Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hiiii guys!

So, I got a few responses from last post. Esther even sms me asking me not to be sad lol.
I'm still kinda loner in the school though. Even though I have a team to work with for English class, but I still think I'm a loner. =/
The team members that I like aren't in the same class with me on Monday and Tuesday. Besides, I think they have their own friend or group. So I'm just gonna continue to be alone in the school. But who cares, I'm not sad!

Last Thursday I had my very first English class. First impression to the teacher wasn't quite nice to be honest, but once she spoke, omg I like her accent! Kinda British but not totally British, it's like between US and UK accent but it's comfortable.
She said she studied bachelor degree in English in China. OMG. She even impersonated China accent, Indian accent, US accent, UK accent but not really, it's really weird when she tried to speak like British. That's totally doesn't like UK accent though.

She said when she was our age, she learned English by talking to herself, using English. When I heard she saying this, I was smiling brightly. OMG Finally! Someone who do the exactly thing with me!! She didn't have the environment, so she created a environment. OMG I never thought anyone will do the exact same thing with me, seriously.

The reason she chose to study in English was because she was interested in this language.
Seriously, is it possible for student and teacher have so many similarities in common? I really like this teacher!

She let us wrote a 350 words essay about ourselves in 1 hour. I done it within 1 hour. But not much words, like 370-380 words only. I didn't know how to write about myself! But I wrote about me overweight(lol), my role model Demi Lovato, and I have the same method to learn with her and I'm also interested in this language and my ambition, becoming an English teacher because I enjoy teaching. I do enjoy teaching friends lol.

She then gave us assignment, to learn 2 tenses, after 2 weeks, we have to teach it in front of everybody. Our team was the simplest one, simple present tense and past tense. I was so relieved when I saw that, because I have no idea what is future tense haha!!!
But she said she will choose those who shines. I was like, damn, I'm doomed.
I shouldn't write I enjoy teaching!!! I have to prepare to go on stage I think. I should've written that I have stage fright as well. Damnn!

Today having account class and mathematics. I think I'll be doomed in accounting, seriously, I don't know what the lecturer is saying, all I know is some terms that appeared in EA lol. I have to work hard on this subject. ><
Mathematics is the same thing too actually. 3 hours class is very torturing. I have no idea what lecturer is saying too, I don't understand so I just kept on copying as he wrote every solutions.
I really hate numbers. But damn, most of my class is numbers. I have statistics class tomorrow  T.T

 It's getting late, I'm gonna sleep... freaking sleepy><
Just hope tomorrow won't yawn as much as today><

Right from the start, you were a thief,
you stole my heart.
And I, your willing victim..
---Just give me a reason by P!nk & Nate Ruess---

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It's higher education season now. Form 6 has started school, diploma started 1 month ago, second batch are starting now.
Me myself, second batch of foundation class, started class on Monday.
The first day was okay, orientation in the hall for about 3-4 hours. Nothing but boring throughout the whole time. I felt very sleepy haha. Went back home at around 12-ish.

Tuesday was my first school day, had prinsip account class and mathematics class. Acc class was okay because the lecturer didn't teach anything, he only let us introduce ourself by saying our names and from where. Me and another girl are the only 2 from Taman Universiti! 1 Singaporean in my class 어머.
After class, a girl shook hand with me and say, "Hi, you're from Taman Universiti!" She's from SMK Desa. She's petite and very cute lol.

But I don't know how should I do in future.. I never learn about account before..

The mathematics class was tiring. First, due to the early end of acc class, everyone were earlier to the maths class. I went into class 15 minutes before but the lecturer has already writing notes on the whiteboard. Once I sat down, just kept copying. Second, this is my first time having Indian teacher teaching maths. Weird feeling lol.
3 hours of maths made me extra sleepy. At the end of the class, he gave us assignment to do. I done it in the class. But I felt helpless. I don't know why.
In 5EA1, when I'm done, usually Wen Wen and others has already done. Then I'll proceed to check answers with them. But in this class, I'm not dare to check answer with the girl beside me. I just done it, looking blankly to the front, rewinding memories in secondary school..
But then the girl beside me checked my answer and pointed out my wrong. But her final answer was wrong too..oops. I didn't have the chance to tell her because after I recalculating, the lecturer announced that the class is over. oops

Today, statistics class. It was originally 3 hours, but lecturer ended the class after 1 hour omg. Extra boring because yesterday the maths class has learned statistics, today's class is basically exactly the same thing with yesterday.

After these 2 days of class, I kinda felt helpless lol..
Do I look very scary when I'm not smiling? Today the girl beside me kept look at me but don't dare to speak with me. I knew she's looking at me but she didn't say anything.

Having no friends in school, is it weird? Yesterday a girl asked me am I alone in this school. I said yes, and she asked why didn't attend with friends. I said some going form 6, some going other schools, some in this school but different course.

