Friday, April 26, 2013


I finally got my sijil perhentian corrected, I got everything prepared, I'll register next Monday.
Southern university college is my final choice. I'm taking foundation in arts, then bachelor in English.
I wanted to take diploma in English at the first place, but then the person in charge recommended me the foundation course, it saves time and money. So, I'm taking her advice.

After everything, I decided to follow my interest on picking the course. My friends all said you shouldn't study the thing you like, but something benefit you in future. Course that can ensure your future, that can earn money, that can ensure you get a job as soon as you graduated.
I heard it, I understood it. That's why I said I want to take business study. It's a course that can fully ensure your future. You definitely can get a job with that.

But my dad, he kept telling me that I should go for the course I like, I'm interested in. He said, most of the people now, their job has no relationship with what they studied in college or in university. Then he set up 2 examples, my cousin sister who studied hotel management, she worked in hotel for few years after she graduated. But now she works in a company, I forgot what's her position but nothing with hotel management at all.
One of my uncle who studied civil engineering, but now he works in a company that process iron.

He actually wants me to take cooking course since I'm interested in it and it definitely ensure your future as well. He also wants me to learn how to cook nasi dagang, because he always wanted to "import" the Terengganu food to Johor! Nasi dagang, kerepok lekor, the little bun etc. -.-
He said, study in college is just increasing our knowledge. Now, most of the employer want workers with experienced instead of a person with certificate but no knowledge at all.
Certificate is still important, but it isn't everything.

He told me not to listen to my friends, don't follow friends just because don't want to separate with friends. Because I'm the kind who can't live without friends -.-
I just don't dare to meet new people, new things.

After a night of thinking, I decided to take English course. Firstly, English is always my best subject.
I wanted to be a teacher since I was small. I kinda meant it, really. During these 4 months staying at home, I actually really hope to be a teacher, even though for few months. But my laziness beats everything! Haha.
Having an English certificate, I can be a teacher, either in schools or tuition centers. I can also work in magazine office.
Or, as my dad says, go back to Terengganu and learn how to cook lol!

So, that's my decision. Taking course in English. I know some people are shocked when I said I want to study in Southern university college as it isn't a famous college. But it is near to my house, and the fees aren't too expensive lol!
Some suggested to study in Singapore. The fee is too high as well as the living cost. I can't afford it.
Some are supportive because I'm taking English course.
Well, we can't tell our future by now. So, don't worry too much about future! Living now is what important.

❤I really dislike people who can't fulfill their promises. Promise is promise, it is something you promise. You should've do it, not breaking the promise at the eleventh hour. As I always say, "promise" is a big word.
When you promise others, they will raise high hope on it, or rely on you, on your promise. But suddenly you say you can't fulfill it, moreover not directly to that person, but through others.
Damn, no one like that, alright?!

❤Having a BBQ party tomorrow! Because my parents are away from home again! Just like last year lol. They are going to KL, for interclub golf competition.

❤The background song is actually very sad, Officially Missing You from Akdong Musician. The original singer is Tamia. I prefer Akdong's version because they changed to lyrics to Korean, and the song is dedicated to the contestants in K-Pop Star season 2.

❤I actually can read a little Hangul. But I need time. I can't read it right away when I see it. But even though I can read it, I don't understand too lol.
I started learning by reading Running Man member's name, then slowly remember the word. I found a Korean dictionary at home so I copy some of them down, by the way I learnt a lot. We had Korean dictionary because few years back then my mum has Korean friends, really Korean, because of the daughter of the family came here for her golf career.
I was so regretted that if I learned Korean earlier or they stay here longer, I may dare to speak with them in Korean. But they are in Korea now lol.

[하나둘 곁을 떠나가는
아마도 다른 사람으로 만날
Oh please tell me why'd you have to go
Cause this pain I feel it won't go away]
---Officially Missing You by 악동뮤지션

Sunday, April 14, 2013


The week is gonna end tomorrow! But I've been going out in this week, out with friends like 3 days already lol!

First, on Monday, went to Loud Speaker with Eunice and Hui Woon.

No group photo this time lol. Spent 3 hours there and had a lot of fun!!

Then, on Wednesday, went to Sutera Mall and Loud Speaker again. And that day, hell yeah, I was like forced to wear dress lol.
I bought one dress before, on the day we got our SPM result. But I just don't really dare to wear it nor chance for me to wear it. Eunice was at my house Tuesday, so we made decision to Sutera very out of the blue, then she said I have to wear the dress. She even coordinate my bags with the dress lol.

So, I did.
Damn, I'm freaking awkward to be in dress.

And I went with this makeup,

 The eyeliner, they don't match I know. One side is slightly higher and longer than another side. But, I've spent a lot of time on that. I don't do lower eyeliner because it tends to smudge easily.
I need to practice on eyeliner I think. Eyeliner has no shortcut, all you have to do is keep practicing, then you'll find the perfect eyeliner for your eyes. But obviously, I haven't found mine.  =(  I always think my eye makeup actually doesn't really match my eye shape. Damn freaking typical asian eyes, small, monolid.

We sang like 5 hours. We reached there 12:45pm, and it was lunch hour, so only till 2pm I think. We continued and till 5pm. We planned on 6 hours session already lah in fact haha!

