Saturday, May 4, 2013


Well, well, the travel plan is canceled. Aigu, we should've do research earlier. The bigger the expectations, the bigger the disappointment isn't?!!?

Nothing else to say, haha.. I can't deny I'm really really disappointed, again..
Seems like every time, when it comes to travel, nothing will make it. I, uhmm.. don't know what to say anymore haha.

The moral of the story is, do research when it comes to a big plan.

So I guess I'll just continuing staying at home until 20th of May. The day that I'll be attend to college.

5th of May is a huge day to Malaysian. I'm underage to vote yet, but I hope everyone who qualified to vote, please, go and vote. Don't waste your vote. Do decisions smartly. Every Malaysian hopes for a better future, a better nation.


Alright, I'll get over the travel thing. Well, we're still young right?!!? We still have a lot of time in future! We can go another time, not have to be this time right?

Happy birthday to Li Ping!!!!!!생일축하합니다!!  축하해요! ❤

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