Saturday, December 14, 2013


Ugh, I have such a weak spot on particular songs now. Watched the "seasons of love" by Glee on YouTube, started crying when the song starts. It's 5 months today.
How are you on heaven, Cory? We Gleeks still missing you.. Please look down at Lea, she's been so strong, but it must be a very hard time for her when she's alone in home..

Finals are just literally around the corner. No study week, all we had are like 3 days of "study days". But then we had class on those days too, omg.
I really really don't like accounting. We got our test result back on Thursday, a friend asked, "Selina, how was your test? Okay?" No, I'm not.
Of course I didn't say that out. All I did was shake my head a lil, and smile a lil.
Teacher ask me how, with this mark I can't pass. Another friend said, accounting is all about practising. Practise makes perfect. Ask around if you don't understand.
I know, but I just don't understand anything about accounting! I don't have much friends in class, or let's say, just 1. But she also don't understand very well too. Who can I ask? If I want to ask, it has to be all the way back to basic. I forgot what I learned in last semester, and those things bring to now.
I'm too embarrassed to ask! I don't know who to ask, I don't know where to start too.
AHHHHHHHHHHH. So freaking hate numbers.

I'm still working on a story based on my life. Wrote few lines when I got my accounting results back, totally had my emotions in it. Hahahaha.

It's around 2. I feel like wanting to do assignment. Hahahahahahahahahaha
It will be an intense 2 weeks. Replacement classes and tests flow around, omggg.
Will try best to score well in economic test. Quite a high hope on that.

Classmate so surprised that I got A+ in SPM English. Haha, didn't expect that?
Yeah, I did that. So what? There's totally no use in here. Like, there's no English subject this semester. Next semester's elective course, if there aren't 10 people choose English, then we'll don't have the academic writing class, again perhaps no English class.
Then I'll lose the chance to score A. Ughhhh
Ms Teo isn't that hard to deal with! Yeah she like to "play" student, as she said that, but she's trying to make us have a more stable English foundation.
Like memorise all those verbs in 3 tenses, they work freaking lot in future.

So sad to listening to the songs from "Quaterback", Glee. All songs that reminds me of Cory. Who the hell made that mashup?! Hahaha........

Sometimes, I just feel like being used.
No one like being used. No one.
I don't like people ordering me too.
We're friends, I do everything voluntarily, not that I have to listen to your order.
I know friends shouldn't be fuss over these things, but as the time goes by, I don't like that feel.

 Had IT presentation on Thursday morning. I totally look like a OL with this attire and holding the laptop while having my bag on shoulder. Lol.

Remember the love. Share love, give love, spread love.
Measure your life in love.
--Seasons of love--

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