to say?.. I don't dare to look at him hahahaha. wtf me.

Yiipppeeeee I'm a happy who-just-got-result girl!!!

Lastly, shoutout to all the teachers who had helped me all along the learning road.
--Pn Radiah, 2 years Science teacher, class teacher, who always forgives our mistakes and never scold us. Walaupun saya x dpt A, tapi cikgu saya dpt B! Sudah baik dari biasa!
--Ms Cheong, 2 years English teacher. Thank you for teaching us patiently, and thank you for all those teaching and advices, I know you said I'm always in the box when it comes to essays. That is my main and biggest problem. Even though I don't know if I overcome it but thankfully I got A+ for English!!
--Sir Hock Ming, 2 years and half tuition teacher. Hahahaha, all I can say is thank you for letting us learning English in such a happy atmosphere! Your class is awesome, relax but still can learn things! Those conversation listening exercise are awesome, I like it a lot haha!
--Mrs Kho, kindergarten teacher, 7-8 years tuition teacher. Even though we don't contact at all these years, but you always is my dearest teacher and I proudly announce that I got A+ for English, I'm still in that standard back when primary school!
--Ms Lee, 2 years mathematics tuition teacher. Ms Lee, even though I didn't reach your target, B, but I still got C!!! I failed so many times in these years omg! I always absent your class and don't do your homework, I'm so sorry for that but your teaching is fun! I've learnt so much in your class!
--BM Lee, 2 years and half BM tuition teacher. Sorry teacher that I didn't persistent enough to keep tuitioning to form 5. But that 2 years, I've learned a lot too! You're really a cool teacher!

The list still goes on but it would be too much if I keep on writing! In conclusion, thank you to every teacher who had taught me in school and the tuition teachers!

I'm really satisfied with my result. You reap what you sow. My hard work=result now. So I won't complain anything.

Congratulations to all everyone!!!

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