Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's finally holiday now!
Even though it's just a week, but still happy enough to have it.

Was very happy yesterday night and today!
My sociology lecturer, dearest Ms Ker praised me that I looked good, did I have makeup on?

Thank you Ms! Even though you said that after collecting my statistic paper, like putting pressure for me to read sociology, but sadly, the laziness inside me is too hugeeeeeee. And the happiness of welcoming holiday is to hugeeeeeeee too. Oops!

Anyways, sociology paper is....yeah. Know some, don't know some. I managed to answer with my KBKK!  Haha.
When we're waiting for the exam start, everyone was so relax and joke with the teacher haha. She's a funny teacher who's teaching Malaysian studies! She's teaching us next semester.  /.\
But she is very kind and funny, she asked if we're retaking students. Haha!!! Because all of us were too relax huh! Some even arrived at the very last minute. Some even just skipped the exam.  -.-
After submitting the paper, I was so happy, and laughing while going out the room.

After exam, went out with friends, eating in Yama. A Korean kopitiam!! Haha how awesome is that name! It's our classmate's family's.
So kopitiam style!

Spicy seafood ramen. RM12.9

This is a Korean cuisine, obviously haha.
In Yama, they have Korean, Japanese, and normal kopitiam food, like baked roti!

She's my friend who's leaving for MMU!!! Even though she has nothing done yet, but she's so sure that she'll gone next semester. Haha

We actually had 3 people today, but we forgot to take group photo! Haha, should've done it. Because we 3 became very weirdly close.
It was because one time Ms Ker was on leave, but she only informed us by posting on Facebook at 7am(ahhh, globalization), but our class is at 8am. We 3 just sat in the class "mongly". Then we started to chat, then we became friends! Found out she's living near Taman Universiti made us close maybe haha. We know each others' school and friends so we can chat about it.
A guy in class even asked if we know each other for long time because we can joke about each other like, very close friends. We're like, nope, we know each other after like 1 month of school! Hahaha

Ahhh.... it's holiday now. Was so so so happy!

Next semester, how many of us will still stay in Foundation in Arts?!
Many want to quit, after sitting the mathematics exam. Because if we retake, we may can't graduate in time. We may have to retake another semester.
Well, I don't care. Haha!  I mean, if you stop here, and taking diploma instead, are you sure that you won't fail any subjects? Are you sure you can graduate from diploma in time?
If you want to stop study AT ALL, then why did you choose to study at the first place? You've wasted money and time, and all your hard work throughout these few months.
Please, don't take it like a joke. Take it seriously. Study is a serious thing.
Even I'm not really serious on study, but I'm damn serious on the choices. I'm going to stick with FIA no matter what. Then continue to degree! Freaking stick with English studies.

Forgive my vain selfies. Just too happy today!

Well, to the fellow Foundation in Arts classmates, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!
Though may have the work of orientation, ugh


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