Friday, August 9, 2013

Modbox Relaunched~!!

YEAH!!! It's been a while since I received a surprise box! The last box was in March, read my review at March modbox review. Then Modbox team announced that they need to rest and will get ready to relaunch in August!

On 1st August, as the VIP of the website(which you can be a VIP just by signing up newsletter and getting newest info), we already received an email stating that we can get a sneak peak preview and order earlier. But I only online at very late, so I just browse through and roughly see what changes they've made!

The next day, officially launch day of Modbox, 2nd August, I log on the website again and ready to order!

After you're log in to Modbox, click on [get beauty box]. Then you'll see this page:
 They are having HUGE SALES! From RM19/box, now you can get a box with RM9!! But I'm not sure how long will this discount go on, perhaps just for this month, as the relaunch gift to us, but still, a great bargain to us!

The main change of this box is, now, you can choose the samples you want!
There are 3 products this month. This is the first product choice:
 I chose the mineral foundation powder. Because I always wanted to get mineral powder. 

The second and third product were:

#See how well is the Modbox selling! The antioxidant serum was actually sold out on the night of the launching day!!#

Then you'll see your order, confirm everything and proceed to checkout. Then, your order is placed!

Now all you have to do is wait for it to arrive at your doorstep!

On Tuesday, I saw it on dining table when I was back from school!
I love this box! OMG! This is made of paper so it's eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. With a little kissing lips on it too haha.

WOWWWW. I miss seeing this scene, a box full of happiness!

The greeting card had change into this little cards. They tied it together and made it extremely lovely.

So, the first product on the list is my mineral powder.

OMG This is actually a Malaysia product, made in Malaysia.
To be honest, the first thing popped into my mind was, "ahhh, buatan Malaysia eh... usable or not?"  

It said use sponge and dabbing method, but I tested it with a powder puff and powder brush.

 I tested on my hand, and wow, I'm impressed.

Then I tested on my face, only half face.
The caption actually means with product and without product haha.
You can see the difference at my under eye area. The dark circle is concealed, and my skin tone look more even.

I quite like this product, but maybe I chose the wrong colour, it's a little too fair to me. I chose colour 01, I think I may be more suitable to 02.
But overall, it doesn't mattify your face, it leaves a dewy look. Doesn't dry my skin out as my skin is pretty dry and can't apply powder foundation.
Confidence on buatan Malaysia is back!

Next product,

It's sunscreen, and cream texture.
I applied this over the mineral powder.

As you can see, my face looks so much greasier than earlier when I just put on mineral powder. 
Good thing is it absorb pretty fast and not very sticky, but leaving a greasy face is definitely uh-uh. 

Then I tried to take photo in dark area. So I switched off the lights, and take photos with flash of my phone.
CRAZY WHITE CAME OUT. Alright, for those who don't know, basically if you're taking photos with makeup on, and the photos turn out white, that's because of the SPF in the product, or mainly foundation that you use.
The mineral powder has SPF35 in it, and this sunscreen is SPF50 and PA+++. So I'm actually not really sure which product shows this white. 

But I'm skeptical on this product, not sure how it works to me and do I like it or not.

Lastly, the product I chose was

Well, I haven't try this until today, Thursday. So I'm not qualified to do any reviews on it haha.

The biggest change is now you can choose your samples. There are 2 sides of this change.
You wouldn't have that surprise and wow when you receive and open the box. But good thing is you can choose so the colour suit you and wouldn't waste product. 
I have some product from previous Modbox stocked in my little container, all are little sample size of product. This is kinda waste.
However, I still like Modbox because it is still the most affordable beauty box and I love the customer care staffs!! They are all so friendly and lovely to communicate with. ;D

So, we have come to the end of this post. Thank you so much for sticking with me and kept reading until now!! Because this is such a long post!! I can give you potato, sorry for long post ;)

Please give love to Modbox, visit their Facebook, and their website!!
Keep support Modbox!
And congratulations on extremely successful relaunch!! =D

Love y'all!!

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