Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last updated..

So, I went back to Terengganu for Ching-Ming. Spent 3 days there, basically spent time eating whole day long!! We had, like, 6-7 meals everyday. But perhaps just some tea time snacks, but still considered as a meal.

The first day we arrived there, waiting for my dad, I took a selfshot.
 I don't know why my cheeks looks so sick. Like those who are on drugs, so their cheeks were like, super duper hollow cheeks. By the way,  the person behind is my bro. He was sleeping, we were using the same room.

So we just went out shopping, to buy the incenses, fruits, folding paper etc. After dinner, went to aunt's hotel to fold those papers. Even had supper, nasi dagang after that. But not nice one =(

The next day, went to the cemetery. Because there were 10 people, but we had only 1 car, so divided to 2 trips. I was in the first trip, so while we were waiting for others, selfca time again lol.

I didn't take any photos while we were burning incenses or cleaning. That's kinda inauspicious right? So I didn't really dare to take pictures.

Anyways, I finally got the chance to meet my little niece, the son of my cousin sister, Tian Le! He is 5 months old.
He is monolid, which is weird because both his mom and dad are double-eyelid. He has very chubby cheeks and he loves to laugh. When you call his name, he will laugh, super duper cute!!

They are his parents. The photo is blur because I zoomed in to take this. We were in a foot reflexology centre. My mum and bro were massaging.

The girl who wore black stripes clothes is my younger cousin, but we are actually same age. She is now working in a saloon. Thus, we went to her saloon and washed hair lol.

Shiny hair after wash. It felt kinda weird when she was washing my hair. My cousin is washing my hair? What should I do? But turns out I just read magazine lol. I don't know why but I felt strange.

We went back on 31st. After 8 hours journey, finally arrived home!!!

Modbox is out of service now. =( They stop service until the summer, so there will be no reviews until they're back! Let's looking forward to the better Modbox!

I was thinking of writing dairy, but I realize I'm really not a person who can summarize everything lol. I tends to write everything and it'll ends up a long one. I guess I will just stay on writing on phone, recommending the apps, "My wonderful days", dairy apps, can be locked, simple yet easy to use.

The idea of dairy appeared because I realized I can't write anything on blog right? Some very personal things and ideas.

I watched "We Got Married World Edition" yesterday! Kinda funny when Gui Gui and Tacyeon can't really communicate, their language problem is very hard to overcome I guess. The other pair, Lee Hong Gi and Fujii Mina, omg Fujii Mina is so so so cute and pretty! She does speak Korean so no language problem in this pair. I'm looking forward to next episode!

I.... still not sure what course to take, and which school to attend...
Such a failure am I...

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