Monday, May 6, 2013

13th General Election

First of all, I'm not a voter, for sure, as I'm only 18 this year.

So, as everyone knows, yesterday, 5th May 2013, is the 13th Malaysia General Election, aka GE13.
Voters can vote from 8am to 5pm. After that, votes will be count at 5:30pm.

I woke up at around 12pm yesterday, when I went downstairs, my dad was lying on the sofa and browsing Facebook, lol.
When he saw me, he showed me his finger, "See!".
I was like, what? His finger was clean, nothing special.
Then he said he voted already. I was like, "what?" again.
He washed his finger, the ink just faded. The indelible ink is actually delible.

Then I started to browse Facebook, lots of status and photos showing they voted already.
I saw a picture of vote paper on Facebook. Uploaded by a Malay woman, shared by a lot of people. On the vote paper, you can clearly see the cross on BN box.
Then I went to instagram, search #GE13, then I saw this picture too.
Again, it's from a Malay. I seriously don't know why can they take picture in the voting room. You are not suppose to take picture right? That's illegal right? But why no one take any actions in the room, yet still letting them take picture, then upload to social media.

If he kept this picture in phone, then maybe that's alright.
But he uploaded to Instagram, to social media.
Voting should be secret. Now you're showing your vote to the entire world. Where's the secret?

At around 6:30pm, I'm already sitting in front of television, browsing Facebook on phone, lol.
7pm, Astro starting to airing those analysis live show. I watched Astro AEC.
They kept talking, talking, talking, but no results out at all. I don't know why counting votes have to take so many time.
Around 8pm, I can't log on Domino's website, lol. I have to drive to Dominos to takeaway.
There aren't a lot of cars on the road, I think everyone is staying at home waiting for the result.

I kept waiting for the results, slowly, the Sarawak, Sabah, Penang's results were out.
Still waiting, waiting..

I went to bath, I didn't watch TV from 10:30-11:30. After I came out, I saw Facebook with blackout messages.
So here's the thing, BN was losing 1k++ votes, suddenly blackout, then magically appeared few boxes of votes. After counting, BN won 300++ votes.
What the hell happened during the blackout time?! Magic?

12:50am, 6th May 2013, BN won. Ubah didn't success..

This GE taught us a lot of things.
1. You have to blackout if you want to perform magic.
2. During a blackout, everything can happen. If you want more money in your wallet, just close the light first.
3. Your common Mathematics knowledge can't be applied in this GE.
4. Bangladeshi are important to Malaysia. Not only because they work here, they are also voters in Malaysia.
5. If you want to get the blue IC easily, immigrate to Bangladesh first, then immigrate to Malaysia again, sure you'll get blue IC and some money.
6. Our prime minister is actually a magician.

This GE has gathered the teenagers' attention to politics. Not much teenagers care about politics before, because we'll think, "ahh, we're still studying, we're still young, the politics is none of our business."
But this time, everyone's attention is on GE. Because this is our country, this is our home. We want the best for our home.
But the results, it's really disappointing.. Not the results disappointed us, but the process from voting, to results revealed is disappointing..
The government is disappointing..

People say don't give up, we have 21 days to appeal, there might be a change in this 21 days.
But guys, that might not be so easy to appeal.. The government side sure will drag the whole thing until 21days passed.

This time we can't ubah, next time. Next election, we the 90s kids are eligible to vote. We should vote smartly.  UBAH!!

I cried when I heard this song..

外劳投票  突然多了选票箱  邮寄选票清一色投给某一个政党  算票快结束了才送选票箱
以上情况是在其他国家大选看不到的  马来西亚独家拥有 ONLY IN MALAYSIA™  COPYRIGHT TO MALAYSIA
所有新闻被压下来  坚持没有外劳投票 坚持选举是公平的    这是我们的首相说的
怎么可以看着身穿深蓝色衣服的飙车党 拿着大大的阻碍视线的旗子飙车  警察却视而不见?
马来西亚  怎么了?

一个选举 让人民看清楚某个党派的手段
一个选举 让马来西亚瞬间红了   外国新闻都在报道 我们的选举 严重的舞弊现象
这次某个党派玩尽了手段  以后人民会服吗?

你赢了国家  却输了人民的心  人民的信任
一国之首  最重要的就是获得人民的信任  你现在少了这样  还能继续执政?
你的良心在哪里?  到底是国家发展重要  还是你的荷包重要?

只可惜马来西亚的民主  在5th May 2013已经死亡  再也看不见民主了

原来只要停电  你可以心想事成

很谢谢外国人  外国艺人对马来西亚的支持 和关心
只可惜 我们人民输给了舞弊..

There's no such word "DEMOCRACY" in Malaysian anymore.
The election is not an election, it's just a show that runs by a politic party, showing how they win by cheating.




灯光熄灭了 音乐静止了 滴下的眼泪已停不住了 
天下起雨了 人是不快乐 我的心真的受伤了

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