Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's Tuesday! Had so many classes today! Freaking exhausted after 3 hours long economic class.

Finished doing the slides for presentation tomorrow. We done it already but then we saw another team's story is too strong, so we changed the whole thing lol!
Alright, the only story I could think of was a man having affair, again. -.- I don't know why I have only these kind of ideas, seriously.
But we didn't do that lah, hahaha. How could we do that right?! Moreover a senior suggested us to do gay, what the  -.-

Caught a cold these days.. Nose is kinda stuffed, can't breathe easily, have to keep my nose cooperate with my mouth! Lololol
My mum said that's because of me showering late, but I was actually thinking that I cried too hard few days back then hahaha. I accidentally saw the song lists of the newest episode, then I started to cry, then I cried myself to sleep.

Glee's airing the episode "The Quarterback" this Thursday. To catch up, I've been watching the episodes in the past few days. I want to get ready with the storyline, and the emotion.
When I was watching the first episode of season 5, can't help but keep staring at Lea Michelle/Rachel Berry. From a scene where she sings with Santana in a diner, I think her eyes are kinda puffy..
Season 5 was shot few weeks after Cory Monteith's death.

Listening to Lea's "Make you feel my love", for umpteen times.
It's sad, extremely emotional. I didn't want to listen to intentionally.
I saw Sony Malaysia shared this on Facebook, I can't help but click on it. Then I cried right at the first line Lea sings.
Keep going on, then you'll heard her sobbing in the song.
You can feel how emotional is her in this song. This is the best song she ever sang.

The lyrics, [Nothing that I wouldn't do.
Go to the ends of the Earth for you,
To make you feel my love]. 

Ugh, still keep crying. How I wish YouTube has a repeat button. So I won't have to keep returning to the tab, seeing Cory's picture and replay.

Then I clicked on the "I'll stand by you" by Amber Riley/Mercedes Jones.
Ughhhh, I thought this song will be sang by Lea when I first saw the song list. And this song is the song which made me cry just by seeing the tittle of it.
Because I still remember, in the season 1, when Finn thought Quinn's having his baby, he said this song to the picture of the baby. His mum then barged into his room, and asked him why is he singing to his laptop. Hahahahaha, it's a very funny scene...

I've watched the trailer for the episode 2 times, cried each time I watched it.

What if I'm not prepared to say goodbye?
But I guess we all will say goodbye to Finn/Cory, in the upcoming episode...

I seriously don't know how will I watch that episode. For sure I will lock my room, I'm scared of my mum barging in. lol
I will get tissues papers ready. I will get trashcan ready. I will get water ready to refill water from the released tears.
Then I will have the super duper puffy eyes the next day! Hahaha.

I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

---I'll stand by you---

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