Friday, August 2, 2013


First of all, thanks God it's Friday!!!! TGIF!!!
Friday is always the most beautiful day, while my class always ends early as well! I love my moral teacher, she always dismisses the class earlier!!

Yesterday's English class was a competition within us. Divided into 3 groups then compete with each other. WOW.
Everyone can only go out once, when I go out, holy crap, 30 regular verbs!
I thought I was going to write irregular at first, when teacher said start, I can only think of play, work and walk!! I can't think of any regular verbs!!! Teacher kept saying we can give up, and she kept murmur beside me saying she noticed my wrong.
Holy nervous, I managed to write 30 verbs but 2 wrong. I thought of the cooking tutorials and makeup tutorials that I've watched on YouTube! lol

But everyone got punishments as well, no matter how hard we tried to win in the competition. =(((

Today I woke up late omg.  But I still managed to reach school before friends -.-
I kept looking at teacher with my tired eyes during sociology class lol.

Moral class was a mess. Friend's group went wrong, they're having conflict in the team.
A team without teamwork can't be called as a team. Please remember this.
Tried to talk to my friend but she was at the top of anger, she almost exploded, so am I. lol
She just won't listen to me! No matter what suggest I gave or what I said. Almost the whole class know there's a group having conflict lol.

Modbox officially relaunched today!!! I already ordered mine. ;)
I received an email already last night as the VIP of the website, (you can just be a VIP by signing up the newsletter)
but I didn't order because it was too late and I'm so tired lol. I just roughly browsed through.
I'm really excited about the new Modbox and finger crossed it can arrive soon and I can do review on it! =D

Going back to Negeri Sembilan during this weekend, a getaway haha. I like being in kampung actually, free and no one cares what you do. I'm sure I'm going to have many ice creams despite I'm actually having my monthly friend!!!!

August will be a busy month!! Assignments and presentation and account midterm in the same month. Crapppppppp

I actually read a lot for sociology test, I'm surprised! I didn't even study that much for my SPM science lol.

And yeah, I'm free on Monday, account lecturer having leave. =DDDDDD
Sooooooo happy!! How I wish I can skip Tuesday's mathematics class as well. =((

Love y'all!

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