I'm basically the loner in the class lol. I always sat at the seat beside the door because that seat always empty when I got in the class. Sometimes it really felt awkward being alone in the class because when lecturer haven't come in class, everyone were talking but I'm looking outside blankly, or look at the timetable or look at nails.

I know some people wants to quit form 6 because they felt it is hard.
Hey, me too. I have statistics, account, mathematics, sociology, moral and English class. Most of them are maths, involving my fear, numbers.
But what can I do? I felt regret for choosing foundation over diploma of English, but I've already chose it . All I can do is continue it.
Hard? Please, everything about maths is hard for me, moreover acc is something I never touched before which makes me extremely afraid of.
But I'll overcome it, try to understand it.
Most of you, the form 6 students around me have friends in school. I have no one. I'm basically the loner. But no friends doesn't stop you from learning!

Have you ever felt embarrassed when you walked in the class alone and everybody are looking at you? Ever tried you don't know where to sit so you'll just sit at the seat nearest to the door to avoid embarrassed feeling of looking for empty seat?
When lecturer speaking you felt sleepy but suddenly memories in secondary school flash in your mind?
This is the life I'm living. And yet this is my second school day. I have 1 year to go.

Don't complain, embrace what you've chosen. Decisions shouldn't be made recklessly. Think carefully, speak with your family before making any major decisions.
Don't regret about any decisions you made.

I do miss my form 5 life more than usual in class. But I'm a college student now. I have to grow. Yes I'm a loner, so what? Life's still going on. Earth is still spinning. I'm still living and I still have to live in future. Try to look at the bright side.

I have my first English class tomorrow and I'm very looking forward to it!!! My favourite class!!

Guys... I miss you all..

I thought I wouldn’t be sad at all but traces of you still remain
At memories of us laughing and crying together,
Today I’m officially missing you

Ooh can’t nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do
Hey baby, said it stays on my mind
And I-I’m officially missing you
I’m officially missing you
---Officially missing you by Akdong Musician---

Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm going to start my college day on Monday, freaking nervous about it..
It's like 6 months since I really write something, or read something educational, not novels. OMGGGggggggg
And I watched a lot Korean drama/variety show, listen to many K pop songs in these 6 months. Korean basically is the second language that I listen to other than Chinese. I don't even watch Glee anymore since last year, I don't watch YouTube videos that much too, only watch specified channels, like Michelle Phan's and Bubzbeauty's. My English had degraded a lottttt. [But sad enough, still good enough to understand horror movie's speech during the trailers time before movie. Fuck. Freaked me out.]

After starting college, I can't sleep as late as I want to anymore right...gosh

If Michelle Phan is the inspiration of my makeup artist/guru dream, then Demi Lovato is the most inspired person in my life.
I used to hate myself, but Demi's braveness to share her story, she inspire me. As long as you're happy, no matter how you look, that's okay. You don't have to be perfect, don't have to get that perfect 36-24-26 figure. So many girls sacrifice their health to get that figure, but at the end you lost your health. What's the point?
Like Bubz says, don't think like, "ahh, I can't eat this, I can't eat that" to lose weight. Instead, you shall think like, "I'm gonna eat healthier, I'm gonna lead a healthy lifestyle." When you live a healthier lifestyle, your weight will lost eventually afterwards. Don't push yourself to the very limit.

But I'm doing anything to lose weight lol. I tried a little by little. After hearing Bubz's words, I realize that positive thinking is way much better than relying other sources.
I tried medicine before, yes they are very effective but they have side effects. Even though I don't have any side effects when I ate them, but medicine is definitely not healthy to us.

I used to have supper sometimes at the night because I stayed up to very late and I'll get hungry. Now I'll try to tell myself not to eat anything, though it's kinda unbelievable for me lol. At least I tried.

Thinking back, I'm kinda easy to change my eating habit. When I was small, like 1st or 2nd grade in elementary school, I used to have 2 bowls of rice. lol.
But my mum scolded me. =((
So I changed. No matter what, I won't eat more than 1 bowl of rice, except with curry gravy lol.
I used to lead a really bad lifestyle. Back then my family's economic status was slightly better than now. My dad loves to bring us to those hotels to have buffet on weekend morning. He also used to bring us to have supper since I was in kindergarten. I learned the word supper from him, and in the class, I mixed supper with super lol.
My parents just let we eat whatever we want, or only me perhaps. My bro was veryyy skinny back then. But now... lol.

Changing lifestyle isn't easy. But it's better to us. Bubz is getting married in August this month, that's why she changes her lifestyle. She loved ramen/instant noodles before, but now she only eats once in a month. Her menu everyday is basically boiled chicken breast, eggs, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes or other vegetables. Every Saturday is the free day, when she can eats whatever she want to.

