Monday, December 29, 2014

New year resolutions.

Christmas is over, new year in 2 days! or 3? I'm bad at counting days hahaha.

Sooooo, let's make new year resolution now. To be honest I'll forgot my resolutions throughout the year. So I'll only remember them in first few months of new year, and the last few months of the year. Because it's time to make new one and you have to recall what you made, what you achieved.

My absolute resolution every year is to be positive. I might be positive at the day, but super negative at the night. That's why this blog is filled with negative, because I blog at night.

But it's a new year, my degree gonna start. Imma start become real positive.

I think one of the achievements that I've accomplished is telling deepest secret to friend hahaha. Even though it's through Facebook messages, and we never really bring it up when we meet... but still.
It's always the hardest thing when it comes to telling own secret. I'm glad I told her and I really felt so relieved! Like in Chinese we call it 放下心頭大石.

I think I should also list "cutting hair" into the resolutions hahaha. I should cut off an inch or so. It's getting too long and messy.

Not to be greedy and list out few points that I'll never accomplished. Should've make some that I know is accomplish-able hahaha.
1. Positive.
2. Cut hair.
2. Focus on degree study.

I think the next post will be in new year. Happy New Year everyone!!
Hope 2014 was great, and wishing you a better 2015!!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry merry Christmas!!

I've been excited with all Christmas songs around,
but when it finally d-day, I did nothing hahaha.

BUT! Yesterday aka Christmas Eve, my stomach never been empty after I woke up lol.
Had brunch with mum at 11-ish, did some shopping with her.
Met Esther at 1, had omelet and cakes.
Went to aunt's house 3-ish, had some snacks.
At night, the highlight of the day---BBQ.

With all the chicken wings, hotdogs, otaks, fish, prawns...
I can't really resist them hahaha.
My stomach was full all day!

But today, nothing special to make me feel like Christmas hahaha.
Stayed at home all day and had long nap that it.
Right now playing Christmas songs from Glee.
My Christmas tradition as I mentioned before.
Christmas songs really brighten up my mood~~ :D

Merry merry Christmas.
And 6 days later, we'll welcome a brand new year!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stupid, clumsy me

Never been that desperate.
I know I'm always a clumsy person, but never thought this day will come.

I lose my phone.
My iPhone, which left only 1 month to 2 years.
It's gone.

I went back home from aunt's house.
Took a shower once I got home.
When I came out from shower, I realized my phone was not on the bed.
I thought I must left it in car.
Nope, I thought wrong.
Went to aunt's house, no one saw it.

Tried find my iPhone, not sure did I turn it on or not omg.
The only device showed up was my mac, while I'm using it lol.
Search the room and car thoroughly, no results.
I think my car has been searched for like almost 10 times by me and my mum dad.
I was so desperate, I sat on my bed, staring at walls.
Tears starting to flow down.
But looking at the "stay strong" quote stopped my tears.

My mum thought I was sad because you know,
this is a modern era and phone means everything.
But no.
I'm sad because that's my freaking phone.
My first smartphone, my dream phone.

Made a promise with dad that I will use this phone more than 2 years.
But there's only 1 month left....

Accept the truth the next morning.
Phone can still be called through until 12pm, I know it's gone.
How can a iPhone with 55% battery, and 3G on, lasts from 7PM until 12PM?
While tons of calls coming in?

The only possibility that I can think out of is,
I dropped my phone when I went back home.
There were a group of Indian sitting in front of my house, drinking.
There was a party the night before.
A huge gang, I was scared.
Perhaps I dropped my phone when I open the lock of gate,
because I was holding my phone cable, purse, and phone.
They saw it and picked it.
 That's the only guess that may be real.
I even searched the place I parked my car at my aunt's house.
 Perhaps the person who took my phone charged my phone,
otherwise the battery won't last that long.
And he has to wait until morning to bring the phone to be unlocked.
Thankfully I have passcode on even though it is the stupidest passcode ever.

The phone can't be call until around 1pm.
And I made another SIM card with the same number,
so I'm still contactable.
But not whatsapp and wechat.
Line can be used through iPad and mac.
But I lost all my contacts.
Except my family, I can't remember ANY of my friends' number.
If you see this post and want to contact me,
please include your name in the message or I don't know who you are.

So sad I have 2 brand new unused phone case lying.
Now all I can do is staring at the cable, it can't be used anymore.
*Except I get another iPhone.*

Now using an old phone.
Have to wait until my iPhone contract ends, before considering any packages.

For sure, I still hope for an iPhone.
Well I'm Apple fans.

Arghh never been this clumsy and stupid.
Stupid stupid me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Just a quick update before starting new drama.
36 days to new year, argh so fast. It's like I haven't done anything yet.
Oh no, I finally graduated from foundation.
Something definitely worth celebrating.
Anddddd finally speaks out to friend. 
Another memorable thing.

A modbox review will be up soon!
Finally ordered another modbox, as it is not attractive anymore.
I guess the beauty box subscription is all about surprise.
When you get to pick your samples, there's no surprise.
You don't expect what's in the box anymore.
Or at least I don't.
I don't have the happiness when I received modbox anymore.
I used to be like, "Oh it's modbox!!! Have to open immediately and see what's in there!"
But now, it's "Oh the modbox came in. Okay let's see what I ordered. Okay everything there"

The surprise and suspicious are gone. So I stopped ordering.
And their samples kinda remains the same for couple months.
But it's been a while, and I finally see new thing, even though not really attractive to me though.
I ordered, received, took pictures, done.
Nothing much to test out this time hahaha.

I'm not paid to do the review, so I can say whatever I want to say.
Good or bad, it's up to me.

During 1111, 11th November, I bought Taobao on my own.
This is my first time trying buying Taobao by myself.
And I would say, it's simple and easy.
I received the parcel today, a whole box of goods.
It's like getting gifts on Christmas!
Only I paid for it hahaha.

Recently a Taiwaness blogger is in the "sponsored or not" scandal.
Well basically she post everything as her belonging, never labelled sponsored or advertisment.
She closed her Facebook page last week for 2 days, and she said it's been reported.
But when the page reopen, the likes remains the same.
But lots of her ootd post are deleted.
The truth is, there's a law in Taiwan, that you have to declare if it is sponsored or not.
Because it is money related. You have to be clear. And by that, you have to pay tax.
But many bloggers will claim the things as theirs, not sponsored so they can skip paying tax.
So she deleted those posts. Now every fans feels cheated.
Now her page's comments are so interesting.
I love reading them, so sarcastic, much sarcasm.

Well actually who cares if it sponsored?
But you have to label it well.
You said you share this item purely because you used it and like it.
But the fact is, it is sponsored.
We feel cheated because we thought you really like it.
But you're not.
Who to blame?

Time to start watching dramas.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pitches are back!

