Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September!

I think I shouldn't written that much depressed post right? Haha. Trying to change the style of blog. Not relying on here for feelings, I guess. I think I always in depressed mood, and making the whole blog depressed.
Since blog should be a happy place to share happy things right! Sharing is caring! ;D

Sooo..... It's 1st September now. Happy September! Haha! It's been so fast that I'll finish my first semester after next week. Oops, too fast!

Really been into internet shopping these weeks. Internet shopping is so easy and fast! You can browse thousand and thousand of stuffs online, then order and pay for it. The last step is waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep!
Not mentioning shipping from China and Taiwan are cheap too! So many affordable things up there.

Thankfully I didn't put a very high hope on everything. So that I won't be too disappointed when the thing didn't happen, right?
Didn't really wishing the promise to become real, and yes, it didn't happen. Haha!

 I have a feeling. I'm back to a loner now hahaha. Never mind! As long as I'm happy!

Went out with Ying Ying, aka Nichole today! Had lunch together, and chat a bit. Well, she is becoming more beautiful now.

Everyone is transforming to better. Except me though. Haha! Still that rude, fat girl!
I'll try to change. Try!!

It's 12:47am now. Better sleep! Have a small family gathering tomorrow night! While I will be having my favourite Hainanese food, salted fish tofu!! It's amazing!! If my aunt do cook that tomorrow, try to take photo of it.
Believe me, it's the most amazing and delicious tofu cuisine ever! Too bad I never cook it before. Kinda complicated to me haha!

Well, good night!!

Love y'alls  ❤

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