Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey! Sem break is going to end today. 2 hours and 8 minutes more. Haha! Tomorrow is the new sem start day.
I was going to help on orientation, but I have to resit for my accounting, so I can't help. Sorry seniors  =(

So, how I spent my 1 week long holiday? Nothing!!
Oh mi gosh, it's true. I spent my time at home.  -.-
I did go to gym though, walk on treadmill for 30 minutes, the cycling thing 30 minutes, sauna 20 minutes. Then end. omg.
But I was happy when I saw the gym was empty! So I don't have to be afraid of what I'm doing haha. I was walking on treadmill happily while listening to music, and looking at people who were swimming. Such a nice weather to swim that day!
Le very empty lonely gym. I went there on Thursday, around 3pm. NO ONE.
 Surprised to see empty gym haha! Phone, earphone, towel are must to gym.

Alone in the sauna room too! There were 2 aunties there discussing daughters. /.\  Then I realized I left the locker keys in gym, went to get it and back to the room, they were going out. So yeah, I'm alone in the sauna room! Ugh, bad skin.

To the nails topic,
did this on the first day of sem break I think haha. Just simply glitter polish on the bottom part of nails. Easy peasy.

And did this on Wednesday night, while watching YG family special on Strong Heart. Haha! I called this beach/sea themed, despite the fact that is fall now right?! But whatever, Malaysia is always in summer! But when I take another look at this, I think it looks like swimming pool.  -.-
You know, the floor tiles in swimming pool.
There are actually 3 different blues on it, but you can only see 2 blues.  -.-  And月光白from Oops! Jealous  as the base colour but obviously you can't see it. It is just to bring out the gradient effect.

It already chipped a lot, and I'm still thinking about the next nail design/colour. Haha!

I saw this on Instagram, the hashtag #네일. This is my DREAM LAND.2 boxes full of nail polishes, arranged neatly.
I reorganised my nail polishes. Threw away some old polish. That's the moment I realized I had different blue polish, and inspired me to do the gradient! New discovery, haha.
I need more nail polish.  (╯▽╰)  I don't think the colour is enough! Haha, I haven't found the perfect pastel nail polish. I want a lavender and pretty pastel pink. I have one but it's not opaque.

Made oreo mille crepe today.

Well, at first I think it's a success because I only ate a little, you can see the cut on the first picture.
But after sending them to Esther, Khang Zheng and ah Gou, I cut a decent piece and eat it.
Ugh. The crepe is too thick. I read online people saying that it's hard to find the right thickness of the crepe.
The whipped cream, I didn't put much sugar, used like 15 minutes to whip it. But I don't know why it felt, oily and heavy. It's not sweet, I'm pretty sure on this. But it just taste different with the one I just whipped. I put this cake in fridge for around 3 hours before I took it out and cut.
I put a lot of oreo on it, I crushed 2 packets of the biscuit, threw the fillings away. But the oreo also taste weird. Ughhh.  Everything just taste heavy, not the light and fresh feeling that I want. Damn.

It is actually the recipe from Ochikeron on YouTube,Nutella Mille Crêpe Cake (How to Make Crepes) Recipe ミルクレープ (クレープの作り方) ,  this is my second time doing this.
I made the Nutella one, but the whipped cream was not whipped enough, so making everything watery. But I think that cake was better. Maybe Nutella just make everything taste right.
This time I made sure the cream has reached hard peak, so it won't get watery easily. But... ugh.

I don't want to do crepe anymore! Haha. Time and money consuming yet can't make it perfectly. Uggggghhhhhhhh

OOOH!  I watched the latest episode of Running Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pictures were all around the running man fanpage once this scene go out. Finally, I watched the subbed episode, omo!
I screamed a little when Gary go over and kiss her on cheek!!! How brave is he!
They also put the congratulates monday couple's first bobo banner  haha!
Few weeks before, the 1% episode, they were just screaming뽀뽀해~뽀뽀해~
Gary said if you want to see it, let's do it! But Ji Hyo pushed him away.
This time, he just went up and kiss! When he holds Ji Hyo's face, she didn't push him away too!
When he kisses her, omo omo!  Really excited!
Haha said, "if you two don't become couple, you're doomed!"
This made me wonder if Ji Hyo split with the CEO boyfriend? How I wish they split and one day [Monday Couple is true!] will appear on newspaper! Haha

Anyways, it's 10:57pm now. I really should sleep now. Tomorrow I'm officially the senior of Foundation of Arts!!! Hahahahaha! -.-
Good night!!


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