It's 1:12am now and I'm super excited! I'm so hyped right now, I can't find a suitable word to describe lol.

So, it's the Pitches!!! Pitch Perfect 2 is coming back in May 2015!!! I love the first movie so so so much. I was really excited when I know the screening date, but uber happy when the trailer finally released!!!!!

You have to check this out if you haven't!!! Argh I'm so excited in midnight omg how?!
The opening of the trailer, the Bellas singing "Cups" with no instrument is so aca-mazing! I seriously can't stop repeating it, actually I'm still listening the part right now. I love how aca-awesome are their vocals, and how without any instrument, the song is still lively. Please repeat 0:05-0:46.
Ahhhhhh I don't know can I sleep or not omg!

現在就像是打了雞血一樣興奮!!! 看見trailer出了我就瘋了, 一看完更加開心! 這次是international的比賽, the Bellas一定要贏! 而且好像有了自己的sorority house, 全部都住在一起. 好興奮啊啊啊啊啊
Fat Amy好像變漂亮了!! 應該是瘦了真的漂亮很多了啊啊啊啊
真的好喜歡他們的聲音啊啊啊啊  一直重複0:05-0:45的部份, 真的太喜歡了
我又想重看第一部了哈哈哈. 看不膩, 我就是喜歡這種音樂題材的劇. 即使我知道劇情, 知道台詞, 還是很想重看. 愛情公寓也是一樣的感覺哈哈哈.

就是真的喜歡, 真心喜歡, 再怎麼重看都不會嫌膩, 不會想要快轉.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WOAH It's 12:55am of 12th Nov now.
Almost half-way through Nov. Woah.
A month and half to my degree life.
Gosh I can't wait to be student again.
Even though I never be the good one, lol.

Wanted to blog more but since I don't have a life, I have nothing to blog.
Outing with friend is always the same friend, the same place.
Nothing new to blog, opps.
Other than my one and only friend, I only hang out with my cousin, who is 5 years younger than me.
Trying to get the young vibe from her.
'cause in 3 months, I'm going to be freaking 20.

Oh man I need a life.
My schedule everyday: 
wake up, eat, TV, internet, eat, internet, sleep.
Outing in between lol.

Recently I can't sleep until 3.
I think my body had get used to 3 o'clock but ugh.
I tried sleep earlier, I climbed on bed at 1 or 2.
But then I couldn't fall asleep, in any position.
I'll be like roti prata, flipping left and right.
But I think I found my most comfortable position--lying on tummy.
I found myself waking up to this position omg.

Also, whenever I sleep at left side, which is putting whole lot of pressure on my heart,
I'll dream something bad. 
Not particularly nightmare because they aren't scary.
But they somehow are the things that I am afraid to happen.
Like getting scold by not getting good grades in economics exam, haha.

During the nights that I can't sleep, I think a lot.
I'm thinking sharing my story with friend.
There's no use keeping a secret until death right?
Secrets are to be told, to be shared. lol
I think I'm ready to tell.

Good night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My dream beach vacation.

Beach is always a popular vacation spot. I have that "something" about beach, as well. I always love going to beach, seeing sands, blue or green sea and blue sky. It is such a beautiful place isn't.

 Isn't the edge of sea and sky looks seamless and unlimited? It's just so beautiful just looking at it.

My dream beach vacation is just sitting by the beach, doing nothing. I know there are usually a lot of attractive facilities, like snorkeling, banana boat, even diving, and so much more. But I have no interest in them at all. All I care, is the sand and the sea.

I would love to just sitting there, tanning and relax. Seeing the waves come and go. Back when I'm in Tioman, the morning of the last day, I woke up earlier just to sit at the beach alone. I brought my phone and a bottle of water, sitting on the beach and listening to songs. It's a time for me to forget everything, and really really relax. And of course absorbing vitamin D. 

Watching waves come and go is very relaxing.

I always hope I can go to beach alone, or with couple of friends, we don't go out doing those water activities. We stay at the hotel, and when we're bored, go out and sit on the beach or build a sand castle. I always love soaking/sinking/being in the water, no matter it's sea or pool. Having cocktails (lol) and talk. That's what I really like.

我不喜歡水上活動, 我怕溺死, 而且對我而言算是刺激的活動, 我沒有興趣. 我只希望可以坐在沙灘上, 看著海浪打來, 又消回去. 不曬的話做個沙堡玩玩沙, 曬的話躺在躺椅上, 什麼都不做.
我喜歡這樣的海邊假期. 很純粹的只是想要看海, 什麼都不想做.

Friday, October 17, 2014

One of my favourite places in Malaysia

I visited one of my favourite places in Malaysia---GENTING HIGHLAND!!  YEAH!!! In fact I can't resist going there every time even though I've fully thoroughly explore there. I just love love love there.

My parents, me and my little cousin. Our cousin-bonding-time hahaha! Yes there's no outdoor theme park anymore, and for the N time, I DON'T CARE. I never a fans of the outdoor theme park. I'm not suitable to all those thrilling things. I'm afraid my heart will explode there omg.

From our room, you can see the empty outdoor again
Oops my nail peeked out. By the way the construction carried out throughout the day, the noise is quite loud if you open the window.

 I'm the lao da 老大.


Nah I didn't mean to make them like this! I was uploading this photo to instagram and can't decide which is better. At the end I picked the last one but I think three of them looks pretty funny when they're in sequence.

I was getting bored waiting for her to tie hair up, sooo..... :)
Just me being crazy.

We stayed for 3 days, and we did nothing but staying in the hotel watching Korean shows that I've downloaded. Close your jaws back. I just like the environment and the weather of Genting, that's why I kept on going even though there's literally nothing left except arcade games and snow world. 
Even my favourite McDonald's and KFC in First world hotel are closed T.T  My favourite stall which sells 銅鑼燒 along the road from First World to Genting is also moved T.T I see a lot of changes since my last visit, which is 4 or 5 months ago.
We had to go all the way to Genting just to have McDonald's. Oh and the food court in second floor of First World is also closed!! My favourite teriyaki chicken set!! T.T 

Instead, we went alllll the way to Genting again just to have dinner. We chose Munakata Ramen as I've been craving for a decent ramen for months and Sushi King in Genting is also GONE!

Anyways, I had seafood ramen, and my cousin had a udon set. Both RM25.
 2 lala, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of unknown fish and 2 pieces of squid and 2 pieces of the fishcake as you can see above.
The soup taste extremely like Maggi sup ayam+egg in it. Exactly the same oh god.

Meanwhile my cousin's udon taste extremely like 出前一丁 sesame oil flavoured. lol What's wrong with us?! I was looking forward to some thick broth ramen but all of them are light broth.
We also had salmon sashimi, RM20.

