Monday, September 30, 2013


Ayo readers!! I'm in very good mood today, and I don't know why!!! Lololol

The weather is just freaking nice today, not rainy, not hot, I just love the weather today! Feel warm and not hot is definitely my weather since I sweat pretty easily.

Had class today, suddenly an assignment arrived hahaha. Haven't lay hand on it even though we have to submit it on Wednesday. I'm just too tired to do it.

An meme saw on 9Gag. lolol. This is the senior meme.

Heard someone refreshing Weibo on class! OMG So loud hahaha! Didn't even silent the phone during class time.

 Ahhhh, I love the lighting today!!
"Chrome" effect of ios7, but it seems like doesn't showing up on computer. Or just mine? O.O  So different with what's showing on my phone.

 My new buy today! Went to Jusco for meetup actually, but I was earlier, so went into Etude House, looking for the Baking Powder face scrub! But ran out of stocks. -.-
So went into Watsons, bought them!
First is the Baby Lips Pink Glow, in the colour Pink Blast; another one is Baby Pink.
It has a very nice mixed berry scent, smells very very sweet. And a nice pink colour. But from the reviews online, they said if you keep reapplying it, it will turn out a unnatural pink colour on your lip, like pouring pink paint on it.
But I do like how it's pink, after applying thrice. I think 3 coats are max. Keep applying it, then you may become Nicki  Minaj!!! Hahahaha.
It is a lip balm, however, it doesn't really do its job. It claimed to have 8 hours moisture, but I can't really feel moisture after 3 coats. The feel is like, you left very tiny bit of vaseline, trying to spread the very little bit of product on your lips.
Doesn't do the job, but it may be a good lip stain. Applying this until you get your desire colour before going out, then use another moisturizing lip balm to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. For me, I'll use my EOS lip balm. That's the only lip balm I'm living on now haha. That's why I bought this baby lip balm but it kinda disappointed me.

The next one is Watershine Pure lipstick in C22.
It's a very pretty coral orange colour. But it's kinda sheer on lips, so definitely not for those who want a opaque lip colour. For me, it's very suitable because my makeup are always so light, this is just the perfect lipstick for light makeup.
You can also wear this alone on lips, having naked face. It does enhanced your face while not giving the whole spotlight on your lips.

Both of the product are from Maybelline. I actually wanted to repurchase my favourite lip balm,
That is literally the left product in the tube right now. I've used up like, 3 of them. It's moisturizing and with a super duper nice colour. But Watsons ran out of this colour. =((

My nails are naked, filed and shaped now. I want it to rest, it kinda turn yellowish.
But actually part of the reason is I've ran out my OPI base coat, still finding for a nice base coat. So before that, my nails are going to remain naked hahaha.
My right hand's pointing finger's nail is peeling. I don't know why, but that finger keep peeling. I don't know how to treat it.  =((  It's always heartbroken when I see my nails peeling or breaking with no reasons. Ughh.  =((

Enough makeup and nails talk. Too much in a daily post hahaha.
I, uh, want to sleep. XDD
It's 11:44pm now, I have morning class tomorrow, and 6 hours classes in total, so I should really go to bed now.

Until next time, BAH-BYE!!!

Yes, I'm in crazily good mood today  =DDDDDDD


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