Saturday, August 24, 2013


It's the last school day of the semester. And we have the most important day/presentation of the sem, sociology presentation.

They say we have to put on light makeup, so base, blush, a little eyeshadow and mascara will do. I was just eating a bread before going out. -.-

This is taken in the toilet haha. I did tuck in my shirt though. First time getting so serious and so formal.

My membersssssssss. I am the leader so they put me in the middle.  -.-

So! I'm glad that the presentation had ended. It's been so stressed in the past few days. Our group was having an argue 2 days before haha. Everyone speaks out like crazy, but I think it's actually kinda better because we will work harder for this. Thankfully, the next day rehearsal actually turned out quite good.

Well, I don't know why, but this time I wasn't that nervous anymore. Maybe because we're not the first group to present, we're third. And there weren't that much people as moral was, so I was so much calmer. Even though I'm the opening and conclusion, I felt calmer and I can actually control my speed. I wasn't talking as fast as last time.  =))
Though Jacky said I'm fast like rocket.   -.-

I'm not sure how drama went, but I think it's okay because there were still some point making people laugh. A huge thank you to our friends, Jacky and Chuang Lai for helping us, despiting the fact that we're kinda like competitors lol. Especially CL, helped 2nd group and us, and he was the forth group to present.
Thank you guys.  =))

Lecturer said our creativity is quite good! =DD
Very happy on this!

I went back home to change and went to school again haha, for moral class. Was picnicking with seniors and friends haha!!!
A senior asked my name -.-  She didn't know my name before even though we're having the same account class and I sit right behind her! lol
After dismissed class, when she saw me at the lobby, she asked why I put on fake lashes?! Just now didn't see me had it on.
I was like, what, I didn't! I just had mascara! I had it from morning -.-

Friend also said I'm like put on fake lashes. No, I didn't!!  *proud face*
This is how my lashes look today,
Not bad right today?!
Even though I didn't really fully awake when I put on makeup -.-
I fell asleep after my alarm rang -.-  So I just grabbed makeup and sat down, get the mirror, and start to put on. Even the eyeshadow, I just drew it on, didn't really care. haha. Done everything in 10 minutes!
I don't remember which mascara I used, I just took 1. But for sure is it's from Maybelline haha!
Maybelline has the best mascara!

Now our study week had begun, I'm not sure will I study or not in this week. haha. But I'm happy because I can finally get enough sleep for the whole week! Except for Wednesday, there's a substitute English class. /.\

Happy to get enough sleep!
I was so tired today that once I walked into my room, I lied down on bed right away, then I fell asleep. My bro wake me up at 8pm haha.  Got almost 3 hours sleep. =))

But I'm still sleepy now...


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