I'm not good at food photo *ahem*
There were roes on them! This was my first time tasting fresh roes and they're awesome! You can taste the sea in every single one of them. Except some were over salty lol.
The sashimi was not thickly sliced, but still a decent thickness. I think it's quite fresh. This was my cousin's first sashimi try! Both us think it's okay.

Oh how can I miss my favourite Famous Amos there! I know Famous Amos can be easily found and there's a shop in City Square, but only the Genting one is really seducing me to buy it. I bought it on the way back to hotel, this is the First World one. The smell of baking is...ugh so seductive. I love the smell of baking chocolate. The heated chocolate always has a smell that's so gooood.
This is the almond brownie. And it was AMAZING
Now I'm regret not buying cookies but only this single one brownie! How could I!!!

After our ramen dinner, on our way back we passed by the Baskin Robbins. And how could us miss dessert?
 I don't exactly know what she's trying to pursue in photo......
Okay mine seems like didn't focus on the cream but whatever!
We shared this sundae, I don't remember the name but it's cookies 'n' cream, and mint chocolate. Drizzled with hot fudge oh so good. RM14  Mint chocolate and waffles are awesome!!

On our way back to Johor, we stopped at Melaka and there's also a Baskin Robbins. I had the flavour of the month, tricks and treat. And it taste pretty much like cookies 'n' cream I would say. I can taste oreos in them.

Getting so hungry at this time, 1:16am naow.
Anyone recommend some decent ramen shop? Still craving for the thick broth pork ramen! 豚骨拉麵!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Sometimes I'm thinking, am I pushing friends away...?

I mentioned this before, I'm very passive.
And when I say I'm passive, I mean super duper passive.

I'm never the kind of friend who will contact you when they feel like.
I just don't.
I'm afraid I might disturb others.
I don't know what to talk.
I'm not used to pour my heart to friend.
I do this to the blog, which also equals to the public.
But I can't start a word to a friend.

I'm used to being cut off.
I'm also used to listen, instead of speak.
I would say I'm a good listener, I can sit there and just listen to you.

Because I don't take the move, our relationship may just drop.
I don't know how to start a conversation, a casual talking.
I'm afraid of going out with just one person, I think it'll be super awkward.
Of course there are exceptions. But only a few.
Mostly, I'm really worried about it.
I would thought of all consequence that may happen, and most of them are bad.

What if we don't talk at all?
What if we turn out only playing phones?
What if we don't have mutual topics to talk? 
What if we'll be super awkward after this outing?

I think a lot.
I know I shouldn't, but I do. I really do.
So I push the invitation off.

Being a super passive person, I don't have much friends.

Are you my friend?

Monday, October 6, 2014


Happy me was happy after typing the last post! Remember I said my mum decided not going back to kampung anymore? She then whatsapp me later that we're going back! (Yes we were in the same house but using whatsapp. Save the trouble of shouting and running up and down lol)

Happily going back! We went back to Dangi, a small village but big enough in the map lol, in Negeri Sembilan. The first thing we did was going to Kuala Pilah for 水魚! I don't know what it's called in English and definitely not "water fish" lol. 水魚就是憋, 水魚湯麵來嘎. 很好吃! It's very very famous in Kuala Pilah. After lunch, we went to visit my mum's uncle, and he's living in a house literally surrounded by forest. He said he'll hear tiger's growling sound at night. O.O
After back to my aunt's house, we went to the saloon, which located behind a kopitiam lol. My mum dyed her hair and I got a hair wash. You know what, mum's dying and my washing, plus my aunt short hair washing, the total was not even 1/3 from our regular dying! It's like RM50 for my mum's dying, and she has quite long hair. We were shocked when we heard the price. I decided to get a wash every time I'm back lol.

Oh yeah nice washed and blown hair.

Later the night, we headed to Tampin for the famous pork satay. This stall even got recommended by Sinchew I think. Everyone there, including my mum, every local says the stall started at 11pm/12am. We arrived there by 11:30-ish, and it was SOLD OUT. I was like what?! We drove 20 minutes in the midnight and you're sold out?! Turns out people reserved and they may or may not turn up. And the stall starts at 10:30pm. Who on earth spread the news saying 12am?!

Then we opt for the 龍江面 which is also the speciality of Tampin. Annndddd it was freaking sold out as well. SUPER DISAPPOINTED. Later we finally found a shop called 小泰廚 I guessed. Thai food at 12am is totally new to me. But they have pork satay so okay.
But it didn't taste great. It tasted 90% exactly like how my family marinated the chicken wings for barbecue. I can do that as well lol.
I ordered 炒冬粉.
This was tasteless! I only finish half of it because a)I'm too ful  b)Too tasteless. Nothing like Thai food wtf.

Anyways! The second day aka today, after breakfast in kopitiam, typical breakfast---half-boiled eggs and toast with kopi-o. Nothing taste familiar like this. My childhood in kampung!
To pick up more of my childhood memories in kampung, went to my favourite shop and bought snacks.
I forgot the apollo biscuit!! omg I was talking about that but then I forgot it omg omg. The tauke neo of the shop has the same name with me lol.

We started our journey back to Johor after a quick shower. We went to Tampin again to find food. We went to every shop we know, and they're all sold out at 2pm!! I can't believe how hard to find Chinese shop that is still operating at 2pm!! Where are people?! We settled with noodles in the only shop that we can see.
I don't know why is it so hard to find food back in Negeri Sembilan...  ㅠ.ㅠ

Then we're back! We went to Scientex/mutiara rini for dinner. There were couple new hawker centre going on. And guess what? We found pork satay here wtf! And it actually tasted nice!!

This is the link that I can find about the famous pork satay in Tampin. See this post was published back in 2008, and it says 12am too. IT'S FREAKING 10:30PM NOW PEOPLE!
You can't imagine how frustrated and disappointed we were because it was drizzling, and we can't find anything to eat lol.

I saw this in Weibo. When I saw this, I was like "yeah that's me". I've been there. I know people were calling me. Or perhaps now is still calling lol.

I am sporting this nails now! No the black lines weren't hand drawn. I learnt this on a instagram account, Nailsartvidss.

Big-headed photos are so popular in the internet, and I downloaded a random one to play with. Obviously you have to choose picture with nothing in the background lol. Also I used Meitu Xiuxiu's taller effect. I think it's fun to play with apps haha!

I guess that's it for today! I'll try hard to keep this blog as updated and possible! I'm being so lazy on blogging and since I have so many times, I'll try to blog more often  ;)

Stay strong, stay positive, stay happy!! ❤

Friday, October 3, 2014


Today is international smile day! According to the website Checkiday, today is also :

~Look at the leaves day
~National family TV show day
~National virus appreciation day
~World smile day!

 Well, they are quite unique and funny, but interesting! Try to look at leaves today, watch more TV show and be grateful how healthy you are. Do not forget to smile! Smile is something powerful that can make someone's day. A smile can bright up a person's mood, so smile more!

