Thursday, December 26, 2013


I SHOULD BE STUDYING. I really should. And I am, or I was. lol
Sat for economic exam today, unexpectedly easy.
Like seriously, I'm nervous. I didn't feel nervous the last night, until this morning. But as I drove near to school, I became super nervous.
I suddenly felt my heart bumping, then I realized that I'm nervous about the exam. lol

I told myself, hey you're from EA1, why are you afraid of economic?!
But then the other part of me saying, BECAUSE you WERE EA1 student, so you can't disgrace the name of EA1.

Hahaha, 2 parts of me were struggling whether to nervous or not.
I think nervous is a good sign, because I did prepared, so I'll hope for good payback.
But another part of me think I'm prepared, there's nothing to be nervous about.
This is me. lol Like 2 people are playing tug of war in my body. Trying to set me at one side.
I shouted a lot in car hahaha. Tried to calm myself down a little.

I used almost exactly 1 hour to finish it. No much thing for me to think.
Kept thinking back my answers, and calculate my marks hahaha.
Freaking worry about economic.

On my way back home, I drove like 60kmh-80kmh. Which is slower compared to my usual 90-100kmh. lol
I kinda like driving slowly, so I have time to think. Or just keep calculating the marks. hahaha!

I think I can at least get a B+. Hopefully an A of course. *finger crossed*

I'm stuck at pengajian malaysia's chapter 4. I don't know how to start it. And it's 10:21pm now, andddd the exam is 8:30am tomorrow. I don't know can I finish study everything or not.
I'm wishing for something above passing. =)
Since I know I'll failed my accounting for sure.

No matter what, I'm not taking accounting next semester. NO MORE ACCOUNT PLEASE.

I can't graduate on time I think. The disadvantage of foundation, 3 sems, 6 subjects per sem, if you pass all, it's just nicely get the full credit marks. If you failed 1 subject, you may retake it next sem but you could end up having 7 subjects in a semester.
If you failed 2 subjects in a semester, congratulations, you have to be in foundation for another semester. Prepared yourself for another semester. =)
I am preparing hahaha.

I just can't say I'm stressed by accounting and mathematics. *sigh*


Oh and, merry chrismas! I didn't celebrate it, or I did, by listening to Glee Christmas album while studying economics hahaha.

Stay strong Selina, stay strong.

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