Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hiiii guys!

So, I got a few responses from last post. Esther even sms me asking me not to be sad lol.
I'm still kinda loner in the school though. Even though I have a team to work with for English class, but I still think I'm a loner. =/
The team members that I like aren't in the same class with me on Monday and Tuesday. Besides, I think they have their own friend or group. So I'm just gonna continue to be alone in the school. But who cares, I'm not sad!

Last Thursday I had my very first English class. First impression to the teacher wasn't quite nice to be honest, but once she spoke, omg I like her accent! Kinda British but not totally British, it's like between US and UK accent but it's comfortable.
She said she studied bachelor degree in English in China. OMG. She even impersonated China accent, Indian accent, US accent, UK accent but not really, it's really weird when she tried to speak like British. That's totally doesn't like UK accent though.

She said when she was our age, she learned English by talking to herself, using English. When I heard she saying this, I was smiling brightly. OMG Finally! Someone who do the exactly thing with me!! She didn't have the environment, so she created a environment. OMG I never thought anyone will do the exact same thing with me, seriously.

The reason she chose to study in English was because she was interested in this language.
Seriously, is it possible for student and teacher have so many similarities in common? I really like this teacher!

She let us wrote a 350 words essay about ourselves in 1 hour. I done it within 1 hour. But not much words, like 370-380 words only. I didn't know how to write about myself! But I wrote about me overweight(lol), my role model Demi Lovato, and I have the same method to learn with her and I'm also interested in this language and my ambition, becoming an English teacher because I enjoy teaching. I do enjoy teaching friends lol.

She then gave us assignment, to learn 2 tenses, after 2 weeks, we have to teach it in front of everybody. Our team was the simplest one, simple present tense and past tense. I was so relieved when I saw that, because I have no idea what is future tense haha!!!
But she said she will choose those who shines. I was like, damn, I'm doomed.
I shouldn't write I enjoy teaching!!! I have to prepare to go on stage I think. I should've written that I have stage fright as well. Damnn!

Today having account class and mathematics. I think I'll be doomed in accounting, seriously, I don't know what the lecturer is saying, all I know is some terms that appeared in EA lol. I have to work hard on this subject. ><
Mathematics is the same thing too actually. 3 hours class is very torturing. I have no idea what lecturer is saying too, I don't understand so I just kept on copying as he wrote every solutions.
I really hate numbers. But damn, most of my class is numbers. I have statistics class tomorrow  T.T

 It's getting late, I'm gonna sleep... freaking sleepy><
Just hope tomorrow won't yawn as much as today><

Right from the start, you were a thief,
you stole my heart.
And I, your willing victim..
---Just give me a reason by P!nk & Nate Ruess---

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