It is October, or High School Musical month to me. :)  I'll do a High School Musical marathon in this month. I might forget the lyrics, but magically I remember most of the lines from the show!

I was feeling uncomfortable today when I was in shopping mall. I received some weird looks from staffs of a shop, I saw it clearly one staff telling another to look at me, and another. I was feeling self-conscious, I was broken again. I felt panic and afraid. But I think the Korean dinner has swept my bad mood away and totally make me happy! It's okay to be broken sometimes, as long as you pick your ass up, and put your shit together afterward.

I'm not a plan person. I don't plan out my day, I just do whatever I feel like. But if I have plans scheduled, I want to do that. Even the plan involves other. I feel bad not being able to carry out the plan. I'm strict on plans and promises, as I mentioned before.

My mum said we're going back to kampung tomorrow. But just now, due to the holiday, she's afraid of intense traffic, we're not going back anymore.
This is totally reasonable, but somehow I feel mad. Because first you said we will go, but then you get a reason not going back. I just don't like people 出爾反爾.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Ugh September is going to end in like, 1 week? Today is going to end in 8 minutes.

It's only 1 week since I got my result, but I feel like it's been forever.

Not really sure how am I going to pass the remaining 3 months... My parents seems to give up on asking me to get a job. God my mum made promises to travel overseas but then you want me to get a job? If you want me to work, DON'T MAKE PROMISES. I'm super serious on promises.

There's a not sure promise or not, but wish. We friends hope to go travel in December. To be honest, I am having hopes on it. I AM.

"Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them," I said.
Issac shot me a look. "Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That's what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. Don't you believe in true love?"

---John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.


People just make them. Sometimes people don't recognize the fact that, promise is a big word.
You make it, you break it.
What's the whole point of making them then?

Friday, September 19, 2014


Happy day, happy me!

Went to City Square with cousin today, our motive today was---Seoul Garden! I'm really wondering why is it named Seoul Garden when it has nothing related to Korea at all? Barbeque? lol
Anyways, the squids are extremely salty, as always. I love their fish!

Bought a few things that make me happy! Finally bought 神與人的遊戲2. Wonder how the characters continue the game to up-level, 連接高我.

Also bought my favourite favourite favourite (so important that I have to mention 3 times) eyeliner. K-palette 24hr eyeliner, this time in another limited packaging! It's on offer so from RM59.9, it's now only RM39.9! What a grab! Can't miss the deal as I saved RM20!

I finally finished "It's ok, that's love".  And I really love the drama. It's really worth watching, for those who haven't watch it, I reccommand this. It's like plot twist within plot. It's awesome, never watch this kind of genre.

Been on happy mood after finish the drama! Now I want to continue rewatching "iApartment". It's like my must-watch drama every holiday.

I found something interesting on Wechat today, from the public account "水瓶座秘語寶庫"
It's Chinese Zodiac analysis.

For year of boar/pig/me,
1. 喜歡吃, 頂級吃貨.
2. 霸道, 有很強佔有欲.
3. 懶, 超級怕麻煩.
4. 愛捉弄人, 事後還經常自鳴得意.
5. 超自戀, 沒事就愛臭美.
6. 容易害羞, 遇到喜歡的人反而會疏遠.
7. 外冷內熱, 對陌生人視而不見.
8. 固執, 不善於變通.
9. 過於溫柔, 經常把愛人慣壞.

From 7 out of 9, I would say this is accurate lol. I think this apply to zodiac in different horoscope. I read year of dragon for my cousin and she thought accurate as well, despite that she's not Aquarius.

I like these simple happy day! But my mood can go super extreme anytime, so..!
Hopefully the mood will go smooth for the rest of the night!

ALSO! HAVE TO MENTION THIS! So important that every word has to be in capital. I FINALLY GRADUATED FROM FOUNDATION!
I mean, it's like as happy as I graduated from high school! :/
I failed subjects so I had to retake another semester, and few weeks before finals, some of our friends from foundation actually started their degree life. So when we bumped in schools, they'll like, "Selina! What are you studying?" " Another sem." "Oh.."
Crap, that's freaking awkward. I was so afraid I would have to meet this situations for another sem! BUT!!! Thank goodness I passed every subjects! And I'm now officially graduated from the freaking foundation!
I don't know how the hell I passed my mathematics, but obviously I did! And I'm super excited!
When I saw the results, I didn't even know C means pass or fail lol. I have to ask friend to make sure. I was super duper happy when I confirmed it's a pass!

People may think I'm overreacting as I only graduated from Foundation.
BUT! Because I retook one semester, and if I failed my mathematics, that's another sem. And it goes on if I can't pass it.
SO! I feel damn happy because I overcome the hugest obstacle ever in foundation.  :D

I will start my degree next year, January intake, in English. I am finally taking steps to realize my childhood dream---to be a teacher.  :D
I'll definitely get my shit together next year to graduate in time. Because I'll be studying the course that I genuinely like.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm a super emotional person, as everyone knows. I actually have 2 posts in drafts, but they are so negative and emotional, so I didn't post them out. I think I've spread too much negativity omg lol.

If you haven't know, I'm Blackjack. Fans of 2NE1. I'm super in love with the song "it hurts" at the moment. I have no idea why but I just keep on repeating the song again and again.

This is the live version, my favourite.

Even though Park Bom the one with green microphone, looks like she's out of breath, but she is the one who delivers the emotion to the audience. I love her voice so much because her voice is really unique. I always feel "something" from her voice.

Her last line brought me to tears when I first listened to this.

CL (the gold mic) and Park Bom brought so much emotion here. I love love love the last chorus, where Park Bom and Minzy (the purple mic) sings together.

My current favourite of 2NE1's songs are all ballads omg. I love "Happy" as well lol.

It's actually 10:49am right now, and I have exam at 1pm lol. I better studying right now!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014



幾個月前和朋友單獨吃飯的時候, 被問了這個問題.
當下我的回答是, "我覺得沒有人會真正的了解自己".
朋友說, 他覺得有.

有時候太多東西, 是從別人那裡聽來的.

我算是蠻相信星座的人, 我喜歡看星座分析.
當看到分析符合的時候, 我覺得有人懂我哈哈哈.

但是曾經看過一篇報導, 星座不能代表一切.

基本上不同星座的星座分析, 都能夠基本代入所有人.
好像是有一個實驗, 問人們對自己的想法.
寫出來的東西, 多數都是我們看星座分析裡面看到的東西.

我是, 但我相信很多人都是怕孤單的.
然而有些時候, 我也很喜歡自己一個人.

也有分析說 水瓶座很愛看海.
但是我相信  全世界有70%的人都喜歡看海.

了解自己, 我覺得這是個很深奧的問題.
因為人類愛批判, 所以我們會聽到很多聲音.
有時候就會自然而然的把別人對我們的看法, 當做是自己的特徵.

