Saturday, June 8, 2013


Sooooo........... My aunt and her son came to visit us on Monday. My dad brought my cousin and I to Pulai Springs.

We went to the "playroom", which located beside the library.

Well, that room kinda contains a lot of my childhood memories. We used to play in that room...

Most of the paintings on the wall are still the same with what in my memory. But there are also some new painting..

It's just kinda emotional when I went into the room, started to look at every wall and statue, realize how they still here and how they changed.
I'm already 18 now, I used to come here since I was small. It's been so many years..
I used to have a gang of swimming friends, because without making any appointment, we would meet by the swimming pool every weekend. We were friends. But now? *sigh*

We are growing. We are getting older, maturer. We can't act like kid anymore.

But sometimes, let us just be kids, can't we?


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