This is my very first pic with microphone. lol. I don't know why but seems like every girl to karaoke room sure will take picture with microphone! hahahaa!

Later that night, went out with Esther, Khang Zheng and Jin Xiang. We went to U dessert!
Took this in car. The mystery light literally don't want me to be in the picture wtf. I was still the driver! I'm the only one who got license and allowed to drive. Khang Zheng got license too but he wasn't drive, but he can ride motorcycle?! lol. Esther is still waiting for her test on Monday! FIGHTING!!

After sending the boys back, went to mamak with Esther for girls talk haha!

Then yesterday, went to Bukit Indah to watch Ah Boys to Men II with Esther!! My first time driving to Bukit Indah Jusco hahaha. The movie is awesome! Very very funny!
But the royal popcorn is duh. Tooooo sweet. I can't finish even half of it, just left it there. Yet it is so expensive!!
Later at night, I realized that I missed the We Got Married global version!!!!! OMG Now I have to wait for it to be on internet like other netizens. I should be the one who can watch it first. T.T

 I was trying with eyeliner last week, and ended with this. Will it be too much? There's lower eyeliner. For my nails, it's a gradient set from Etude House, special edition few years ago, read it in magazine then just bought it. Comes with a basic nude colour, and 2 different tones of bronze shimmer.

I was getting emotional few days ago, when I suddenly like, missing everyone from the class lol.
Really miss 5EA1 a lot, a lot. I miss the time when we all just sat at the middle row of class, even though there should be boys' turf. But we always sat there because the fan is just above. I miss the time talking back to teachers but teacher didn't get angry.
I miss the time when teacher is teaching, we made the text a little funny and everyone were laughing. I miss when we actually gossip about our classmate.
I miss talking with the Malays and Indians.
I miss everything, everyone..

Now everyone are pursuing their dreams, or obeying parents' advice going schools they don't like a lot.
Everyone, are not a class anymore. Once we graduated, no contacts with some classmates anymore.
No matter how good we were, we will still lose contact after a while..

Time will fade everything away.. so as our friendship..

What ship never sink? It's friendship!
But seems like some of our friendship is sinking slowly, like titanic...

I just hope, all of us can gather again...

"One by one, they left my side
And we’ll probably meet someone new
Oh please tell me why’d you have to go
Cause this pain I feel it won’t go away
I thought I wouldn’t be sad at all but traces of you still remain
At memories of us laughing and crying together, today I’m officially missing you"
--Officially missing you by Akdong Musician--

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last updated..

So, I went back to Terengganu for Ching-Ming. Spent 3 days there, basically spent time eating whole day long!! We had, like, 6-7 meals everyday. But perhaps just some tea time snacks, but still considered as a meal.

The first day we arrived there, waiting for my dad, I took a selfshot.
 I don't know why my cheeks looks so sick. Like those who are on drugs, so their cheeks were like, super duper hollow cheeks. By the way,  the person behind is my bro. He was sleeping, we were using the same room.

So we just went out shopping, to buy the incenses, fruits, folding paper etc. After dinner, went to aunt's hotel to fold those papers. Even had supper, nasi dagang after that. But not nice one =(

The next day, went to the cemetery. Because there were 10 people, but we had only 1 car, so divided to 2 trips. I was in the first trip, so while we were waiting for others, selfca time again lol.

I didn't take any photos while we were burning incenses or cleaning. That's kinda inauspicious right? So I didn't really dare to take pictures.

Anyways, I finally got the chance to meet my little niece, the son of my cousin sister, Tian Le! He is 5 months old.
He is monolid, which is weird because both his mom and dad are double-eyelid. He has very chubby cheeks and he loves to laugh. When you call his name, he will laugh, super duper cute!!

They are his parents. The photo is blur because I zoomed in to take this. We were in a foot reflexology centre. My mum and bro were massaging.

The girl who wore black stripes clothes is my younger cousin, but we are actually same age. She is now working in a saloon. Thus, we went to her saloon and washed hair lol.

Shiny hair after wash. It felt kinda weird when she was washing my hair. My cousin is washing my hair? What should I do? But turns out I just read magazine lol. I don't know why but I felt strange.

We went back on 31st. After 8 hours journey, finally arrived home!!!

Modbox is out of service now. =( They stop service until the summer, so there will be no reviews until they're back! Let's looking forward to the better Modbox!

I was thinking of writing dairy, but I realize I'm really not a person who can summarize everything lol. I tends to write everything and it'll ends up a long one. I guess I will just stay on writing on phone, recommending the apps, "My wonderful days", dairy apps, can be locked, simple yet easy to use.

The idea of dairy appeared because I realized I can't write anything on blog right? Some very personal things and ideas.

I watched "We Got Married World Edition" yesterday! Kinda funny when Gui Gui and Tacyeon can't really communicate, their language problem is very hard to overcome I guess. The other pair, Lee Hong Gi and Fujii Mina, omg Fujii Mina is so so so cute and pretty! She does speak Korean so no language problem in this pair. I'm looking forward to next episode!

I.... still not sure what course to take, and which school to attend...
Such a failure am I...