Monday, June 24, 2013

Mong's birthday 2013.


Today is our karaoke day. We 5EA1 girls, Eunice, Esther, Tang Tang, Mong and me went to loud speaker!! I was the driver that day, freaking afraid because it was literally full seat.
Our motive today was actually to celebrate Mong's birthday!!! It was 1 week advance, and should be a surprise, so she supposed to be know nothing about it, but at the end she knew it I think. -.-



We booked the cake online, 1kg of rilakkuma's head. Fresh cream outside, with chocolate inside. Not too sweet but taste nice. Mong freaking love this cake, she doesn't allow us to touch it's eyes lol. She kept the eyes nicely because they are too cute!

 Today is the day before Mong's birthday, second celebration, hugeeeeee surprise, lotssss of work lol.
Made a card with Eunice, or basically she did the job. My job was to put the crystals on and write my words.
Eunice took this picture with my phone, which didn't focus on the card.  /.\  I forgot to retake the picture. >.<

So around 5pm, went to fetch Tang Tang, we went to Mong's house to prepare everything.
A hugeeeeee THANK YOU to Mong's family for co-operations!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry Qi Qi that we interrupted you watching anime. /.\
The huge project was actually balloons. We bought a 100pc pack balloon. If the amount in the pack is exactly 100pc, we actually blew almost 100 pc. Most of them were done by Eunice. Because Tang Tang and I were scared of balloons, we didn't do much. Qi Qi helped quite a lot too!

After having McDonald's with Ting Ting, we started the job!!

Working in process.....

It took some time to paste the card on lol. I was the person who did nothing but standing there, playing songs, talking. lol.


This is our final project, a heart shape!!! But the heart shape was gone after balloon fell and pasted again...

I'm actually very afraid to be in this environment, I'm afraid that they will burst! 2 of them burst all of sudden, freak me out! >.<
We also made a decision, no balloon surprise anymore. NO MORE.

So after Mong's back, the surprise is success and I record the whole thing down. But I think I shouldn't post it out lol.

 I told you, the shape is gone lol..

Sooo, today is Mong's birthday, she had barbeque party at her house! Mong, QiQi, Esther and me went to Tebrau at the afternoon, QiQi wanted to buy Mong's birthday present. It was OPI at first, but then Mong wanted a mascara. We tried Majolica Majorca, Maybelline, Chanel, Bobbi Brown's mascara. 4 people, 8 eyelashes were all coated with mascara.  /.\          I like the Majolica Majorca's, but then we tried others. By the time Mong decided to take MM's, we have to go back. Have to buy ingredients for party.
I thought Watsons in Tmn U still have MM, I said let's go back and buy. In the end, they removed MM already. O.O
I think they remove it when they last renovated, I didn't realize it and still thinking the MM counter is still there. Sorry Mong  T.T

The party was only her family and us at the first place. But then the relatives were invited too, so quite an amount of people were there.

The cake is sooooo nice. Rich chocolate taste!

 lol, they used the [拉炮].

 With her dearest family.
 With us lol.

 Her mum who helped us a lotttttttt!!! THANK YOU AUNTIE!!!!
 QiQi the crazy burst shot photographer.
 Her look alike sister, ViVi.
Looking happy!!! 

Phew... finally comes to the end of this post.
She actually celebrated her birthday three times!!
Happy 19th birthday Mong!!!

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