Sunday, January 19, 2014


Just finished watching the performance by Broadway Academy Talent School, a Glee spectacular, a tribute to Cory Monteith.
Now having beer with mum somewhere near hotel. Lol

Not nice blond beer. Lol Like I know everything about beer, no I don't. 

I actually didn't have high hopes on this show, because it's a show by a performing school. But it turns out amazing. 

It is a showcase of the students, so there are a lot of different performance, including 4 little girl singing a medley of Taylor Swift's songs. So funny and adorable! They didn't sing well but I can see they like to be on stage.   

After different kinds of performance, we finally reached the highlight of the night. I thought no one was expecting this but the announcer said this hahaha. So I was so ready to welcome this show.

They started by singing medley, a lot of songs that I can't even remember every one lol. Then there's the stage where Rachel confess to Finn, but Finn says he got Quinn already. Then Rachel sings get it right. OH MY GOSH. SHE WAS AMAZING. Like seriously, she sounded absolutely like Rachel Berry at some place. Soooooo amazing!
While Finn and Quinn are dancing some modern dance beside hahahahaha. 

Then after some songs, ugh I don't remember them now. :( 
There's defying gravity, rumour has it/someone like you, can't fight this feeling, edge of glory, I dreamed a dream, and many many, and of course one of my favourite, don't rain on my parade! OMG that song really brought out her singing skill!!! So impressed!!!

They then sang don't stop believing, and I thought it was the last song. Everyone was so happy, but after that song, just when I thought it'll be curtain call, Finn stayed alone, while everyone going back to backstage. 
Then I'll standby you played. 
And I lost my control, I can't hold my tears anymore. 
The actors came out one by one, holding Cory's picture and a candle. Then my tears flowing everywhere omg. 
I just, cried. The guy still singing, I was still singing along, I'll standby you. 
Ughhhh, my mum was just beside me and I can't hold back. 

After I'll standby you, it's the curtain call, and another don't stop believing. Everyone was so happy, the audiences stood up and sang along. I didn't, hahaha. My mum was out to toilet, and I just kept staring on the Cory's pictures on stage, while clapping hands and sing along. 

When the song I'll standby you played, I can't hold anymore. When the pictures came out, oh my god, the tears just lost control. 

The feeling, like getting know the info that Cory passed away is like yesterday. The sadness is still around. 
Still miss Cory Monteith. 

After the sing along, I should go and take photo with Rachel! I like her a lot and I kept thinking it when I watch the show. But after the show ended, the actors' friends go on stage so I freak out, I can't go anymore. I just walked out from the theater. And we're here now drinking, just a small bottle and I started feeling dizzy. This is just 1% more than usual beer. 
And my mum kept nagging that she's hungry, so we just ordered McDonald's. Holy crap I don't know what we two are doing here in KL. Da fuq. 

Going back to JB tomorrow, and back to school on Monday. And crappy days started on Monday. Damn.

Didn't notice that this post didn't uploaded yesterday. Ugh, bad Digi line huh.
Well, after being whole sober on the bus way back to Johor today, I started to think about the show yesterday.

To be super honest, the Finn's singing wasn't that good, compared to the Rachel. But, I still cried when he sang I'll standby you.
The song get it right, the part after second chorus always bring me to tears when I listen to this song, and this girl did this too! She sounds like she's crying, totally into the character when Rachel lose Finn to Quinn. I really, really like this girl. I forgot her name already omg.

This show makes me wanna watch Glee season 1&2 all over again hahaha!
Oh and, there's Sunshine!! I didn't know what character was the girl playing, because she wore glasses and had piggytail, but her attire kinda looks like Rachel. Then she came out and said Rachel brought her to the crackhouse and I know she's Sunshine! Hahahaha such a classic, the crack house.
They sang telephone very nicely.

I'm really impressed by the Rachel. Seriously, her hair, her attire, her lines, her face, her emotions, her singing really alike to Rachel Berry!! The way she acts as Rachel Berry, you'll think she's the real Rachel Berry hahaha.

I want to watch the Quaterback episode again.

I'll standby you, I'll standby you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll standby you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll standby you

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