The menu is tough. You'll get bored easily lol. But healthy is the point. Try to skip fried foods and fast foods and ramen. Though they are VERY delicious.
I'll try my best too. I know I'm getting bigger and bigger as I grow lol.

I can read Hangul, but I can't write it.  /.\
When I listen to lyrics, I tried to type it but I got the words wrong. lol.

I change my song list again! 3 songs, [I love you], [Confessions of foreigner], [Ring ding dong] by Akdong Musician. I really love them!!!  ❤

이 사람 참 괜챃단 말이야~

I love you you you~
---I love you by악동뮤지션---

Monday, May 13, 2013


Happy mother's day to every mothers in the world! My family doesn't celebrate events except birthday lol.

Anyways, we went to City Square today because my bro wanted to buy shorts.  /.\
I bought a few things too!

Etude house!!! Because it's their 5th anniversary this year, they are running buy 1 free 1 in the weekend! I'm not sure if it's every weekend or not, but I saw comment on their facebook saying this will be run every weekend in May.

I wanted to grab moisturizing cream. I'm using Mary Kay moisturizing cream in number 2 which is for normal skin. But it's not enough for my skin, my skin is pretty dry these days. And I remembered I watched a Taiwan show, the hostess went to Korea, Etude House and recommended a very moisturizing cream and suitable for dry skin. I went on Googled it but no answer.
I browsed Etude House's website, realize that Krystal and Sulli are the speakperson of the brand, no wonder Etude House sponsored [To the Beautiful you] and their face cream appeared in the show, fell from the desk by Hannah lol.

Anyways, the sales assistant recommends me some product, one with whitening and another one is aloe vera. My skin is pretty thin and sensitive so I'm not really suitable to use whitening product. So, I picked out the aloe vera one.
It's moistfull aloe cream from moistfull aloe line. It comes with a small spatula and a sample size of the moistfull aloe first essence.  This is RM79.9/50ml
The first essence should be applied before toner. So your routine should be:
Cleanser-->first essence-->toner-->moisturizer.

Due to the buy 1 free 1 event, I got to pick another product. I thought the free product is selected item or the same item. But it's actually storewide! That means you can pick whatever product you want. But in the 2 products, if one is more expensive than another one, then you'll have to pay for the expensive one.

For the another product, I chose

Wonder pore freshner from Wonder Pore line. It's RM79.9/500ml.
I saw this in a blogger's post, [Skincare product that must buy in Korea]. The list included pretty much products from different brand, but this is the only Etude House product in the list if I remember it right. This can be used as toner, which will control the oil, and minimizing your pores. You can also use it as a spray mist if you put this into those little spray bottle.

I love the pump's design. Just put the cotton pad on it, pump for twice then you're good to go. Hassle-free. Hygienic. Like those nail polish remover.

So I just pay RM79.9 for these 2 products and the recycle bag! lol

Then we headed to KSL too. I bought a purse. XDDDD
This is the purse I'm using:
It has 2 "pockets" and a coin "pocket". I don't know what it called but I know you get what I mean. =D
p/s: Forgive the High School Musical ticket. I know most of the people put their photos, or family or friends' picture there but I put HSM. I wanted to remind myself how I used to be crazy into HSM and never forget HSM lol.

The new purse looks like this:

I don't know what the colour called but from what I Google translate from Chinese, it's called light tan, 駝色.

It has 3 pockets and 2 pockets for coins.

But I can't put cards on the bottom side because the "button" there. DAMNNNN.
I neglected that point. One of the important thing when I buy purse is enough spaces for cards, as I have many member cards. 어머어머

Last but not least, ootd of a extremely fat but somehow confident Asian.

I HATE DOING HAIR.. not to mention I lost all my bobbin pins and left only 1. Have to think how to do with 1 bobbin pin lol. Braided it and pinned to the back.

--------7 days to my college school day. 너무긴장해...

Monday, May 6, 2013

13th General Election

First of all, I'm not a voter, for sure, as I'm only 18 this year.

So, as everyone knows, yesterday, 5th May 2013, is the 13th Malaysia General Election, aka GE13.
Voters can vote from 8am to 5pm. After that, votes will be count at 5:30pm.

I woke up at around 12pm yesterday, when I went downstairs, my dad was lying on the sofa and browsing Facebook, lol.
When he saw me, he showed me his finger, "See!".
I was like, what? His finger was clean, nothing special.
Then he said he voted already. I was like, "what?" again.
He washed his finger, the ink just faded. The indelible ink is actually delible.

Then I started to browse Facebook, lots of status and photos showing they voted already.
I saw a picture of vote paper on Facebook. Uploaded by a Malay woman, shared by a lot of people. On the vote paper, you can clearly see the cross on BN box.
Then I went to instagram, search #GE13, then I saw this picture too.
Again, it's from a Malay. I seriously don't know why can they take picture in the voting room. You are not suppose to take picture right? That's illegal right? But why no one take any actions in the room, yet still letting them take picture, then upload to social media.

