Thursday, July 18, 2013


Holy crap, being a college student isn't that easy!!!
Just finished an assignment, submitted it!!!
It's not actually assignment, kinda like activity, for bonus mark.

I failed my statistics and mathematics midterm. Holy crappppppp
I knew I'll failed, but how I know such a low mark?! 1/30 for mathematics lol.
Statistics was 30++/100, still okay, in my standard lol.
I better work my butt out in the final right?!!!

I'm very tired now...

Today's English class stressed me out!!!
Memorized freaking much things in short time.
10 keys in making sentences, to be honest, I didn't know I'll get them correct.
I only memorized them at the very last minute. @@
How I know our group would be me, and would ask that?! lol
Thanks God I got them right!!!! Or I may be killed by group members lol.
I'm the first one who answer the questions correctly!!! Just let me be proud please!
I have nothing else to brag  /.\
At least I save my team, and we have a killer card that we can avoid punishment for 1 time.
I'm actually really happy when I finally got them right!
Do you know how nervous were I when I couldn't remember the last one?!
The whiteboard saved me haha!

I really hope I did score well in English midterm. Teacher didn't announce mark and I don't think she will.
I really hope...

Ask me my SPM English result!! Ask me ask me lol.
I'm very happy to say that. lololololol.
No lah better don't ask me, I don't know what to say to be honest.
When a classmate found out I'm going for degree in English, she asked me am I good in English.
I said, just okay, not bad.
I really don't know what to say hahaha.

I am working on a story, a man having affair. Esther said I'm writing this kind of story again -.-
I don't know!!!
I was inspired to write something, started with conversations then I realized I were writing this kind of story again.
A drama-like scene really appeared when I first start out the story.
Now I just continued it whenever I'm free or get bored in school.
Hopefully I can finished it haha. I hope it could be a long story instead of like school's exam, just a few pages.

Yes, I'm going for degree in English studies. I'm kinda determined on this.
Teacher said we should choose carefully, don't choose what your friends choose.
I were laughing and shaking head. I were this kind of people before..
Just do whatever friends do.
I'm also surprised how determined I am now on choosing English studies.

And yes, I use proper English on internet. I stopped using shortform on internet since I was form 2/3 I think. Teachers always stressing on this, so I stopped too. It's better because once you get used to shortforms, you'll be killed in your exams. At least Ms Teoh will kill us on final.
I like proper English though. I sometimes can't read shortforms, I have to take time and understand it slowly omg.
Oh, except omg and lol. Laughing out loud.

We're having our primary school gathering on Saturday!!! So happy!  Oh yeah!!!

I know I did wrong again on blog..
Maybe I really shouldn't depend on my blog when I'm angry?
It may ruins friendship. And change the atmosphere in a group..
Holy shit..

I'm happy I can be myself now in school.
From being a loner in school, then having a group of friends but still acting like lady lol.
Now can joke about each other and laughing each other. Great improvement.

I said it a lot of times already... I'm very talkative when I'm tired..
No matter in real life or in blog, just rambling lol!!!

Love y'all.

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