有一個題目是, 你會在意別人的意見嗎? 你會被別人的意見左右自己的想法嗎? 之類的
我說我會在意意見, 但是我不會被左右.

但是現在我仔細想想, 又好像會.
有時候我是真的很固執, 我想要做這個就會做, 想要買這個就會買.
可是有時候別人說, 真的要這樣? 真的要買?
我就會想說, 這樣啊, 那算了啦.

還是那是我不敢拒絕別人的特徵? lol

這幾天在看 深雪 的小說, "神與人的遊戲".
連接高我, 就是這個遊戲的關鍵.
什麼是高我?  怎麼連接高我?
發揮你自己的本領 能力  幫助自己或者別人
讓靈魂發光  體驗到愛.

裡面的一個角色, 尚媛, 總覺得自己是好女孩.

在尚媛看來, 這是好事.
但是其實, 尚媛是嫉妒.

但是在他心裡, 他始終覺得這是好事.

像尚媛一樣, 他覺得他這輩子只做了好事.
但是那是因為, 他只做了他自己定義為 [好] 的事情.

能不能夠真正了解自己, 發揮自己,



但是能不能完成  進去下一個level?

但是這  真心不是一件容易的事情

其實寫了那麼多  我都不知道我的重點跑哪裡去了


Saturday, August 23, 2014

사랑하는 친구들.

我喜歡朋友. 我喜歡一堆朋友在一起的時候.
基於某人在微醺之下有的想法, 我們4個昨天聚在我家喝蘋果汁啦~

其實嚴重覺得不夠喝. 我們只買了一手, 剛好4只. 但大家都處於省省喝的狀態! 才330ml, 一罐氣水也才325ml, 所以其實, 真的很少-,-

微醺之下, 我們玩盡了我電腦的photobooth.

我們絕對沒有醉哈哈哈. 畢竟...蘋果汁.
當然它其實是4.5%, 只是你喝下去的味道...蘋果汁. 所以我不是在強調我很會喝酒, 因為某位不會喝酒的人也表示, 甜甜的.
但是應該有微醺了哈哈哈. 昨天有人已經出現微醺狀態了.

也當然, 如果photobooth只能拍普通照片就不叫做photobooth了.

哈哈哈哈哈! 這張超好笑的!!!!!!

我們就這樣聚在我的床上, 喝酒吃零食, 還有嗑瓜子 /.\
玩了真心話大冒險 wtf.
說了一點點真心話  opps.

然後回憶我們的中學.  回憶我們的回憶.
所以我們非常的吵鬧. 我媽媽從樓下發來whatsapp 表示我們太吵了XDD

我是非常難說出自己心裡話的人  所以有這種機會真好哈哈哈

不然我們5EA1 的5個人就來齊咯~~

聚在一起短短几個小時 聯絡感情.


Thursday, August 21, 2014


The last drama that I finished was The Heirs. Yes, I didn't watch My Love From The Star. It attracted me when the teaser was played during 2013 year-end award ceremony. But then it became so huge, so popular, I lost the interest in it haha. But I think I may watch it perhaps next year, or 2 years later haha. Like what I did to We Got Married, when it was so popular, I think people are crazy to watch artists' virtual marriage. But then I watched it, and I was so into it.

Anyways, I just finished Monstar, a music drama from 2013. I saw the teaser on Channel U before, but I can't remember the date and time, and I don't watch TV as much, so I missed the show. But this is always in my mind, I wanted to watch this so badly. Finally, I had time to watch it and finished it. It's only 12 episodes, and I love it.

Music drama always attracts me, like High School Musical, Glee and Dream High. This is just another Glee like show. Unlike HSM and DH, they don't pursue a singing dream. But it's like Glee, different kind of students gather together, just because they like singing, they like music. They formed a group, Color Bar.

Like most of the school-based drama, the importance of friendship is always the topic. Also, loveline is something to be expected.
In this drama, Se Yi and Sul Chan are together. I prefer Sun Woo actually, he is so understanding, and never let Se Yi cries. But like Na Na says, what's the point keeping a girl laugh while girls always go for the guy who make them cry.
I like Kang Ha Neul so much! He is also the senior in The Heirs, Hyo Sin sunbae.

I like the songs they covered too. I was surprised how good were they. 

Right now I'm watching Trot Lover/Lovers of Music. Eunji of APink is the lead. I like her a lot because she's very cute, and I super love her vocal. Shin Bora, my favourite gag woman also in the show, but her character isn't that likeable from the 2episodes I've watched. But she's an amazing singer. She is the best gag singer!

But Eunji sounds a little awkward because she's trying to cover her Busan accent. She definitely sounds better in accent! Hahaha. But she incredibly can sing trot! And sounds amazing too. 

I really hope to see more this kind of Korean music drama!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


我是在愛奇藝看的  我的mac可以下載他的apps 沒有地區限制
我是終極粉 我最愛終極三國 還有一家
目前為止 終極系列我都看完了

太爛了   劇本整個太爛了
大戰怎樣了? 不知道
夏天夏宇怎樣了? 不知道
哪一方會贏? 不知道

突然 蹦出一個蒼穹可以加入大戰了
硬硬安插spexial 所謂的客串
為什麼蒼穹回來, 其他人回不來...

但是不得不說 藍心湄的演技真的超級強悍
當他入魔的時候  當他知道兒子回不來的時候
哇塞  演技不是蓋的耶

終極一班2 終極一班3 終極X宿舍

一班2和3  太著重在感情線了

太失望了 真的太失望了
雖然是贏了 我們的人卻犧牲了
打了好幾年的大戰  突然因為終極X克人的加入


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Late night talk.

Inspirations always flow at the night, especially midnight. It's currently 2:10am.
It's raining outside, pouring super hard, and I have Ugly by 2NE1 as background music as I type this haha. 2NE1 actually put the raining effects for Ugly in their AON concert.

After a long time, I finally log into my page again. My popin' cookin' page.
As expected, there are many messages, and I didn't even read them. Because I'm not selling anymore.
I mentioned it to my 14-year-old cousin, someone offer to buy my page. And I rejected.
She said I'm silly, what's the use of me keeping the page?
But, it's my work.

I spent time and heart on the page. It's not like, oh let's see how many messages do we have, oh let's reply the messages, receive money, send product out, done. No, hell no.
It's a Japanese product, it's from Japan. I did many research on wholesellers to get a reasonable price. the shipping fee were freaking expensive. I couldn't cover anymore therefore I have to raise my price.
For the god sake, I have to even do research on whether if it's halal because we're living in Malaysia. Again, this is Japanese product, they don't have certificate to prove this is halal, but also they can't prove it's not halal. Contacted the wholeseller and Kracie yet no answer. I couldn't afford to send them for test, well because I was still a student and I don't know how to go over the process.
Andddd it created a big mess on me. Cyber bullied came in, yoohoo. Then some friends supported me by speaking out to the bullier, thank you so much for those who stood up.

