Monday, December 16, 2013


It's like 12:17am now. Just finished my mathematics work. Been working on that since 10:30 hahaha. Finished the exercises and ready to hand them up tomorrow.

Shit, an assignment haven't finish. Ughhhhh.

This will the last week of the semester, after that, we'll get 3 study days, and start our finals.
Damn, everything gone so fast. It's like this semester just started, and I was there helping the catering for the juniors.

Fixing things of phone. The apps thing is really annoying sometime. Maybe I'm spoilt from the jailbroken iOS6, now using the normal iOS7 is really annoying. The apps that I used was free from the cydia market, now everything are priced, and I can only download the lite version ahhhhhh. So sad :(
I miss the diary app, but the lite version only allow me to write 10 entries. Backup-ing the entries I wrote in the past had already reached 10 entries. Which means I can't write new entry anymore but I love that app a lot. >.<

I don't think I'm good at computer. I'm just brave to click on everything hahaha. You'll never know what will happen until you try it!

Friend got a new Macbook air, omg so jealous of her hahaha. We're in mathematics class, the friend beside her saw it and pull it out from her backpack. When I saw it I was freaking 激動. Hahahahaha!
Then I asked about the model, 13inches, 128GB, nice. But 128 may be a little too small. But the bigger one is more expensive right.
I really like that ahhhhh! Can Santa buy me one?

Dear Santa, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. Could you please give me a Macbook air? I'll appreciate that and try my best in finals. I promise.

Hahahaha. Having Macbook and iPhone is my dream, Apple family is completed to me. I'm satisfied with this little family. But for now all I have is the phone. 好羡慕啊啊啊

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