Sunday, September 22, 2013


How I wish everything can rewind... Then I can change things, then I won't say things. 
Sometimes, you think it's nothing to say things like this, but it hurt people around you. Pissed people off, but you don't know, and still keep going on the topic, ugh. 

My fault, again. I know, I always know, I blog about personal feeling too much? I said too much of the real feeling of mine? I guess I shouldn't do that anymore right? So I won't hurt anyone. 

I'm hurt too, when I hurt someone. I didn't mean it, but you thought I meant it.  You're hurt, I'm hurt. I just hope it doesn't form an awkward gap between us. Alright?

Good morning! It's 10:56am now, still lying on the bed, don't really want to get up, but eventually I will. Hahaha. 

I... miss you. Ha.

I'm currently rewatching the Khuntoria. I miss all those sweet moments and their skinship hahaha.

사실은 첨 봤을 때 부터 그댈 좋아했다고
말하기가 내겐 참 어려웠던거죠

Be happy
Be confident!!!!!!

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