Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy 1st of September!

Heyyyy! It's 1st of September today. So, let's write a blog! Haha!

First, we had a family gathering at my house today. My aunts and uncles came and they whipped out their awesome cooking skills, showing some delicious cuisine!

Before dinner time, we felt bored, so I brought 3 cousins to Jusco! I'm the king of the kids, or just three of them. XDD
 So, bought Pepero chocolate stick.

It's peanut flavoured. By the way, don't you think the back of the box is extremely cute?! It's like an envelope, letting you write message. I understand 80% of the words on this box! Except for 담아 보냅니다, I didn't know what was that until I googled it.

Today is also the last day of Etude House Merdeka promotion, buy 1 free 1! For sure I went there too! lol
 I swear, I didn't notice that is the cashier's name, instead I was reading it and trying to understand what's that.  -.- I'm bad, I know! Sorry to that girl! You look cute though, somehow look like a Korean!

Yes, I repurchased the wonder pore freshner! It's so good that I really want to get another one! Even though mine is still like, 35% left, but I think I'll need one more so I bought it.
I don't really see the result of minimizing the pores though, but it definitely cleanse my pores as the second cleaning, and it doesn't irritates my skin even though it smells a little alcohol.
The second item was recommended by the staff, I didn't know what to get. -.-
That's the whipping foam, the cleanser.

It's bottle looks almost 100% alike with the freshner.

I'm not sure do I need to shake the bottle or not, but I did. Squeezed a little on my hand, wow, opaque foam.

WOW, it's very thick. A little goes a long way, it's indeed a very thick and opaque foam. It's like fresh cream. You can form a soft peak easily.

It is free from 5 items,
Lol, the first one's Chinese is tooooo long that I can't even remember, neither did I write it down. 
 By the way, I know my Hangul writing is weird! Haha.  -.-

Then when it's finally dinner time!!!
I didn't take picture of the whole dinner table though. I was busying taking food. -.-  We the kids were having dinner in the living room, while adults were having at the dinning table.
Lol, my dinner plate! The tofu at the right corner is my delicious favourite salted fish tofu!!!! These couldn't fulfill my craving, I ended up getting more haha. They were too salty today, but still nice!!! Then just fish and meats. Actually they also cooked bitter gourd, but I don't eat it so.... I don't like bitter! Haha

So after dinner, cousins were playing UNO Stacking that I have for YEARSS.

I was just playing Virtual Families 2 haha. Just downloaded it today.

After sending cousins and aunts back, I went to Season and bought cake.
I've been craving for cakes the whole week, finally got the chance to have it.
 It's chocolate marshmallow something. Haha, I can't remember the whole name. The marshmallow is very nice! Haha, a little bit too sweet, 1 piece is enough. You wouldn't want another piece due to its sweetness.

The cake made my day and end my day happily!  =)

Try to live positively and happily. Smile!!

Just a little doodle last night,

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