Monday, August 12, 2013


My cousin came to visit us the past week, he stayed at our home, and he's just 10 years old haha.
I was basically like the babysitter of him, and another cousin, so tired to take care of little children, especially when they will always say something to irritate you. Damn!!!!

He went to Pulai Spring like 3 days in a row. Swimming and played golf, though he just playing with golf, he didn't really pay attention on playing it.
 My dad put the golf club in front of him for the standing posture, obviously he doesn't have talent on golf haha.What swing is it?! lol. Mine isn't better too XDD

He LOVES sitting on the buggy-.-  He kept asking my dad to bring him on buggy, when my dad borrowed the buggy, he was so happy -.-   He was actually very happy, but when you ask him to pose for you, he always put up this face wtf.

In the my so-called play room haha.
He doesn't know how to swim actually, but he just kept saying that he learnt how to swim already after I brought him once. That's not swimming, kid.

He was back yesterday. I finally get some peace in my room. ^^
It's just tiring to see ipad every moment in room. After waking up, he go straight away to unplug ipad, then watching it under the blanket. Before sleeping, watch till 12am or 1am then plug it. Even when we go out for meals, he wants to bring ipad along too OMG
Crazy ipad addict. His mum called my mum yesterday morning, the first thing she said was remind him to bring ipad back! What the hell is going on with ipad?! It's like they can't live without ipad anymore haha.
Nowadays, kids always bring their tablet along, no matter before sleep, on bed, eating or whatever. Da fuq?

Went to gym with Esther!! I didn't run on the treadmill, I just like walking fast, so my legs don't get sore easily. Sweated a little but not much. Then we went to sauna, I was thinking we can talk in the room, but then 2 uncles came in and they kept chatting and pouring water to rise the temperature omg.
But it felt AMAZING when you sweat a lot without any effort haha! Just sitting there, I was actually chatting on Facebook, but sweat a lot. It helps detoxing and very good to health. I'm thinking going more frequently, if I'm not lazy haha. I'm just, you know, lazy XDD
Took in the sauna room, obviously the light is too bright for pictures haha.

We then have dinner at La Pasta, damn, waited for at least 20-30 minutes, for mushroom soup and caesar salad!! I don't get it why it took so long!! There weren't much customers too! Oh my.

The fish and chips was too small portion, uh-uh. Taste so-so and the fish was like overly tender. I prefer Pulai Spring's one, nice and crispy and enough portion! I love it but it's just too expensive. RM26++ for it!! Seriously?!
I don't think it worth every penny, but it's the best fish and chips I've ever had. Though I'm not sure does it still taste the same as it's been like a year since I last had it.

I don't get it.  When I decided to let it go, to put down it, then something came and light up my hopes. Damnnnnn
It's like I can't really make the decision.
To put down, or not to put down, that's a question.

我以為我做東西很乾脆  不會藕斷絲連
原來不是嗎? 哈哈哈  把自己想的太好了
有時候  不敢說 不敢問  反而會拖著事情

太美化自己了  幹  像個白癡這樣啊自己
算了算了!!  透過中間人來說話  自己從不表現  搞什麽?

有時候  要的只是一句答案
只是一句話  明白嗎?

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