Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Haha, taken with lousy webcam. Forgive the quality, it's an old laptop! Haha
Well, sometimes, this kind of unclear photos are good.. people would not able to see what's really inside you, can't see through you, neither understand you. Keep that mystery mask on!

Well, well. When you're gone, will anyone miss you?
I like to think about this kind of things.
When you're gone, will anyone, any friend, realize your leave, and have any feel about it?
I really think this is something to think about.

Looking through every photos with friends.
You may be smiling, laughing, crying, reminiscing every little piece of memories.
Then, you're gone. Totally gone. Disappeared from this planet.
Who, will be the first to realize you're gone?
Who, will be the person you can't bear the most?

Or you'll just leave quietly. Without anyone knowing.
Sounds pathetic. Ugh
But who knows? Maybe I'm this kind of person!

I may be huge at appearance, but my existence is surprisingly low.
No one know me maybe haha.
In school, my friend may already familiar with whole class,
she can talk to anyone in class easily, whether girls or boys.
But me, I always be the one waiting for their conversation end.


I should be more active?

 Lesson for those freshmen in college,
don't be afraid to talk to people.
You should be more active.
College is a whole new story to you.
No one knows who was the past you.
You can totally make a whole new image to them.
Use that new image to people, just remember that's still you.
Don't put on a mask on the first day, like me.
I've put on a whole armour on, on the very first day.
Until now, I'm still wearing it.

What I want, is just when I'm gone, I still have people remembering me.
Well, even though I'm loner, NO ONE likes to be a loner though.

I'm still trying to live positively and happily!
Don't be afraid of being a stupid. Because there's always someone more stupid than you!  (?!)
Haha, bear with me....

The moment when makeup went wrong, just laugh aloud, and squeeze your eye till no one can see your awful eye makeup.

XOXO, SELINA, aka the bitch

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