Back to the topic, I don't know how much does the buyer willing to buy my page. Because once I saw the message, I rejected right away. It's my baby you know. 1k of likes isn't easy to reach as popin' cookin' was just a heat. There was the time "RRcherrypie" on YouTube was so famous, everyone saw their videos. Popin' cookin' was so popular and so many people were searching for it. I set up my page at the very right time because that was the peak. But as time goes on, the heat cooled down, and no one looking for it anymore. Most of the messages I received after the heat were from children who wanted to buy it, mostly Malay, and I know it won't work because well, they were too young to shopping online. Most of them were 8-12. Like seriously?

But anyways, I didn't, and will not sell my page because it's my baby. Well I think no one is interested in this anymore lah.

"Say something I'm giving up on you "
Please, say something so I can give up on you. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


As we grow bigger, and older, the lesser we blog lol.

Last month, had dinner with a friend, who's been in the same class for straight 6 primary school years. She seemed so mature when there were only both of us lol.
She talked a lot. She said I always seems emo. She talked a lot into me.

To be honest, that was the only time I'm all honest with my feelings and thinking for a long time. I always hide my feelings. I'm the kind of person with ostrich mindset. I'll run away from problems. Often.
I never speak quite much about college. It's not that fascinating as you think. I've been in college for 1 year. And I pretty much only blog about negative things. Because I don't always feel positive in school.

But now, there aren't much of us who didn't graduate on time. When we're in the class, us the seniors are always in a group. This semester it's kinda like my favourite semester. Because I do make friends. We do connect, we do speak, we do contact. It's not like the past 3 semester, who I may never said more than 5 sentences throughout 3 semester. But we're speaking now.

I can't make friends easily. I can't even look into their eyes for long time lol.
I'm strange, huh?

I started making nails again, yey! I change my nails very often this couple weeks. I think today's is the third I'm wearing in these 2 weeks. I enjoy doing nails!
Now I'm super in love with wearing 2 different colours.

I love that baby blue! My left hand is just gradient pink.

Then this was my second nails. Inspired by cutepolish. I was in the middle of computer class and super bored, went on Googling cutepolish, and tadah! Look from a distance, this did look great lol. But when you're looking up close, you'll see how bad it is lol. But overall I like this design.

My left hand now. Forgive me, I haven't clean up the nails. I'm wearing my newly bought polish from Etude House. The name goes like "nice mint yoo". The yoo as in Korean. This is my bad translation haha! "나이스 민트유", #69. The polish was kinda streaky, which I didn't experienced much from the Play series products. This is weirdly streaky so I have to do polka dots on it to cover the streak marks. I don't want to remove and redo.  And the one on my ring finger is called "firework", "파이어워크",  #112. I applied 2 coat for more opaque effect, because it's hard to get the glitter on the place you want them to be.

On my right hand,
it's like a light tan colour, very natural that is suitable for everyday. It's called "midnight radio" "새벽라디어", #33. I also applied the fireworks on my pinky for a little glitter touch.

I bought them yesterday, and received samples. The samples made me happy despite that I already owned the full size toner lol. But anyways, I think this is my first time getting samples from Etude House. So, yeah! Happy me getting samples!

I finally get time to watch The Fault In Our Stars after finishing the book. I was well prepared, to cry but somehow 2 girls bought ticket beside me. I didn't cry much lol. But a Malay girl cried so hard that you could keep hearing her sobbing during the later part of the movie.
It was good. I got goosebumps when their lines are exactly the same with the book. I also love how they did the details in the movie. But I was looking forward to see Hazel's friend, Kaitlyn. But she didn't appear in the movie. Isaac is kinda hot too lol.
I want to watch this movie again, kinda. This movie is so nice.

I can rewatch the movie I like for million times. Pitch Perfect is my favourite movie at the moment, still. I watched it at least 5 times and the count will keep on going. I like some old Disney movies, DCOM, like Camp Rock. Haha!

Anyways! This is a full post of crap. I'm going to sleep, it's 1:16am. Goodnight!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



我最近真的很常在想 什麼東西變了?
是我自己變了? 還是身邊的人變了?
總感覺 一切的一切 和以前不一樣.

以前的我們 說起話來很隨便 反應很直接
可是現在 我說的話我要過濾 我的反應我要思考
我不能什麼話都說 什麼故事都講 因為你永遠不知道會傳到哪裡去
當你以為不會有第三個人知道 偏偏有第四個 第五個甚至更多人知道

當我說了一個東西 別人的回復和反應
我會開始想 這真的是他真心的反應嗎
這句話是真的嗎 還是有在諷刺我什麼

感覺不能單純對人了 不再是以前那個
在課室裡講話 想笑就笑了
所有的事情在我腦裡七彎八拐的 變得不一樣了

一旦跨越那個坎 你就是大人了
所以我沒有太期待20歲的到來 我不想他來
我不想長大  :(

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'm back from a 3 days weekend getaway! It is actually very nice to have this because it does help me relax. ;) Cleared my mind in these 3 days.

But now I have to worry about everything.
Mathematics class tomorrow.
English presentation on Thursday.

I seriously hate maths. I see no points of learning it if we're not going to be mathematicians.
But then, I seriously don't want to be super senior for another sem. I need to learn it myself as the teacher's teaching can't really help me wtf.
I guess I have to rely on myself! I hate maths but I need to PASS IT!!!

Just thinking of maths class tomorrow makes me having headache. :/
What if I still fail maths this sem?
What if I still have to retake maths next sem?
What if...........

These just came across my mind.
I'm afraid, I do.

These thinking make me more regret of taking FIA. I seriously hate the marketing department because they made us chose FIA.
But I can't give up now......
I can't simply switch to diploma now.

Oh God.

I don't know what to do.

Anyone like, seriously patient enough to teach me maths?

Damn it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surprising holiday.

*sneezing!* Ahem, I'm feeling unwell. The weather recently is either overheat, or rain. Drink more water!!
I resist to have medicine lol. I want my body to heal myself hahaha, I'll see how it goes in few days, then decide whether to have medicine or not.

It's a surprising holiday for Johorians today. Last night, I was doing homework for today's English class, last minute homework, as always. Then I felt tired of reading long passages, I browsed Facebook on phone then seeing someone posting holiday tomorrow. I was like, what?
Then I proceeded to the most reliable source, Google, typing "johor holiday 26 june". Sounds funny? It did the job. =)
Then I saw The Star's news, I read it and I was like yes!! It's holiday! But then I realized that, we're not sure if we have the holiday or not. I refreshed Facebook for so many times, finally after an hour, the result was, the student union said that they will announced tomorrow before 11am.
Eh wtf? Then how about us having early class? I have class at 9, if you announce holiday at 11, isn't unfair to all of us? lol This was my first thought when I saw the post.

