Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last post.

Of 2013. It's slightly half an hour to 2014.
And I just back from Starbucks, went with cousins hahaha. We just sat there and chat a lot about the school. From not much people, till packed. Omg so many people start coming after 10:30. Perhaps they want to countdown there!!

So happy today, for no reason, again, lol. Today's study skill exam is super funny, require drawing, and in case you don't know, my drawing is damn ugly. So I drew some match person, if that's the word. Hahaha. You know that, human formed from one circle and 5 lines!
Drew penguins too, when I was drawing that, I was laughing tooooo. Super duper funny!! I just can't bear, and burst out laughter a little. I bet the lecturer will laugh till die when she see that. 

Burst out singing Baby today at home. Then sang few songs happily!
Watched SBS Gayo Daejun too, sing together happily~~~
Super love Eunji from Apink! Hahaha.  
And the The Heirs!! Omg I thought Na En will be En Sang since Tae Min is Kim Tan, but not. :((
I only watched the first part, can't wait to watch the second part because 우리 2NE1 is there!! I watched the performance on YouTube already though hahahaha. 

It's been a year. I don't think I did my resolution though, -.-

Watching the wanted on Singapore TV. I'm really curious how they get The Wanted here, like they are so famous, and bring them from England to Singapore. Say what?

Not sure how tomorrow will become but pretty sure it'll be nice day! Since it's a brand new year!!

Going to be 19 next year. Ahhhh super fast. Getting old so fast. :( 

Exactly 1 month to Chinese New Year!!! Looking forward to it!!! 

I'm going to be a happy person in 2014. I hope. Hahaha!

Anyways, happy new year anyone! 2013 was a nice year! But live 2014 a better year!!

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