Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I don't know why can't I write new post through my laptop. I can go to my blog but it just took forever to loading after I click 'new post'. I'm sure not my Internet problem neither laptop problem, but I just can't access to new post.
Thanks god how smart is smart phone is lol. You can even publish post from phone. Just the keyboard is so much smaller. 
***God lord, I can now log in with laptop already and edited lol.***

So... re-viewing the photos of form5 again. Made me sad... :(

I don't know why, but seems like I miss my form 5 year even more lol. 
Seriously, when I'm dazing in the class, the memories just popped out on my mind. I can't help but keep being like this..

How I miss a gathering. We never have a proper gathering where we all 12 people attend. I love gatherings and I always wanted my class to have a proper gathering. But every time, there'll be like 1 or 2 can't attend due to some reasons. 

If the time can goes back, I will really enjoy my form 5 life, and take as many pictures as I can to keep as memory. I won't be that shy to camera again. How I wish time can flies back...

I saw a photo frame in Sutera mall before, it has a big [friendship] word on it and can fit in like 4-5 pictures perhaps. I want to buy that after I move. I want to hang that on my wall, havin friends' photo on it. 

Yeah, I'm gonna move soon. But still in taman u lah lol. Not too far. Even though I love my house, but we have to move. :(

I found out there's actually people read my tweets. O.O
Yeah I know I have my twitter link on here, but I didn't know my friends will read that!!! I thought no one will read my tweets and I thought my twitter is a safe place. 

Once I know that, I checked my tweets right away. Damn lots of YouTube liked videos links on there lol. Kept scrolling and scrolling, sliding and sliding on my phone, finally saw those statuses. OMGGGG
Felt so shy about it><

The disadvantage of a person who owns many social media accounts. Lol omg. Stalker can comes in anytime!

I'm an Aquarius. Emotions is like riding a roller coaster. Going all the way down anddddddddddd, it's up again.  

Bought a dress for wedding at the end of this month. Ordered shoes online too because my feet is too big that I can't fit in to normal shoes lol. It's like Cinderella' feet, can only fit into specified of shoes lol. 

I wore dress the day went out with Eunice. 

I really don't know why do I have the braveness to show my elephant legs. 

Put on makeup too, of course. I didn't touch my makeup for too long that my eyeliner is being crazy. The product inside is spilling out to the cap, damn.  
I groomed my brows, and I want to say that I think I did a quite good job. At least it doesn't look very strange. Lol. 
I don't even remember when is my last facial visit already. -.-

我其實好累 雖然我一直一直喊累
每天上課都好stress 星期一的時候他們說有一個senior退學了
我也好想.. 但我知道我不能😔

'只要笑一笑, 沒什麼事情過不了! ' --成曉詩(王心凌) in 微笑pasta.😄

아이구, 스트레스!!!!!

I miss you....


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