Woke up at 7 this morning, I can't even open my eyes properly. But then the first thing I did was browsing Facebook, finding the answer. Thankfully they announced it early! It's official holiday!
Actually it's obviously a holiday to students, but as private institution and Chinese school and college, we just can't confirm right?
Then I received message from Jue Shan, then I received Line message, then I received a call. Obviously there are good students who go to sleep early and don't browse Facebook early in the morning.
My cousin WALKED to school and realizing school wasn't not opening, and other students waiting for parents to come. Then he WALKED back home directly.
I was feeling a lil guilty because I thought of telling him yesterday night, but I think there will be friends of him online all night long, and saw the news and inform them. But no one did lol.

All I did today was having late breakfast with cousin sister, then stayed at home all day. It's a lazy holiday and I like it!
I was actually planning skipping school tomorrow too! But then I realize there's a quiz tomorrow wtf. -.-
Luckily I remembered it, otherwise I'll lost the marks!!!

It's freaking hard to sleep with stuck nose. You can't breath with nose, so you have to use mouth. But the mouth will dried quickly! I felt like getting up and drink water within 10 minutes last night -.-
It's suffering!

It's like people can't bother to listen me. I often can't finish my stories or sentence. I may be cut off by others, then they started their stories, or they have to leave their seats, etc etc. People also can't remember what I said, but wanting me to remember every word they said. I get asked often, "do you remember xxx that I mentioned to you last time?" They expect a "yes" from you. But I can't expect it from others.
It applies in school too. I told my friend things about class when she was absent, but next week, she'll forget everything and I said I told you last week, she's like, "really? I don't remember."
I freaking have no idea why people treat me like this. All I want is just, listen to me, let me finish my story not cutting off me and start telling your stories. This make me don't wanna speak anymore.
That's why I always say I'm a good listener, because no one wants to listen to me, so I listen others.
I'm not a quiet person, definitely not. It depends people around me. I'm quiet now even with my friends. But I'm noisy with my cousins, I like to talk, I talk a lot when I'm with cousins. They make me comfortable to speak.

Super sleepy, gotta sleep.
Stay strong Selina, STAY STRONG.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I know this is super boring and annoying, but I still wanna say, 我又想念Cory了. lol
Just watched Glee "Quarterback", and I was trying to watch it as calm as I can. I tried, I really tried, but at 12 mins, I burst out crying, again.
That's a line tickled my heart, "now he's gone".Anddddd a ninja cut onion in front of me again.

We had a small gathering last week, primary school friends. There were 6 of us.

I love how we still hang out after so many years. I love I'm always included in the gathering lol. I know I mentioned this a lot, but I really love this gang of people.
So many things to talk, so many things to reminisce. We seems like never got tired to discuss about the times back then. We always talk about people who lost contact with us.
We didn't change much from the past. I treasure this friendship a lot.
In these 6 of us, 1 is working, 2 of us are in Southern, the rest are in form 6. But thankfully we still have the mutual topic to talk!
I hope the gathering will be hold very soon! Looking forward to the hotpot party, and macaroons!

We stopped holding huge gatherings since form 3. It's time to keep that tradition going on ;)
Otherwise in another few years, we may separated to different places to further study.

I talked to my English teacher yesterday, after class. I was curious on her alma mater, and degrees. I saw the passion of her in education. It's definitely a brave choice to quit from what you're doing now, and going for education. I love how she speaks proper English as well, unlike the teacher from last semester.... lol.
I told her I was originally wanna take up diploma in English, but persuaded by the marketing department, ends up in foundation, like most of us lol.
Then she told me that, after finishing diploma in English, the graduates will get chance to further overseas! 2 of her students even further in Australia!!!
I was like, wtf! I should've stick with diploma!! I hate the marketing dep. more now lol.
She said I am mature (well thank you, I'll take that as compliment), and our school needs this kind of students. Omo, was she saying that students in SCU are childlish lol. Just kidding!
I guess that's because English department is lacking of students now, as the language courses aren't the best choice people will choose. People always go for business or financial or accounting, the courses that can kinda ensure your future.
Well, I'm glad I have the passion in English.  :)

But I have problems in speaking. I can't speak properly when I'm in front of people who speaks well. I couldn't speak well yesterday as well. I will 結巴. But when I'm alone, I'm completely fine! I guess that's no use speaking well when alone, while 結巴 when talking to people, right?

最近, 左眼一直出現雙眼皮. 我知道那是因為眼睛干和累了.
可是我右眼眼皮很厚, 不可能出現雙眼皮.

但是我希望他是在平時出現, 不是晚上不睡覺的時候哈哈哈.

要出去的話, 拆下來后也會有一點弧度, 又不會過度.
上星期父親節的時候, 就這樣出去了.
工作人士就是不一樣, 只不過說好的請客,
從老媽生日, 拖到母親節, 再拖到父親節才實現哈哈哈.
 無視我的大歪臉, 我正在嘗試補救中, 不知道行不行罷了.
嘴唇很沒有血色 :(
That's why 我很喜歡一個maybelline的lip balm.
既有護唇膏的滋潤, 也有顏色. 而且buildable.
可以當口紅用, 可以根據event來看涂多厚.
上次出席婚禮也是直接涂lip balm, 而不是口紅.

好吧, 照片里似乎看不出來. 😂

有一個網上在滑手機的時候, 突然想起pitch perfect,
我很喜歡Fat Amy這個角色.
很酷, 很直, 很有個性.

深感應該要改名了, Fat Selina好了.
So twig bitches like YOU don't do it behind my back.
 No particular person in mind.
But I bet A LOT of YOU did say I'm fat.
It's not like I care.

Can't think of any tittle to this post.
Hey will do.
I need sleep.
Good night.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


As the tittle, miss defines many. But I'm saying, missing someone..

I miss Cory Monteith, aka Finn Hudson on Glee.

I missed him so badly few days ago. Many scenes of him on Glee flows up in my memory, and it hit me so badly.
The national of the season, they sang songs of Finn's favourite. Of course, we wouldn't know it if his mother didn't say it. But you'll know, that kind of genre.
Then some scenes of him pop up. Anddddddddd a ninja cut onions in front of me.
I couldn't stop myself lol.

好想念. 只因為一首歌  想起了Cory. 螢幕上又播著他的畫面, 讓人心痛.
332天了耶. 快一年了. 好快好快.
忘記不了那一天  知道消息后瘋狂的谷歌  我怕那是誤傳  我怕那是惡作劇

為了慶祝100集的時候  連續2集都有翻唱以前他們唱的歌. 有些是一樣的人 一樣的調  有些是改版的  但是我們的Gleek都知道  裡面永遠少了一把聲音...
這2集的歌  現在重聽  幾乎每一首都會讓我想哭.

