Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I moved. Just from a taman to another taman lol. Not farrrrrrr, basically just like the taman neighbour -.-

The old house, we lived there like 16 years? Same age with my bro. I started to have my own room since 2nd grade, when 8 years old, or 6 years old. I can't really remember >.<
It's so cool to have your own room! Then my bro share the room 1 year later maybe. I still remember the first night. He was basically crying whole night long but I ignore him!
I just went to tell my parents, "he's crying, very noisy, I can't sleep!" Then they tried to calm him down, while I just lying on my bed, still ignoring him.
I need sleep alright. Don't disturb me during my sleeping time!!! lol

10 years. It's amazing to realize that I've been living there for 10 years. My desk literally live there with me through its life too haha. There carries a lot of memories.

I've been 'bullied' but I can't tell anyone. I'll put blanket on the bed to the floor, pretend it is a slide for my little cousins to play. My friends with me in the room. Spilling drinks, nail polish, nail polish remover, food etc. Hahaha.
They all became memories.

It's actually quite big but I have so many things, which makes it looks so much smaller. The TV is an antique, almost 20 years!!!!

My new room, is MUCH BIGGER than the old room. I was shocked when I saw the room. I know the house is bigger but didn't know that the room will be bigger as well.
The first night, unpacking in process. Now I basically done the unpacking except the clothes. I don't have any new furniture, I just rearranged them.

I didn't realize I have so many things until the move.

We didn't own this house, we're renting it.

The best thing about this house, UNIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy crap, highest speed 651kb/s when I'm downloading Running Man. 1 episode is done downloading within half an hour. Average speed is approximately 400kb/s.


Had maths test today, midterm test. BOOOOMMM
Everyone was asking how's the exam after finishing it, the most popular answer was: "I only know the first one!"  ME TOO!!
I then did others, but I'm  not even sure the formula lol. Skipped 2 questions. /.\
I'm tooooo poor in maths!!!!

A girl was saying, "I'm very very very very poor in maths!!" Then someone asked, how's your SPM. She got B.
Hello, B is considered poor?!
I don't want to live in this planet anymore.   Hahahahaha..

Finally found the card reader, I think it's been lying under my bed for a long time already lol.
FINALLYYYY. Open memory card, and found some sound clip. So freaking funny!!!

I thought I put it down already.. perhaps no.

會有那個moment 想哭..
拼命忍著淚  最後還是掉落了
不知道哭的原因  就是莫名的想哭
特別的想跟朋友在一起  尋找一種安全感..

我努力壓抑可是愛情怎麼喊停  你身上的熱還在我的懷裡
拼命地擦掉痕跡  面對你認真的眼睛  原諒我忍住了眼淚冷漠無情
我努力忘記可是愛情怎麼喊停  和你在一起就像是在陽光裡
快樂到不想分離  爲了你什麽都願意
這一次讓我昧著良心  提前離去
---愛情怎麼喊停 by 曾沛慈---

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