Monday, December 23, 2013


YEAHH! Taobao reached today. A huge box hahaha.
Bought 2 curling irons, one of it is like 2in1 one, it can curl and straighten. I still need time to learn how to use it. I'm super duper clumsy and stupid at doing hair. I have to moisture my hair first. That's the very first thing I realized when I tried the curling iron. I need heat protector too. That's important.

Bought a candle too.
Vanilla ice cream flavour, Ikea's. I'm surprised this is the exact one I found in Ikea Singapore. I wanted the tea candle because it was on sales. Hahaha, it was like the whole pack for couple dollars. But my mum insisted that I will burn the whole house down. So, I bought it on Taobao!
Not sure if it is the real Ikea candle, but it tastes smells like it. I like it a lot!

Tried to be artsy here lol.

I'm already super excited about my sem break. I want to go KL; H&M and Sephora. Super love H&M hahaha.
I want to go Singapore, I want to go pulau. :(
But my break is in January, we can't go pulau. :(  I really want to go Redang!!! Ugh!! Beaches!!! Sea!!! I miss you T.T

I want to go here and there.
But I'm afraid I'll end up spending 2 weeks looking at my laptop.

Edited photo.
Those apps really works magic.
The lip colour is kinda scary. Bought the fake product, and the colour is totally different from what I expect.

빨간 입술. 윙크 윙크.

너만 보인단 말이야.
널 사랑한단 말이야.

It's Christmas eve tomorrow and yet I have mathematics replacement class. Ughh.

All the students of Foundation in Arts, fighting!!

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