曾經因為慧敏的推薦  看了Glee  本來保持著一種看看的心態
可是被poker face這首歌完全吸引過去了
看了好久  瘋狂的喜歡  酷我音樂盒里都是Glee的歌
可是後來慢慢的不看了  找不到可以看得link了  我就不看了
斷斷續續看到了第三季還是第四季一半吧  我就不看了

過後就是Cory去世的消息  我懵了
然後終於找到link看了  馬上追回去
好不容易跟上腳步看到了第五季  第三集也同時讓我哭慘了
看了2遍吧  我控制不住

因為那不只是一個人物的去世  那是一個我們喜歡的人去世

You'll always be missed, Cory.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014




你們倆  能不能合作一點

腦袋啊  記憶啊
不要欺負我  好嗎?






都快2年了  欺負我快2年了

我相信  一個人死不了
一個人  至少不會和別人吵架哈哈哈
一個人  也可以很快樂的


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tioman trip

Holiday ended, it's time to face the reality. School started yesterday, and it's so unfamiliar when I reached the school. I don't see any familiar face, and it's freaking awkward when I went into the classroom. Everyone were my juniors, and I knew no one. Thanks God there's Karen in the same class with me since we had the same mathematics class before in second semester as well. But she's super far away from meeee. :(
The lecturer was like a new lecturer, all he did was read directly from notes. Can you believe it? It's mathematics! And the notes are exactly same with mine, I just kept looking at notes. This is also my first time encounter a lecturer who scans the notes from the book directly for us. OMG

I went to Pulau Tioman last Friday! Our class trip to Tioman was on 19th, we missed each other lol. I never thought that I'll go Tioman, because I have other plan. But the plan cracked due to my father and brother's work, so I went to Tioman with my mum, and her friends.
They were actually planning to play golf there, so I brought laptop and book along because I thought I'll have plenty alone time. But turns out they only played 9 holes, due to the bad course and flies lol, so I was with them all the time!

The first look when we arrived at the jetty.

My mum's friend took this, I stole the picture lol. We stayed in this kind of chalet. It's like a house with four different rooms.

While the golfers hit the golf course, I went to the poolside with others. 2 aunties and 1 uncle lol. As you can see, I'm bad at taking panorama photos lol.

You know the kind of photos that girls take? You can't tell if that are legs or sausages? This is my version. It's......elephant legs. lol!  AND NO, THAT'S NOT MY STOMACH. THAT IS THE FREAKING BAG THAT I'M HOLDING.

The sand isn't as pretty as Redang's.  :(

I love how the sun reflects on the sea.

Aunties and uncle were having fun in the pool and sea! I didn't changed because I didn't know I had to go with them, I thought I'll have some alone time and I planned to take a nap lol.

Stolen from auntie as well lol. The second day, we had our breakfast outside of our house. It's like picnicking. I'm the one in pink!

The second night's sunset. It was very very pretty, I'm actually at the seafood restaurant. I took off my shoes while we're eating. It's so nice to eat on the beach.

The very first selfie with mum lol. And she complained that the sea wasn't in the photo.

There you go, a human and the sea.

The sun almost gone.

After dinner, we went to the pub in the resort, because there's live band. And there's a table of foreigners beside us. When the atmosphere got high, they came and danced with the aunties lol. And the aunties pulled me out too! Super awkward and I kept looking at mum who was sitting there looking at me. -.-  Other aunties also didn't want to save me as well. They just asked me to relax, and dance with the guy. 
I didn't even know what we were dancing, it turns out it's waltz. O.O  I didn't know what I was doing. 

2 of them can speak Korean! They're Canadian but they learnt Korean in America lol. We didn't speak much because no one understands them lol. But it's so cool to see a Canadian speaking Korean, yet I understand him!

The last morning, I got up earlier and went to the beach alone. It's so relaxing. A cleaner who was working on the beach greeted me. Everyone was so friendly here.   :)
 I call this, the broccoli island.

 The sea is very clear, transparent. It's like tap water, no colour at all even though it looked blue. It's tooooooo clear that you won't believe it's sea water.
 I was sitting on the beach, watching the waves come and go.
And it was so hot from my right side, the sun was scorching and my thigh felt super hot and got red.
 And this was my remedy to cure it lol. I introduce you, the sand mask. lol!
 Saw China tourist taking photo lol. Look at that butt!

After the beach, I went back and took a bath, then we went to have our breakfast. We parted into 2 groups, and I'm in the Chinese restaurant group lol. Other went to the Malay restaurant. We had seafood porridge, and it costed us RM184 for 5 people. We put 1 huge fish and 5 huge prawns into it. The prawns was RM59.

After breakfast, we went to the duty free shop. MY CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! I took whatever I want lol. Aunties also tell me which are good, so I bought them as well lol. I bought also a champagne chocolate, and it is so good! I put the chocolate in the fridge, so the champagne in the middle is slightly frozen, but you can taste the alcohol.

I bought also the jelly beans!
 There's no the special version, the one including ear wax, boogers, vomit and other scary flavours! I'll definitely buy that if I see one.
 There's 20 flavours, but I see some repeating colours in it so it may not including all of them?
My first try was this, and I picked it out. It didn't really tasted marshmallow. But I had the bubble gum one and it tasted nice!

It was a fun weekend getaway! I didn't thought the trip will be so fun! We had over 100 beers in 2 days, and spent a fortune on eating. But the aunties were so nice, they didn't count me in account because they don't charge a kid! We're 11 but only count 10 in account. I felt so bad so as mum.  :(  
Aunties were too kind!! I ate same amount of food with them, perhaps more lol, and I had beers as well. But they insisted on not counting me. So my mum and I only paid for one person.

I don't know how much the trip cost because the organizer Auntie Pei Ling is the member of the club I guessed, and she had free rooms. The first night was free and we only pay for 1 room of second night. Other rooms are free. But it's RM800+ for 2 nights, 1 room. The room was super simple, so I think it's expensive. :/
We paid for food but it already costs a bomb. I didn't think that we'll spend so much on food!

I added the vintage filter in Meitu, and it's my phone lock screen now! The filter makes the photo softer and nicer. 

It's so nice to have a trip with aunties. That's why I like going out with mum, because some of her friends like to tell me things that I should know in the way to grow. Auntie Pei Ling told me about friends, and it kinda made me wanna cry lol. Some faces popped up in my mind when she told me that friends can be divided into different levels and groups. 
Auntie Pei Ling is a very nice person. 她的人脈很廣, 而且強悍的可怕. 

I wanted to go on trip with them again! Even though we'll spend a lot on food.... but it's fun!
It's sleep time, I have class tomorrow morning.

Until next time, 뿅!!!