If he kept this picture in phone, then maybe that's alright.
But he uploaded to Instagram, to social media.
Voting should be secret. Now you're showing your vote to the entire world. Where's the secret?

At around 6:30pm, I'm already sitting in front of television, browsing Facebook on phone, lol.
7pm, Astro starting to airing those analysis live show. I watched Astro AEC.
They kept talking, talking, talking, but no results out at all. I don't know why counting votes have to take so many time.
Around 8pm, I can't log on Domino's website, lol. I have to drive to Dominos to takeaway.
There aren't a lot of cars on the road, I think everyone is staying at home waiting for the result.

I kept waiting for the results, slowly, the Sarawak, Sabah, Penang's results were out.
Still waiting, waiting..

I went to bath, I didn't watch TV from 10:30-11:30. After I came out, I saw Facebook with blackout messages.
So here's the thing, BN was losing 1k++ votes, suddenly blackout, then magically appeared few boxes of votes. After counting, BN won 300++ votes.
What the hell happened during the blackout time?! Magic?

12:50am, 6th May 2013, BN won. Ubah didn't success..

This GE taught us a lot of things.
1. You have to blackout if you want to perform magic.
2. During a blackout, everything can happen. If you want more money in your wallet, just close the light first.
3. Your common Mathematics knowledge can't be applied in this GE.
4. Bangladeshi are important to Malaysia. Not only because they work here, they are also voters in Malaysia.
5. If you want to get the blue IC easily, immigrate to Bangladesh first, then immigrate to Malaysia again, sure you'll get blue IC and some money.
6. Our prime minister is actually a magician.

This GE has gathered the teenagers' attention to politics. Not much teenagers care about politics before, because we'll think, "ahh, we're still studying, we're still young, the politics is none of our business."
But this time, everyone's attention is on GE. Because this is our country, this is our home. We want the best for our home.
But the results, it's really disappointing.. Not the results disappointed us, but the process from voting, to results revealed is disappointing..
The government is disappointing..

People say don't give up, we have 21 days to appeal, there might be a change in this 21 days.
But guys, that might not be so easy to appeal.. The government side sure will drag the whole thing until 21days passed.

This time we can't ubah, next time. Next election, we the 90s kids are eligible to vote. We should vote smartly.  UBAH!!

I cried when I heard this song..

外劳投票  突然多了选票箱  邮寄选票清一色投给某一个政党  算票快结束了才送选票箱
以上情况是在其他国家大选看不到的  马来西亚独家拥有 ONLY IN MALAYSIA™  COPYRIGHT TO MALAYSIA
所有新闻被压下来  坚持没有外劳投票 坚持选举是公平的    这是我们的首相说的
怎么可以看着身穿深蓝色衣服的飙车党 拿着大大的阻碍视线的旗子飙车  警察却视而不见?
马来西亚  怎么了?

一个选举 让人民看清楚某个党派的手段
一个选举 让马来西亚瞬间红了   外国新闻都在报道 我们的选举 严重的舞弊现象
这次某个党派玩尽了手段  以后人民会服吗?

你赢了国家  却输了人民的心  人民的信任
一国之首  最重要的就是获得人民的信任  你现在少了这样  还能继续执政?
你的良心在哪里?  到底是国家发展重要  还是你的荷包重要?

只可惜马来西亚的民主  在5th May 2013已经死亡  再也看不见民主了

原来只要停电  你可以心想事成

很谢谢外国人  外国艺人对马来西亚的支持 和关心
只可惜 我们人民输给了舞弊..

There's no such word "DEMOCRACY" in Malaysian anymore.
The election is not an election, it's just a show that runs by a politic party, showing how they win by cheating.




灯光熄灭了 音乐静止了 滴下的眼泪已停不住了 
天下起雨了 人是不快乐 我的心真的受伤了

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Well, well, the travel plan is canceled. Aigu, we should've do research earlier. The bigger the expectations, the bigger the disappointment isn't?!!?

Nothing else to say, haha.. I can't deny I'm really really disappointed, again..
Seems like every time, when it comes to travel, nothing will make it. I, uhmm.. don't know what to say anymore haha.

The moral of the story is, do research when it comes to a big plan.

So I guess I'll just continuing staying at home until 20th of May. The day that I'll be attend to college.

5th of May is a huge day to Malaysian. I'm underage to vote yet, but I hope everyone who qualified to vote, please, go and vote. Don't waste your vote. Do decisions smartly. Every Malaysian hopes for a better future, a better nation.


Alright, I'll get over the travel thing. Well, we're still young right?!!? We still have a lot of time in future! We can go another time, not have to be this time right?

Happy birthday to Li Ping!!!!!!생일축하합니다!!  축하해요! ❤