Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm going to start my college day on Monday, freaking nervous about it..
It's like 6 months since I really write something, or read something educational, not novels. OMGGGggggggg
And I watched a lot Korean drama/variety show, listen to many K pop songs in these 6 months. Korean basically is the second language that I listen to other than Chinese. I don't even watch Glee anymore since last year, I don't watch YouTube videos that much too, only watch specified channels, like Michelle Phan's and Bubzbeauty's. My English had degraded a lottttt. [But sad enough, still good enough to understand horror movie's speech during the trailers time before movie. Fuck. Freaked me out.]

After starting college, I can't sleep as late as I want to anymore right...gosh

If Michelle Phan is the inspiration of my makeup artist/guru dream, then Demi Lovato is the most inspired person in my life.
I used to hate myself, but Demi's braveness to share her story, she inspire me. As long as you're happy, no matter how you look, that's okay. You don't have to be perfect, don't have to get that perfect 36-24-26 figure. So many girls sacrifice their health to get that figure, but at the end you lost your health. What's the point?
Like Bubz says, don't think like, "ahh, I can't eat this, I can't eat that" to lose weight. Instead, you shall think like, "I'm gonna eat healthier, I'm gonna lead a healthy lifestyle." When you live a healthier lifestyle, your weight will lost eventually afterwards. Don't push yourself to the very limit.

But I'm doing anything to lose weight lol. I tried a little by little. After hearing Bubz's words, I realize that positive thinking is way much better than relying other sources.
I tried medicine before, yes they are very effective but they have side effects. Even though I don't have any side effects when I ate them, but medicine is definitely not healthy to us.

I used to have supper sometimes at the night because I stayed up to very late and I'll get hungry. Now I'll try to tell myself not to eat anything, though it's kinda unbelievable for me lol. At least I tried.

Thinking back, I'm kinda easy to change my eating habit. When I was small, like 1st or 2nd grade in elementary school, I used to have 2 bowls of rice. lol.
But my mum scolded me. =((
So I changed. No matter what, I won't eat more than 1 bowl of rice, except with curry gravy lol.
I used to lead a really bad lifestyle. Back then my family's economic status was slightly better than now. My dad loves to bring us to those hotels to have buffet on weekend morning. He also used to bring us to have supper since I was in kindergarten. I learned the word supper from him, and in the class, I mixed supper with super lol.
My parents just let we eat whatever we want, or only me perhaps. My bro was veryyy skinny back then. But now... lol.

Changing lifestyle isn't easy. But it's better to us. Bubz is getting married in August this month, that's why she changes her lifestyle. She loved ramen/instant noodles before, but now she only eats once in a month. Her menu everyday is basically boiled chicken breast, eggs, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes or other vegetables. Every Saturday is the free day, when she can eats whatever she want to.

The menu is tough. You'll get bored easily lol. But healthy is the point. Try to skip fried foods and fast foods and ramen. Though they are VERY delicious.
I'll try my best too. I know I'm getting bigger and bigger as I grow lol.

I can read Hangul, but I can't write it.  /.\
When I listen to lyrics, I tried to type it but I got the words wrong. lol.

I change my song list again! 3 songs, [I love you], [Confessions of foreigner], [Ring ding dong] by Akdong Musician. I really love them!!!  ❤

이 사람 참 괜챃단 말이야~

I love you you you~
---I love you by악동뮤지션---

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